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Holidays 2017 and gifting

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Hi my fellow tenno ^.^ 

Allright i got 2 idea for the holidays.

1- Allright for the holidays i have an idea for the upcomming gifting frenzy.
Are you amongs those tenno with a second incubator upgrade that you dont want to sell for credits ?
Are you tired to see your 5 never crafted gorgon wraith
We found a solution for you its the "Give a random tenno stuff you dont used" * Name yet to be changed
This feature would be avaible only during gifting season.
Here is how it works you give stuff you dont use and its sent to a random tenno random santa style ^.^ 
What do you get in return ? Depending on the value of the item it will give you different ammount holidays special coins.
Those coins could be use to get holidays exclusive gear/cosmetic.

2- Would it be possible to add the quantity for offering forma bundle and slots. I'm trying to gif some to a friend and it would be cool.

tell me what you think about my ideas.

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i imagine a vet with tons of useless gorgon sets that gets another gorgon set from a random gifter

but anyway it's a pretty cool idea, at least vets can try to get rid of some "junk" while new players have a chance to get some interesting (for them at least) thing

we can also give low mastery players an increased chance to be choosen for a gift (hoping that it will not get exploited with multiaccounts)

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