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  1. man eidolons... "fk waste time" "nvr seen a trinity this bad" "DROP LURE U FKING NOOB" "no vs then fk off" *quits because lure didn't teleport to lake*
  2. Fatal MFD Teleport is just a faster pre-change Bladestorm now. However, try subsuming Banshee's Silence and use the augment, Savage Silence. At max combo count with Arcane Fury or Blade Charger I'm doing about a few million true damage with Bladestorm. Can go much, much further with Viral procs from your weapons. Excalibur's Radiant Finish works too.
  3. Hm... I thought it'd be balanced with a cooldown. But I agree. We need more %HP damage. At higher levels, flat values won't cut it anymore.
  4. Agree. I'd change his 1 to be an execute. Something like this: Nekros punches a target with extreme force, separating its soul from its body and sending the target's body flying in the opposite direction. The punch deals 40/60/80/100% of the target's maximum HP as true damage. Souls will fight for Nekros and do not count towards Shadows of the Dead's limit. The targets body becomes a projectile dealing 20/30/40/50% of its maximum HP evenly distributed as IPS damage (scales with str). Has a 8/7/6/5s cooldown.
  5. agree wholeheartedly, my poor phaedra needs some love 😞
  6. yeah i was referring to revenant enthrall + reave because reaving twice through an enthralled target should kill them funny enough from the one vault run i did i had no problem dealing with the necramech with titania, then again i was in a squad with over 200 ping so im not sure if it was lag advantage (enemies tend to shoot slower in lag) or we were all just shooting the S#&$ out of the mech btw does zenurik temporal blast work on the mechs?
  7. has anyone tried revenant enthrall + reave?
  8. Radiant Blind (Radiant Finish) from Excalibur onto my Ash Prime for nutty Blade Storm damage
  9. im hoping soul punch gets reworked to sound as awesome as its description says
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