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Why Is Thunderbolt Bad?



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Because it's percentage chance is low and unreliable, even with multishot. When I shoot a weapon at a group of enemies, I generally want to be able to predict the effect, not just pray that I blindly took an exploding arrow out of my quiver this time.

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I find theres one situation where I like using it - low level infested defense.


Dread with Thunderbolt and Multishot is around ~40% chance to explode, and wth fast hands it fires at a decent rate.


Be sure to ONLY use fire mods - this turns the explosion into fire damage, which will deal double damage to infested.


So the arrow (uncharged) hits for ~200 and does triple damage (slashing), and the explosion hits for 250 and does double - not really a damage loss, and can still oneshot lesser infested up to about level 30.


Other than that, its pretty useless. Add in the fact that it can kill you, and I would never use it outside a few specific defense mission setups. Or for lols.

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35% chance is too low to be factored into tactics. The explosion is more like "wow, lucky bonus". it's like a weaker, less unreliable crit.

Ogris is the real tactical solution to AOE which makes Thunderbolt just a toy.


Edit: Ogris also kills yourself more reliably. (meant as a positive thing :) )

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