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Sortie On Nonexistent Node


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First Off, I would like to say kudos to DE for the job done on War Within; it was worth the wait and can't wait to work on some Rivens and the like. That being said, I was hoping to get another chance at a Riven today with the Sortie, only to find that the 2nd node for the Sortie (a Defense mission on Sedna), was no longer a node that existed on the planet (Tikoloshe is the node in question).

While I'v had several others confirm this anomaly, it would be great to validate that yes, this node is no longer in the game, and to also point out that, while I'm sure there were other things on DE's mind today (such as this awesome expansion to consoles), it'd be cool if they would ensure that they are no longer using nodes that are no longer in the game as a whole.

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