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  1. Vitrica's effect shouldn't instantly end when they take damage from already applied DoT's...
  2. you messed up chat after hotfix. doesn't work period. can't pull it up at all. GG DE
  3. Fix companions(mainly sentinels) being 1 shotted on PLAYER revive. when that happerns, regen doesn't trigger at all. they're instantly obliterated.
  4. Still waiting for you to fix your false positive flagging cheat detection system screwing people over who do endurance runs in steel path
  5. Still no fix for your chest bot falsely flagging people who do endurance runs on Steel Path.
  6. but no fix for being flagged in Steel path for abnormal mission data. Start prioritizing that as a fix DE. Your players are tired of being 2 week trade banned for doing endurance runs for resources that aren't even tradeable.
  7. You wont receive any intelligent response from support. They'll first send you a reply with the SAME message you get in game, and then tell you that they can't discuss anything with you, and that you'll have to just wait it out. They're too lazy, and refuse to own up for their outdated detection system. Happened to me on friday, for a run that happened earlier in the morning. 1.1m credits from kills with a Secura Lecta, using a Zephyr, with a Banshee prime casting their Augmented sonar on Mot, steel path. The game punishes you now for farming legitimately. P.S. they might
  8. This is still a huge issue. And it will trigger for things like credit drops in survival missions(seems like they don't want anyone to use Secura Lecta anymore, because I got temp trade banned yesterday for a 1 hour mot run, with a non farm frame, and another player was banshee with resonance for damage buff. 1.1m credits dropped after doubling, so 550k). It's a stupid system that needs to be replaced. You can't punish players who aren't afk, who aren't cheating, for taking THEIR time to endure a long run in survival. What's stupid is, I hadn't planned on staying in there for 60 min, I was
  9. Their ticket system is asinine. They sent me the exact same message as in the game. I don't even know WHICH mission it flagged for, I did a 28 min run, and immediately following THAT mission it flagged me. I had like 682k credits with a Secura Lecta and Inaros VS Infested on steel path(27 min run, WITH CREDIT BOOSTER) and was testing my kill power with the whip, since I haven't used them much before the rework to elemental weapons all receiving ISP in calculations, AND testing the viability of the Saxum Thorax set, because the Burning Wasp stance force proc's lifted status on one of the com
  10. You're not safe regardless if you're running a booster(and smeeta). I got trade banned for getting 650k credits in 5 min with a secura lecta, on Jupiter infested survival Steel Path. No smeeta, just a booster. All I did was kill with the whip. (and that was on PC). Their bot needs to be removed, taken out back and put out if it's misery(or rather, it be put out of our misery) because it's such bad programming.
  11. Fix your flagging system. I just got temp banned from trading for "abnormal mission results" by killing with only a secura lecta in steel path. Explain where your team's logic is in that @[DE]Rebecca
  12. Fix companion survivability. They shouldn't be getting 1 shotted by anything, EVER, since you claim shield gating is a thing. (And the ones being 1 shotted most of the time, are companions that can use Link Armor/Shield/Health, maxed out on frames that can utilize their respective mods) Companions are way too weak, and always have been in terms of surviving more than a few hits.
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