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  1. I'm a little preoccupied with her Prime Trailer and Ballas's promise that she will be the "Grand Finale." This is basically a massive hint that Ballas did 9/11 (or rather, the Orokin equivalent thereof) all along
  2. So instead of twice a month -> once a month, you've moved to once a week? I shudder to know what the Monkey's Paw is about to do to us, DE
  3. Way back in 2013, Prime Warframes had zero differences with their base versions (outside of default polarities; some didn't even have extra polarities, just different polarities). And even with the stat bonuses being existent but miniscule, I don't see much of a problem with it. One, I think having such huge stat bonuses would be kinda weird, and two it would cause all new frames coming out (Lavos last year, Sevigoth in a couple weeks) to be severely underpowered and useless for three entire years until they can finally have Primes
  4. I honestly don't know why the devs thought "turret" Saryn needed to be changed. Viral Spores might not have had "infinite damage scaling," they were functionally a large area debuff on the enemy that caused them to take double damage -- Nova has had that since the very beginning and she's still fine today. Corrosive Miasma was what we call a Gradual Grinder that could strip off that "Gradual" part very easily. The only change I agree was actually urgent was updating Toxic Lash to apply to guns (ironically, a melee-only Toxic Lash today wouldn't be considered underpowered at all today)
  5. There are two problems I want addressed and balanced for, respectively, before they do something with K-drives: 1. DE screwed up K-drive controls with Cambion Drift. Before, you would dismount with the Use key (X on PC), but now you dismount with the melee button (E on PC). Yet you can still dismount with the Use key but only when standing absolutely still. (I suspect this was done for console parity where the Use key is also the Reload key) In addition, you can now fire pistols from K-drive, but by default (every single time you mount) you are unarmed and have to swap to pistols with the
  6. "Our Grand Finale" I think DE is trying to hint that Ballas did 9/11 Ballas had more than a little hand in the Outer Terminus Massacre
  7. Hmm, should I go with updates to the enemy AI? Adjusting of melee/gun balance to make guns less plinky-plinky and melee less dominant strategy? Perhaps some of those cool frame contacts? Maybe- Oh good idea, we should finish the Stalker subplot. It's just been kinda hanging there with loose ends And since this thread assumes "it's up to you, the poster" in my case it would be a chance to finally just kill the lame loser, and laugh at his impotent rage, and mock how much easier he became when he traded in everything that ever made him cool sort of interesting for that worthless Hun
  8. Assault rifles. Abilities are fun and melee is cathartic, but trying to shoot stuff in this game feels like trying to play Anthem
  9. Most of what you have is correct, so I am just going to do a couple quick comments: darkSector is no longer canon. Forget all about it, forget about Hayden. Digital Extremes hates their old game, they sold it to another studio to do the PC port before the 360 version was even released. They didn't even bother finishing/releasing their Legacy Hayden Pistol and Shotgun skins they started working on in 2016. So, because darkSector isn't canon, the Technocyte Virus is purely a result of the Orokin. Also, DE have been moving further and further away from "Technocyte" and now just call it "the
  10. There's oooooone little factor you're missing here: The riven economy is going to trade rivens regardless, and the "start at min disposition" change is (technically) exactly what they asked for OK so you know when an old, powerful weapon would have a 0.5 disposition, and then DE would Prime or Kuva that weapon, and the new rivens would be 1.0? Remember how the riven market would create a huge speculator bubble even though everyone, including themselves, knew that the disposition was going to get heavily nerfed in a couple patches? Remember how the riven speculators still kicked up a
  11. As much fun as I had gunlancing in MHW, this sounds more like an Archmelee kind of idea, not a 'frame melee. Especially as we already have the Centaur, which is already kinda what you're asking for. All we need now is Archmelee on Necramech and it would sound like an actual good idea
  12. The usual answers are Saryn (1 + 3 + kill a couple enemies + 4) or Maim-Equinox (4 + kill a few enemies + 4 again). Nova also works well (4 causes enemies to take double damage, and also have a heavy slowdown debuff if your power strength is >40%), and depending on your playstyle Mesa as well (2 + 3 for defense, 4 + wave your mouse around). Ember and Ash are supposed to have been buffed for good nuking potential too (as Ember, 4 hits everything in front of you; as Ash, 2 + 4 + wave mouse + 4 again) I used to, quite honestly, have decent success with Frost (choose a spot in the map, use
  13. My personal take? The large majority of guns just stop being fun after a certain enemy level Anyone remember Anthem? Remember how everyone who dropped it was complaining about just plinking away over and over with the same boring assault rifles on the same boring damage sponge enemies? That's what using most guns in Warframe feels like. Now, multiply that by Warframe's enemy spawn design. The horde is relentless and needs no tactics beyond "surround the player and shoot them." Taking cover doesn't work, exploiting an AI that simple doesn't work, so your only defense is "kill them bef
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