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Chat Server Upgrades & Experimental IPv6 Support


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4 hours ago, [DE]Glen said:

We have deployed some configuration changes that might help some people on particularly old networks; it might help with error 10054 (but I doubt it).

To be clear: this is a problem caused by bad networking equipment between players and our servers -- millions of players never see it. Ideally we can work around it but sometimes the only thing we can do is just reconnect when it happens.

Out of curiosity, what causes these issues? Is it something on the players' end that they can try and fix, or is it somewhere neither they or DE have control over?

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Everything been well, I have both Ipv4 and IPv6, yea I've met the error code 10054 several times, but its okay, but tonight, I couldnt even connect to my acc in the game, but could be logon on the website, I thought maybe it was the updates, so I login a couple of hours later, I could login just fine, but the chat keep on loading, I have enabled and disabled the IPv6 in the setting, nothing seems to change, anything I must do to fix this?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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