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  1. are you ever going to fix boarding craft being fired at your ship AFTER the mission has already ended?
  2. Please make it so we don't have to go back to our own lander, just to level Intrinsics. that's pretty stupid, and a waste of time.
  3. Still no fix for Archwing slingshot launching you into space in your AW, but still holding(and able to use) your Primary, secondary, and Melee weapons that you use on foot.
  4. Real sick of being stuck in an eternal 'waiting for tenno" phase at the end of a railjack mission, and having to abandon it because A) we're being randomly boarded by nothing, and B) we can't exit or do ANYTHING that requires interaction key.
  5. random thing, but synth fiber isn't granting the holstered weapon reload % per sec. Edit: Doesn't work as client. Works as host. Please fix your host/client stuff...it's so simple yet always overlooked for so long.
  6. love getting soft locked when leaving a crew ship, or when mission ends and you're in mid flight into/out of the railjack...
  7. Give us an option to rush railjack construction
  8. Give us a way to rush the railjack parts please. It's all personal, NOT Clan based.
  9. because the old combo system forced you to stop what you were doing to do a different, more reliable combo. And some combo's were IMPOSSIBLE to pull off(wukong's original iron staff combo that did the throw animation. pulling off the "pause" portion was literally impossible to intentionally do). This system is more fluid. Some sacrifices are made but at least it works more reliably.
  10. still can't manual block when only a melee weapon is equipped(works in simulacrum, but not in mission)
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