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Waypoint Markers: Coming Changes.

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"Less then Ideal" is an understatement. I cannot begin to count the number of times the WayPoint Marker has told me to go in the wrong ******* direction! only to suddenly stop and be directed back the way I came.  Most Noticably is in a cell with multiple levels where jumping over ledges is faster then taking a stupid elevator, for christ sakes were space ninja's with void powers you'd think we would be able to have a hud smart enough to say "Ignore This Stair Case, Go right, jump over the ledge aim for the 3rd floor down and through that door there" Instead of "Go left, right, left, another left ... wait back track go back up, go right, another right, 3 lefts, end of the hall, down the elevator, around the corner under stair case 3rd door on the right opposite the bathroom.

This is specifically a pain for Volt when you are trying to use Speed. A change is much needed; hopefully its a woeful improvement over the current inception of the waypoint system

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On 21/02/2017 at 9:22 PM, [DE]Pablo said:

You may have noticed the Waypoint behaviour acting differently on last week's Devstream... here is the promised Dev Workshop!

Waypoint Markers are one of the vital systems that we’ve overlooked for a long, long time. So finally we are getting around to clearing out their cobwebs. Your eye muscles have probably adapted to the rapid game of minimap glancing as the in-world Waypoint Marking has been less than ideal - what follows below details some coming changes that will give your eye muscles a break.

First: Changing what is visible!
Currently we don`t show objective or extraction markers in-world so you have to play the minimap to follow them. After this change they will show in world, hopefully helping with navigating the environments you and your Warframe find yourself in. To reduce noise, some markers that currently appear in world will be either relegated to minimap only or changed to only show in world when you are in the same room as them (i.e  the survival Life Support drops from enemies).

Second: Simplify the path!
Currently the path for waypoint markers very closely follows the navigation mesh that AI uses. This leads to having a lot of extra stops along the way - you've probably have noticed markers tend to snap to lower left corner of doors for example, the new system makes all of them snap directly to the center of doors and not have as many small stops..

Third: Interpolation.
Right now when you are following the path of a waypoint marker it just snaps from one point in the path to the next. After this change it will move from point to point, which will help guide your eye to the next point more gradually.

Fourth: Stacking.
Another new change will now show you you when multiple markers of the same type are in a given direction, which will help with multiple objectives (i.e Mobile Defense).

Fifth: Notification.
Some important waypoint markers will also have notification effects when they appear to call your attention to them. Similar to the effects on the marker for Focus Convergence Boosts, this change applies to objective and extraction markers. Watching newer players stumble over the lack of clarity of 'what to do next' in world is an issue that can be solved with this change and we're pretty excited for the results.Please note FX are not final and the HUD is enlarged for video visibility.

What’s left?
There’s a couple issues we are still looking into.

Sometimes the markers will trick you; you walk to them and then they move in to a point behind you. I’m sure you’ve seen it happen to you. Unfortunately these need to be fixed by level designers in a case by case basis, as we worked on these new changes we fixed a few, but the game is huge and I'm sure there’s more. That’s where you come in, the community team will set up a thread so you can report any examples of this you find and we can fix them. It will require very specific screenshots (Taken with F6 so we can see the metadata) in order to fix up. If you've already saved some screenshots of this, you're ahead of the game!

The other thing is the path to markers can’t be calculated when you are too far off the navigation mesh, so sometimes when you are doing parkour the marker will not move up until you touch the ground, this leads to you thinking you have to go backwards and then you land and see it’s forwards. AI team is looking into possible solutions, but given how much mobility we have it’s a tough thing to solve.

You can expect this to come with a near Update (but maybe not this week).


This is a b


On 21/02/2017 at 10:01 PM, V45H said:

thats awesome but can downed player/companion markers be like a flashing excamation point? or something similar? also you ui guys are awwesome its always been my favorite department a nice clean ui can make or break a game for me personally i struggle to stay interested in a game with poor ui design

keep up the great work and if you ever wanna hangout and talk about ui im here (that last bit is considerably unlikely)

This is a bit off topic but is there any plans to allow clans to change their names in the future? 

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