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  1. TARINunit9

    Is plains of (next one) going to rework the mining system again?

    If by "rework" you mean a mechanical change, maybe. It all depends if they come up with something they find less cramping on their own hands If by "rework" you mean a new plasma drill that you buy from the new town, almost certainly. Gotta get you grinding for your new gear somehow
  2. The alert itself is marked "Gift of the Lotus"
  3. Wow, in-universe viral marketing, that's pretty cool
  4. TARINunit9

    i do not understand DE

    This is quite false. All of his abilities compliment each other Even though you will never use his 1, his 1 and his 3 work perfectly with each other. His 1 lets you dodge all damage from the front, and doubles the range of his three, meaning you won't be getting shot from behind either His 2 puts enemies to sleep, and his other abilities are hardcoded not to wake them up The closest thing to an "anti-synergy" is his 4's chance to disarm an enemy, as this prevents his 3 from doing that and generating more charge for his 4
  5. TARINunit9

    Quick Profit-Taker Question (Velocitus)

    Right. It suffers a vicious armor-reduction/damage-amplification combo when rad hits its alloy armor, and then that damage is amplified again when it hits its robotic health Like how a theoretical ice/grass pokemon would be double-weak to fire, just with different percentiles
  6. TARINunit9

    Quick Profit-Taker Question (Velocitus)

    Velocitus is Magnetic by default, which the Orb's armor resists. Orb is double-weak to Radiation
  7. TARINunit9

    Weird Nezha score

    158 hits per particle effect, yes. Seems like a glitch
  8. TARINunit9

    Topic of Shield Gating

    Very much so. I mean they're basically an entire colony of Danny Phantoms
  9. Lord of the Rings. It's about a war so it's not all sunshine and roses, but it's ultimately optimistic
  10. TARINunit9

    Crysis-like Warframes?

    As much as I loved Crysis 1 and 2, the mechanics are almost fundamentally incompatible with Warframe. In the Crysis series, energy is a resource that you use just to fight at all. Half your abilities (agility, sprinting, invisibility) cost energy, and the other half that are free (shooting, punching, healing) can be enhanced with energy. This is why it recharges quickly and for free. In addition it's a (broadly) linear FPS in the Doom/Quake/Half Life genealogy, so the player is heavily reliant on skill to execute plans and exploration to find resources. In Warframe, the large majority of your basic combat actions (shooting, agility, punching) cost no energy, and the abilities that do cost energy would not be described as "basic" (nuking, buffing). In addition, combat resources such as guns are something you grind for and then own permanently, allowing you to lower the skill needed by simply grinding out the strongest gear
  11. I doubt yourself from three or four years ago when you started playing and just got to Stolen Dreams would agree with you
  12. Yeah, try not to misuse the word "objective" so much in future. Or if you do, get some self-awareness about it
  13. I call 'em as I see 'em, and you sound like that guy