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  1. Don't complain? They usually just let you keep them since they can't be traded anyways from a twitch drop. Free slots essentially. That happened with the athletic and hydroid P. Last year. A lot of us ended up with 2 of them.
  2. Are you going to fix the combo counter bug with the gunblade? It's still using the pre melee 3.0 combo multipliers
  3. Kind of dumb when there are those of us who have to work and CAN'T join in during this time, because it's DURING our work days.
  4. Make Tenet Diplos seeking round go for the head. You Toss out Arcanes and such that give bonus for headshot, but make a seeking weapon that doesn't let you get headshots or even aim properly because of how it triggers the seeking function. #logic
  5. Thrown melee getting stuck in mid air. Literally mid flight. Thanks for bringing back a gamebreaking bug
  6. Sevagoth's 1 should be controllable when you aim down sight OR block(because it's the same button by default). If you only have a melee equipped, you literally CANNOT control it's flight path.
  7. There is no death well icon in game for sevagoth, but the description of abilities keeps talking about one and showing it.
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