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  1. @Atlas_IIyour text doesn't work in the forum dark mode. It's light grey highlighted white
  2. When DE first showed off Liches, they had a very similar idea. The main difference was, the Fortress was in space. It was a Railjack mission, where you used the Railjack to break into the Fortress, then do the Fortress mission to kill your Lich
  3. Yeah the situation is already pretty bad and it's about to get worse. I mean look at how many buffs share the same icon. And if that doesn't drive it home, Jad certainly does
  4. Sauce? This is not the first thread I have seen say this, but I went up and down the dev workshop and I couldn't find any trace of it
  5. I can only say "speak for yourself" because we had been doing Formorian Sabotage for over two years. You want a PotatoForma Archgun for that in order to hit the 2 million damage reward, so it was the natural choice for us to just use that for Profit Taker
  6. This is... Either just plain wrong because they give you a free Gravimag two minutes before you fight Profit Taker, or extremely flagrantly wrong because Archguns were added in 2014, while Profit Taker came out in like 2019 or so
  7. No, but they do anyway. Lich missions randomize the enemies that appear, and for some reason those enemies are included in the random pool, allowing them to spawn outside of Excavation
  8. Already confirmed that no, this will not happen. Kitguns will get two slots, one for Galvanized Arcanes, and one for Pax/Deimos Arcanes. Non-Kitguns only get one slot and can only use Galvanized
  9. Four times a day? Freaking heck dude, calm down
  10. Pretty sure ramsleds stop launching once those missions start
  11. More likely, they got hauled to a parliament committee somewhere (is "parliament" used outside the UK?) and YT did the bare minimum to comply. Like when the US Senate said YouTube was collecting too much data on minors, so they disabled comments on anything "intended for kids"
  12. I have to wonder if DE is looking at the old Archwing missions (Salacia, Caelis, etc.) In those missions Archguns are more powerful than ever, even with the hitscan nerf The original problem with Archguns, back when Profit Taker was released, wasn't the numbers, the problem is they were changed from "big fish in a tiny pond" to "big fish in the ocean." Even in launch day Railjack they were actually really powerful (DE had to nerf them by 90% for a while) But going forward? Yeah I think power creep is starting to outpace them outside their native space combat environment
  13. I agree with point 1, Galvanized mods look interesting but I don't think they will be enough But on point 2, getting headshots isn't hard in most battles. The behaviour of your average Grineer or Crewman is to stand still and shoot you, not to twitch around like a human player
  14. Yeah, "backflip to remove, grants a 20 second grace period" does sound like an ideal for you. Too bad you're the only member of the anti-buff crowd who doesn't just immediately go "give me roll-to-remove, and screw everyone else".
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