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5 hours ago, zBoRa said:

Really amazing clan for both veteran players and new players. Come and join us 😁


5 hours ago, DavyJones3 said:

Dis Clan is de Best, I first joined it way back when TS3 was thing, there was no Discord. And Bim was leader the whole time, so He did a good job.:stalker::redveil:


6 hours ago, painmaster111 said:

Honestly the best clan ever!


7 hours ago, semperfie69 said:

Dude...... y'all seriously legit. Iv been in a lot of Guilds and Clans alike and y'all are by far the most helpful and cool iv ever seen. Keep it up.🤗


7 hours ago, Morgather said:

Got my nezha the first week i joined the clan and stuck around for all the fun


8 hours ago, Khareesa said:

Just joined today, so hopefully we'll get along well


8 hours ago, Xelluto said:

Super chill clan, 11/10 would join again |

Thank you for your kind words!

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3 hours ago, WickedWon said:

Ingame name: WickedWon

Discord name: WickedWon
Mastery rank: 12

Languages are spoken: English

Where are you from: MST Canada

Invite sent, make sure to join the discord and the forum group, and steam group if you want social media ect. ect.

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On 2018-05-19 at 10:48 PM, -ODIN-Bibimbap said:

Super active clan chats, very helpful members, new member and veterans alike are all in the clan, it's really great.


On 2018-05-19 at 10:27 PM, Vepsy said:

Glad to be apart of a welcoming clan willing to help out newer players

Glad your here with us!

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On 2018-05-18 at 3:09 PM, -ODIN-Bim63743 said:

Ingame name: One-Deag

Discord name: OneDeag777#4219
Mastery rank: 16

Languages are spoken: English

Where are you from: (Optional) USA


I've already joined, joined the clan group on forum. Also, waiting for my discord name to be accepted so I can talk in chat.


Edited by One-Deag
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