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  1. A mission on those giant rings across Lua? I kinda like that...
  2. How about you stop whining about having all your self-harm razors taken away, and get your butt out there on the battlefield and fight the enemies like a REAL Chroma
  3. Honestly I think it's in a decent spot now, not just having unique mods, but also having slightly higher base damage than the Dread in exchange for, as always, slightly lower crit chance.
  4. I would advise new players to avoid Cambion Drift entirely until you have an Archwing Deployer. The sensory overload is a lot more manageable when you're flying 200meters high
  5. It is absolutely written like that. The classic MMO "ten thousand chosen ones" story problem
  6. You and I are reading the same equation completely differently, yet getting the same result: Attack speed mods are additive to the total bonus, then the total bonus is multiplicative to the base I will admit I had to test a second time because my first test threw up a false negative. When testing on the Furax Wraith I calculated 1.40 by rounding down, while the game got 1.41 by rounding up. I know for a fact that's the game's rounding error rather than mine, but it doesn't happen with any other combination of speed mods so it's just a weird corner case that threw me off This doesn't really change my original argument, because the same formula is used for Serration and Arcane Merciless/Deadhead/Dexterity: they stack additively to each other, then stack multiplicatively with everything else. This has lead to a lot of uber top level builders dropping Serration for Bane of X, because two multiplicatives are better than one. Same thing with speed mods.
  7. Then how could he have 8 player squads back when Raids were a thing? We only know the Lotus had six dedicated bodyguards, not that there were only six Tenno ever
  8. A lot, since the first-responders to the Zariman derelict tried to open an official investigation as to why there were so many children in a military freight hauler
  9. Zeriman 10-0 was ostensibly a Generation Ship. You need a lot more than 50 breeding pairs for that. Having literally millions of families for 1,000,000+ kids is not out of the question
  10. The Attack Speed page. It has this formula This means Fury is +0.30, not 130%. That being said, the Attack Speed page lists Berserk Fury as an exception, yet the Berserk Fury page claims it's not an exception. So clearly someone's wires are crossed somewhere
  11. I checked the wiki, and no it doesn't. Fury adds +0.35 attack speed, as opposed to multiplying the attack speed by 1.35
  12. Once at full spool-up, that's the critical point here. Against an acolyte one-on-one, you don't always have that I dunno... in my experience* attack speed is a stat with diminishing returns. And Guandao Prime's base speed of 1, with the inherently-fast Shimmering Blight stance, that sounds to me like it has enough hits-per-second already *There are two philosophies to stat buffs. If it's an additive stat, you want to "add more to what you have less of" to avoid diminishing returns. If it's a multiplicative stat, you want to "add more to what you have more of" to invoke exponential returns. Attack speed uses a combination of multiplicative buffs and additive buffs, but Fury is an additive buff...
  13. Yeah I can see where your damage output issues are coming from For one thing, your mods aren't maxed out. That would already be a problem if you were using Primed Pressure Point and Hell's Chamber, but remember that Sacrificial Pressure and Galvanized Hell are WEAKER than PPP and HC. So that's not one, but two reductions to your base damage. Secondly, Fury isn't very good, you could swap that out for more damage
  14. Well clearly the answer is that you're not dealing enough damage. Case in point, The Guandao Not-Prime sucks. You need to upgrade your arsenal, by the sound of it
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