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  1. I always get a massive frame drop upon spawning in, then again as I turn around. Once I've faced all 360 degrees it stabilizes This doesn't happen on the Plains either
  2. Always. Corrosive is always the best choice because DE refuses to make anything else useful. The only time you don't run Corrosive is when fighting Corpus, otherwise you always run it Almost every single thing in this game is weak to Corrosive. Heavy Gunners are weak to Corrosive. Bombards are neutral to Corrosive but they get their armor stripped by it. Ancient Healers are weak to Corrosive. Sentients are weak to Corrosive. Freaking Alad V is weak to Corrosive EDIT: Oh and I forgot: Liches are weak to Corrosive. Not just the Liches that say "Weakness: Corrosive", I do mean ALL Liches. Even Liches that say "Resistance: Corrosive" are still weak to Corrosive
  3. Run Venus bounties, out on the Orb Vallis. Each time you capture a Coildrive, it drops a guaranteed Rare mod
  4. Please submit your Acolyte application down the barrel of my Hek, you traitor This we can agree on. He went from a deadly hunter, to freaking Pyramid Head. And Pyramid Head is slow and telegraphed, he's not scary to anyone not trapped in a dark claustrophobic basement; we can literally run circles around Shadow Stalker and he can't touch us. If we tried that on Stalker Classic we'd end up with a barrage of Despair knives where our lungs used to be
  5. Stalker gives his identity in his Codex Entry: he's a Guardian (Orokin soldier) who survived the Massacre of Outer Terminus (battle between the seven Orokin Emperors and the Tenno, where only Ballas escaped) and swore epic revenge on the Tenno. He very clearly states he is not a Tenno, not in the traditional sense where he has some connection to Zariman 10-0 or the Void. He IS using Transference. His armor is an Excalibur Umbra, and the Silver Grove quest confirms that Transference is not exclusive to the Tenno but that normal humans can use it too Basically the reason Stalker looks at his hand like that is he realizes he has become what he hates. He has "stooped to our level" as he would put it, using "devil's tools for devil's work" and other such metaphors, and has even allied with a freaking Sentient whom he is supposed to be at war with if he's an Orokin
  6. Shields are garbage on Railjack, but with a maxed out Armor and Health mods, you can make your RJ almost as tanky as a Crewship. Add in a Fire Resistance mod, and you can facetank Crewship missiles all the way up to Veil Proxima missions False. Crewships are vulnerable to hull breaches and fires (puncture and fire procs) just like Railjack's. Piling on hull breach procs (which stack) will sharply reduce a Crewship's maximum HP for like 30 seconds, allowing a RJ Tunguska Cannon to destroy them in one shot if you cause enough procs
  7. These are actually quite cool, you get the thumbs up from me
  8. This isn't actually so cut-and-dry. Certain actions (such as putting a datamass into a Mobile Defense, last I tested) are prohibited if you're Banished, but not if you step into a Cataclysm -- presumably because Cataclysm would be an infamous trolling/griefing tool if it had all the same restrictions as Banish So to revisit your question: No, Arbitration Shield Drones are actually sharing the coding for Capture Targets. Capture Targets are immune to EVERYTHING except weapon damage and standard procs therein This sounds like a bug, but it's a bug caused by an intended feature: Z-kids just flat-out cannot exist in the Rift Plane, for whatever reason
  9. I agree. And I'm curious what the best way to solve it would be. I'm keeping in mind, the original idea was that you could activate Squad Link to destroy some kind of obstacle within your Railjack mission, but if nobody responded or you were playing Solo you would then be given a Railjack objective to destroy that obstacle yourself. Perhaps after some time limit (ten minutes or so), the Squad Link automatically destroys the obstacle regardless of the ground team's progress? Ground team would still have to complete their objective to get their mission rewards, but the Railjack team isn't penalized for lollygagging they have no control over
  10. Yeah that is a problem. Steve claims in a devstream that the original Lich stabbing mechanic was that you would stab a Lich and they would die, but break your back while they were bleeding out. And obviously that wasn't clear AT ALL (could you tell that's what was going on? I certainly couldn't) and that's one of the reasons they changed it to the current system
  11. Really, that's actually the norm for Liches. What a Lich does is die once, cheat death that one time, put their soul into a phylactery, and then use a puppet body made of their own skeleton until the phylactery is destroyed. What you're thinking of is more along the lines of a phoenix or a perpetual. Or a superhero, but now I'm leaning into jokes
  12. AFAIK this is impossible and you guys just didn't check every closet. If you load into the mission while the Acolyte is still on the planet, you are guaranteed an Acolyte spawn as long as you check every room
  13. They died when you killed them as a Larvling. Now they're back. They cheated death exactly once, and once is enough to count
  14. Let's put aside your 50k plat spent on the Primed Chamber, because I honestly think that's apples to oranges when compared to this big block of stuff I quoted. I honestly think that what you're implying in this specific quote, that DE should keep the grinding high and the payouts so bad they're mentally draining... is just flat-out wrong. I do NOT agree with "something was a pain in the ass to farm on launch, it should remain a pain in the ass to farm forever". When you say that, you become this mentality, and I cannot STAND that mentality Lemme put this into context: I farmed for Hema. I got two clanmates together and we farmed for Hema. And it was horrible, and it was awful, and it was unfun, and it was so bad I repressed some of the memories. And I would ABSOLUTELY be in favor of reducing the Hema research cost. If I worked for DE, I would do it myself. I do not wish it upon ANYONE. I also farmed for all the Archwing weapons on their launch. It took me FOURTY FIVE INTERCEPTION MISSIONS. Another godawful experience, the farming was terrible. Later on DE changed Archweapons so that they can just be bought from syndicates and traded between players. And I sure as hell didn't care, I thought it was an amazing idea for the betterment of this game (or would have been, if Archwing had ever been made good) To borrow your words, "The amount of times droprates have been buffed and content has been dumbed down or basically been made skipable many months after it's release is astounding". It's also a GOOD THING (As I said, I think Primed Chamber is apples-to-oranges compared to droprate buffing. Primed Chamber, and Braton Vandal before it, are an argument about Exclusivity. Low droprates aren't an Exclusivity argument, they're a Fun argument)
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