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  1. Raids were way later. In the missions he was talking about (before Raids) a Max Blind Range Mirage would have been kicked out of the squad for stalling everything and making the mission take twice as long In old endless defense you wanted Vauban or Nyx or Loki, those are the ancient CC Kings
  2. I have a "yes" answer, but I can't elaborate much without being incredibly rude to my friend (incomeptant as he is). Let's just say it was an interception mission where the zealots spawned in, spread out to three points, and thus blocked us from capturing anything
  3. Shield of Shadows was basically the same before and after the rework. Pre-rework, you could have over 2 dozen shadows all splitting the damage up. Post-rework, you only have 7 Shadows but you can boost their health with Power Strength and refill their health on command
  4. As can be seen here, the blue screens in the background are being rendered/drawn on top of the red Mobile Defense screens in the foreground
  5. I'm not hostile for two reasons (I don't find pvp fun in general and Warframe does a great job at making me not feel pressured; and I agree with the idea pvp rewards should not be available through pve grinding) But I am a little sad DE would use invisible admin edits on principle, and I also wanted to set the record straight regarding incorrect statements I made thanks to hidden information
  6. Well darn, and here I was thinking I could respect Megan for not using admin powers to apply invisible edits (normally she uses the same visible edits that the rest of us players have to use) @trst Pinging you on this because it turns out you were right after all
  7. I checked, and the crossed out text was NOT part of an edit. It was already crossed out in whatever Google doc Megan copy-pasted it from
  8. Citation please? I don't remember them promising that, only acknowledging that a lot of people wanted it
  9. After DE saw what they created, I'm surprised they didn't just out and remove Greedy Pull from the game
  10. To anyone who did almost every single sortie back when sorties had seasons, millions of credits isn't particularly impressive. An hour per night, and you'd have a million per week You could also get more credits than you knew what to do with by doing raids, back when they existed
  11. Because there isn't much. There are times when DE strikes me as borderline ashamed of some of their older creations. The story has gradually shifted away from science fiction to space fantasy, while at the same time ignoring some concepts that would work better in space fantasy It's not just the Ether Reaper, the entire Ether family (sword, dual swords, dual daggers) and their mystical energy blades have fallen by the wayside, never seen again in the Tenno arsenal. As a result we never really got to see what kind of battles inspired that "considered by the Tenno to be a more humane weapon for 'cleansing' infested allies" plot point. Meanwhile the Reaper Prime and Orthos Prime ware stated to be made of "tempered rubidium", a bizarre bit of artistic license that could either signify the Orokin are space magical or so advanced that their tech looks like magic, but DE have never bothered showing off which one as true, just that the universe itself is a lot more space magic now Should scythes get a "signature weapon bonus" on Nekros? Yes, I agree. But don't get angry at DE when they leave their older concepts by the wayside. It happens all the time and it just shows how they refine their precious game and sometimes even change their minds (like how Tenno went from a sizable leper colony with their own internal government to a small handful of brainwashed living weapons) He misquoted the screenshot (accidentally replacing "warframe" with "prime") but the correct quote carries the same meaning
  12. Warframes are not comic book level or manga level of power and deadliness. If I were to compare them to anything, I would put them on the scale of Warhammer 40,000 elites, stuff like Space Marine Veterans or Eldar Exarchs
  13. Two of Profit-Taker's three spawns are in valleys so that you have to go like 400 meters away to get any cover. If you're far enough away to be taking cover you're far enough away to not even be drawing aggro The third one is next to one of those Corpus garages, and that's the only one with nice guard rails and lamp posts for cover, so we can at least agree on that one
  14. Syndicate missions taking place on tiles that don't have Insignias have like +30% base standing reward (and if a syndicate mission takes place on the Hydron map, you get the +30% standing AND Insignias can actually spawn there for a double win)
  15. Considering the fact the Archgun deployer itself delivers a radial Blast proc to all enemies, and the fact the only mission it's any good for is Profit-Taker (a giant open tundra with no cover from the ads Profit-Taker summons) the game is encouraging you with "no it's totally safe, whip out your anti-starship cannon in the middle of battle! It'll be just like the Phlogistinator in Team Fortress 2!" It's what the heuristic design of the weapon tells you to do. And I don't think it's a coincidence that the Phlogistinator is kind of bad too
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