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Warframe/weapon Details In Store.


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I thought it would be cool to have Warframe videos in the store, so people don't have to separate themselves from game to research the frame. This would allow for the store to feel less detached, and allow for new players to get a feel for new frames without having to go to external sources.

The other idea I had, that goes hand in hand with the prior, is a weapon-pedia, integrated into the weapon part of the store. This "pedia" would just be an add-on to the current store. There would be a map-list of every weapon, and when clicked on the "pedia" would tell you the way(s) to acquire the weapon. If it can e bought straight out of the store there would be an option to buy it as well. The pedia would also merge the blueprint and platinum options for buying weapons into one icon for the weapon. This would allow for new players to see all the weapons there are available, hidden or not, and how to acquire them.

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