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Idea for some new missions that involve teamwork

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I had an idea about adding two more mission styles to Warframe.

1. The first idea would be that the mission would involve the Tenno to find four canisters throughout the map or depending on how many Tenno arrive in the mission. These canisters of course would be procedurally generated, so they could be anywhere in the map. There will be a timer counting down as well. When the Tenno find each of their cansiters, they would have to activate them in a sequence. So, once a Tenno activates their canister, the canister would light up either red or blue. When the canister turns blue, it would signify that the order is the correct order of the process. Then another Tenno would activated their canister to see If the canister turns blue or red. If it turns red, this would mean that the order is incorrect and then Tenno would need to start the process again and try a different order. The sequence of the order would also need to be completed in a certain time frame with each Tenno activating their canister one after the other in the correct order. Maybe within three seconds of each other. So, once all the Tenno generate the correct order, then they can proceed with finishing the mission before the timer expires.

2. The second idea would be that there is one canister throughout the map which would spawn anywhere. A timer would countdown and the Tenno would be tasked with finding this one cansiter. Once found, the Tenno will all need to arrive at that location and all Tenno would need to activate the canister to proceed. Once the Tenno find the canister and each has activated it, only then can they proceed.

Enemies will also continue to spawn throughout the map like any other map with these two missions.

I think this would be great as it involves more teamwork then just relying on the warframe's powers. Just some thought that I hope will be considered.

Thanks for reading! 

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