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[Help Needed] "bluescreen" Crash Error





Alot of people will of heard of this issue " the blue screen of death "


anyway i keep getting it right now.


Only things on my computer are warframe, skype, java fraps and my documents.


I can't find the source of this problem but its becoming very regular..



Almost everytime im playing a fullscreen game, or having a conversation i get a random blue screen and my computer reboots.


This has happened to me about 20+ times within the last 30 hours "not kidding around"


I have tried reinstalling my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit OS, that didn't solve it either..

I'v updated and rolled back drivers to see if it changed anything, and i still get the same issue each time.

Iv used cleaning programs and other software to try and stop this but i am getting no where with this..



Does anyone here know how to fix this?


I really need accurate advice on this, as i cant even get 15 minutes to play warframe right now, its becoming regular each time im in-game or anywhere on my computer.


Please help.



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Blue screens are usually hardware related. And if your computer is bluescreening while playing a game, the likely culprit is fault GPU hardware, or faulty drivers.

Make sure your Video Card has the latest drivers from the appropriate chipset manufacturer, and that you have the latest DirectX.

If you are still experiencing bluescreen issues, then you have a hardware issue that's possibly due to a fault component on your graphics card.

It could also be cause by your GPU or CPU overheating, from the accumulation of dust that prevents airflow on heatsinks/fans. A can of air should help with that issue.

Also, please post your hardware specs, CPU, GPU, etc.

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