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  1. Big lore clash. Grineer are racial supremacists, Corpus bosses are all robots anyway (except for that one guy), Infested bosses are part of a hive mind, and the Roly Poly boss on Jupiter is a demented mind-controlled drone by Natah... Who is herself being brainwashed by Erra. Peace is not an option until Erra is defeated
  2. This is where we disagree, because Desecrate is so hungry that we need all these mods just to make it operate, much less actually help us back. 75% Efficiency build plus Equilibrium, plus either Despoil or Synth Fiber, probably both. It's one thing to need to specialize and choose which abilities to build for, but Desecrate just feels like it flat-out doesn't work at all until you specialize in it (and then it works forever). That doesn't strike me as the best design
  3. I can see where you're coming from Andele, but honestly it feels like in practice all we've done is change "Despoil is a mandatory mod" to "Despoil or Synth Fiber is a mandatory mod"
  4. I have the exact opposite problem. Without Despoil, my health is too often full, meaning I can't pick up the Health orbs to refill my energy. No energy refill means Desecrate runs out. But with Despoil, I can pick up every Health orb to refill Despoil. And if I need more health, a couple casts of Shadows and Terrify opens up my energy pool to pick up Energy orbs that also heal me
  5. I'm glad you were able to make non-Despoil Nekros work for you, but I have never been able to make it work for me and I have literally NEVER met a non-Despoil Nekros before you (so I have to cast some doubt on your claim that it was the meta). With hundreds of corpses a minute and a much smaller energy pool than health, and with health orbs dropping more often than energy orbs from looted corpses (meaning both with and without Equilibrium, Despoil refills itself more often than non-Despoil), it's just too easy to run into an Energy deficit compared to a Health deficit
  6. With Despoil: Desecrate actually functions, and Nekros can use his energy for other things Without Despoil: Desecrate drains all of Nekros's energy in the blink of an eye, even at max efficiency. Nekros then runs around picking up all the orbs, praying to God almighty that enough orbs actually dropped (since it's less than 50% chance that enemies drop any orbs at all, much less both orbs, so even with Equilibrium he's not guaranteed to get his energy back). Oh, and running out of energy causes Desecrate to immediately shut off, which wouldn't be a big problem if it wasn't for the fact tur
  7. It's a Warframe Partner/Creator (whatever they're called now) and she's a grown woman who plays on Twitch /Thread. Seriously, end the thread. Mods, please come in here and end the thread
  8. Oh I definitely agree that of all the powers to level that complaint against, Warding Halo is a stupid one. It's a good power even when restricted to the caster. But just off the top of my head, Molt and Desecrate and Sandstorm basically do not exist without their augments, and Slash Dash is dangerously close to that list too
  9. Warframe doesn't do traditional monomolecular sci-fi stuff. Instead, Warframe leans hard into Space Magic
  10. "Liberation" aka "Defend the area" breaks in Er-Phryah's Vigil. Killing enemies does not refill the area control meter at all, seemingly regardless of whether enemies are killed below ground or above ground
  11. The problem they have is when the power is useless without the augment
  12. When using normal Limbo, you can't be in the Rift and pull an ally into the Rift with you -- meaning two Limbo's can't Banish each other, one of them can Banish the other but then has to Rift Shift himself. Does Subsumed Banish work different?
  13. It's been four years (yes, really), they expect anyone who knows how to do Deimos bounties AND how to decorate their Orbiter, to have already played/spoiled War Within
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