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  1. Ash + Breach Surge is a scary combo as well. Easily hit 7-8 figure damage on targets not marked by his clones if the clones bleed kill(or instant kill) anything with 10 viral procs and proc'd by breach. Melts Acolytes too if they get hit by a breech ball from a different enemy.
  2. can't be a V-Sync issue. I've tried it with and without, it is the same thing.
  3. still no fix for rewards screen and UI in general, flickering all over the place when you open them?
  4. Fix the symbols on the vault door and the crystals all appearing as 1 type for clients. This has been a persistent issue since deimos launch.
  5. Voidrig Xp gets rolled back on host migration. I lost 2 full levels on mine after host migrated.
  6. Unable to use Chroma's 4 at all with this update/hotfix.
  7. this dual wield rework is bad...it is NOT fluid and smooth. You didn't need to change the detonate buttons around, before this I could hit E to detonate while in dual, I could hit E on full charged throw when melee itself was equipped, OR the alt fire. This one forces me to A) not be able to charge with alt fire anymore when it's by itself, and B) you can't do the Queue system if you're trying to get more combo's built while it's thrown, because it force detonates it.
  8. Please remove the use of the term "Modular" from kitgun/Zaws. That would imply that their parts could be swapped out at ANY time.
  9. That's nice and all, but you STILL won't give Wolf Sledge the ability to equip thrown melee mods. Especially since it DOESN'T have a normal heavy attack as other melee's, because that one takes up the "throw" charge attack.
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