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  1. This is a classic video game trope, going back as far as Doom: hitscan weak but easy, projectiles slow but strong. The need to lead your shots so heavily (compared to real life) is by design This is reflected in Warframe constantly. Check these tables: This is even carried over to the enemies (or it used to be, before the Corpus got nerfed), where the Grineer can barely scratch you but also cannot be dodged, while the Corpus and Corrupted can (or could) push your rectum right in but quick maneuvering could dodge most of their shots
  2. I've heard that Japan is actually pretty low on that top 15 list; despite the vague samurai theme of the Tenno and the heavy use of Japanese architecture in dojos, Warframe just never caught on there (granted, my source on this hasn't updated since 2015, so maybe that's changed by now)
  3. I was tempted to try and talk about Mag too... Then I took her into last night's sortie, to see if Mag could really put her money where her mouth creepy golden lips are. The challenge: lvl100 Eximus Stronghold Interception I was getting kills to be sure, but Mag was dieing just as quickly as the enemies. Shield Polarize didn't really help at all, since Eximi as a whole don't care about Blast damage and will easily rip through 450 shields. Crush could stop an enemy's hack but left her wide open to bullets in the buttocks. Magnetize was her best power in there, and unless she was surrounded by bubbles I was just getting picked off from every direction I really can't blame my teammates last night for all running Mesa Prime to get more work done for less effort Agreed, those complaints about Baruuk sound very shallow and hypocritical. Sure, no one uses his Elude, but when was the last time a Mesa player used Ballistic Battery? I haven't seen anyone as Mesa press the 1 key since I last gave it a shot in 2016
  4. It's an old room, but that's a nice bit of pareidolia you got there
  5. "Why does this fictional world not do exactly what I tell it to? Why are the Grineer going off on other large-scale campaigns against the Corpus, the Infested, Steel Meridian, Perrin Sequence, and the Sentients, all while rebuilding and guarding bases of their own against Tenno raiders, instead of commuting all their resources into blowing up this one town on Earth that has comparatively little strategic value and poses no danger to their mining operation a few miles away, thus leaving enormous vulnerabilities in their other territories such as Saturn and Mars? Why is the Grineer Empire a collection of various divisions and generals and fiefdoms that all want to carve out their own glory and power rather than acting as an autonomous military machine that curbstomps everything in their path? And while we're on the subject, why aren't Steel Meridian and New Loka devoting all their manpower into guarding this one tiny town that's not under serious threat 99% of the time and has a healthy relationship with a mercenary faction of friendly Tenno that solve all their problems anyway, and instead choose to go fight in other battles against colonies that are much larger and much more vulnerable? ARGH IT MAKES NO SENSE THIS UNIVERSE HAS TERRIBLE WORLDBUILDING!!"
  6. ...I... worry for your ability to interpret circumstances and events. Because your interpretation of why the town of Cetus is, what the Grineer military military presence in the Plains is, and what the respective military forces of all involved are actually capable of are all VASTLY different than what has been established in canon Yes, the Unum imprisoned the Sentient Wyrm in the ground. Because that was calculated to be the best case scenario. She's omniscient, not omnipotent Yes, the average Grineer just wanders around the Plains waiting to be shot by a Tenno. Because in case you forgot, the basic Grineer soldier is a literal idiot who can just about aim a gun in the vague direction of the enemy without suffocating to death on their own cancerous tumors. That's not an exaggeration, that's canon. Grineer really are THAT STUPID. And no, their commanders aren't much smarter; in case you forgot, the Twin Kweens are only slightly smarter, seeing as their solution to literally every problem is "throw infantry at it, and if that doesn't work give Tyl Regor another promotion and wait for him to fix everything for us". That is also not a joke, but directly lifted from canon Yes, the Syndicates aren't around Cetus. Why would they be? They have no motivation to wander around there.
  7. -and none of what you mentioned has anything to do with your weird hangups about Ms. Unum Like, from what little I can actually decipher from your run-on sentences: you seem to really loathe the Unum just for the capital crime of... existing. And to that end you are asking why you can't just kill her with a really big gun.
  8. ...you're projecting your own bias, rather than using actual basis in canon for your argument. Because NONE of this "oh the Unum is some grand omniscient d-bag" is actually based in canon
  9. Yes, Unum did. That's why Gara and Warden were there Probably. She just didn't bother telling us about it Literally everyone has been saying that for five years. We ALREADY didn't trust Lotus very much. Sure, the Z-kids are disturbingly emotionally dependent on her, but the Tenno as a whole weren't really surprised by it
  10. Unum ex machina Every time the Grineer try, the Unum calculates (read: uses space magic to see the future) the impending doom in the possible future timelines, and hires allies to stop the Grineer plans
  11. It's actually a pretty open secret in the village that Onko is still alive; Nakak being Onko's blood relative is no real stretch whatsoever
  12. You mean the small Archwing preview room that's like 50 feet above the rest of the ship?
  13. That's a bug. The nullie drones are already limited to the room's height, just wait for the bugfix
  14. Let me answer that question with another question: when do you think Microsoft and Sony will stop being stuck-up fussy babies who alternate between being angry at each other and jealous of the PC platform's success two years ago? And follow-up question, when do you think Nintendo will get their heads out of their rear manifolds and realize it wouldn't kill them to have good online play in every game rather than in just Splatoon 2?
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