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Boltaren and Obsidilots [Idea for Tenno Reinforcements to complement my Star Warframe Idea]


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No new warframe release is complete without a pair of Tenno reinforcements! So to complement my Soleidon warframe (and by extension my Solar Arrays idea), here are the pair of weapons I imagined would be released alongside Soleidon. As expected with Soleidon, they would more than likely utilize the Obsidium (though I don't think I actually named it in my initial Solar Arrays post) resource that would be released to drop from the Solar Arrays.

As always, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy.


Boltaren: Large, mag-rail accelerated javelin launcher that is held on the Warframe's shoulder. (Think a Tenno physical-damage Opticor.) Reload animation would show a door open, a javelin lifted out of the bottom section of the launcher, and then levitated between the magrails, ready to be launched. Charging up would have lights of the energy color to light up the rails, from the back to the tip with full charge. Here is a side and front-on view of the Boltaren. You can see the side handle for stabilization and the targeting eyepiece.

Obsidilots (silent t): A pair of fists that as the combo counter rises (not by the multiplier, but the actual counter), the obsidian shards that comprise the fists will begin to become charged with plasma, ending up as fists enclosed with plasma (radiation damage) as the shards swirl around dealing slash damage. I would imagine these would desire a high combo duration build in order to maximise time with the slashing cloud. Range would effect this cloud as well, though depending on balance, it might be at a reduced efficacy. Non-charged fists would do slightly more slash than impact in probably a 55-45 or 60-40 split, with the charged fists becoming that approximate same but radiation (for actual punches) and slash (for the cloud). Here is a crappy picture of approximately of what it might look like.


I will try my hand at mocking up something to roughly illustrate what I think these would look like, but not the best illustrator.


I know this post isn't as much as my others, but I also have a couple other ideas you may also enjoy Hagria, The Witch of the Void [Warframe Idea] and Neptunia City [Tileset idea for Neptune]. In addition to these, I  have an upcoming idea about a tileset for Mercury I've been working on. Keep an eye out if you want. 😄


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The Obsidilots is an intriguing idea.

Especially as they are technically adaptive weapons; their damage type changes as you attack.

Thusly, this makes them the perfect anti-Sentient weapon.

I believe this weapon has a place in my Sentient Open world expansion as one of the Tenno reinforcements. With your permission, I would like to include this weapon as one of the special obtainable weapons from Syndicate operatives located in Tau. You will be credited in the update post as well as the main post should you accept!

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Well, I imagined that these would be released with the Solar Array tileset I linked in the first post, so I'm not entirely certain how they'd be released with yours. But you may use them as an example of how you think weapons would change weapon damage types.

But I updated with pictures for (approximately) what I thought they might look like.

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