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  1. Protea's might not be, and definitely wasn't before yesterday. Any frames that don't exist on the console builds can't have their alt helmets show up in the NW store
  2. Yeah, OP believes Toxic Ancients and Ancient Healers are the same enemy
  3. Pack Leader is definitely good, but you need the other mods too, because a base HP of 400 doesn't last them long enough to actually get healed by Pack Leader
  4. In DE's own words, They're not satisfied with it remaining in the game. I'm not even all that confident they'll leave the Eris and Europa versions of the old Corpus Ship around; those tilesets are also passing five years old, and the Eris one in particular was voted least favorite by the Warframe community
  5. While never technically confirmed, just take a close look at Zanuka and Hyena side by side. Basically the only difference is that Hyenas use recycled heads from Jackal
  6. The reason why goes all the way back to the 2005 Dark Sectors trailer: landing crafts have a cutting laser on the underside that shears out a rectangle of hull plating, then docks with the rectangle What's the Grineer territory in question?
  7. ...um... no, that's wrong. Lich anger is tied to killing thralls. That's why your method seems "slow at first", because it's provably far slower
  8. Question for those of you in the business world: if Sony buys Leyou, does DE get to negotiate the contract? Or are they stuck with whatever Leyou settles with Sony?
  9. That's like saying "I have never pressed the jump button in Mario"
  10. Isn't Z-kid gender determined entirely by voice pack? I thought you could have any body feature mixed with any voice
  11. Fun comes in different forms. Warframe is in the "abnegation" school of fun, where you grind for things
  12. I'd have to go with Inaros. Not because he's not effective, but because he's so boring Pocket Sand is alright, I guess. Let's not try to fix what isn't broken TOO much Devour comes across more like a gimmick than a real way to heal yourself. Yeah it makes you invincible, but it takes so freaking long and draws all the aggro so the enemies are just waiting there when you're not invincible anymore. I'd like to see it work more like Grendel's Feast suck-in, where it hits stuff in a cone in front of him and doesn't immobilize you for more than a couple seconds. The only downside is it loses the ability to share it with teammates Sandstorm, oof, this is what old 40k players call "overcosted." It would be good if only it were cheaper. Literally halving its cost (both start-up and channeling) is enough to save it, but let's add some QoL to it and remove the stupid vertical camera locking Lastly there's Scarab Swarm. The armor component is fine, if boring, but the discharge component is really underwhelming. How about, instead of pointing at an enemy and only throwing some scarabs at that one enemy and only doing 200 corrosive damage per second, it throws out a cloud and said cloud targets enemies using the Excalibur Slash Dash code and deals way more freaking damage. This is where the "healing allies" part can come back; it already does that in the existing version, but now with more enemies tagged with more damage it can actually heal Tenno faster than Rejuvination
  13. Slightly faulty comparison: Lenz has innate ammo mutation, while Bramma needs a mod to do so. Without mods, Bramma is stuck waiting for enemies to drop purple ammo
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