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  1. Hyldrin's alt helmet hasn't been in the shop yet and DE is about to release another warframe.
  2. Well the changes sound nice, but I still got some concerns. Mostly with Titania, she has always been slow, all of her casting is just 'Point' and as weird as it is to say it feels like all her ability's minus Razorwing could be rolled into one. It just feels like 'the same' due to her casting of just stopping everything and pointing, some of her ability's should be instant cast or needs new animation. Also like everyone else I take umbrage with her Dust and Thorns, it sounds good but the goal with Titania is evasion and her evasion buffs for herself and other player's, thorns while it sounds nice just seems redundant and unhelpful, maybe some new buffs for Titania? Also maybe some Synergy between her ability's? Like Using Tribute on a spellbound target double's it's power strength, or using Lantern on a spellbound target makes it instant and a free cast (Like Revinant), or Tributing a Lantern makes them explode for free in a nice AoE burst with a shorter spellbound afterward (Like one to two seconds) Or alternatively tributing spellbound or Lantern targets gives new and unique buffs for tributing them? Just an idea Also while I was typing ideas for Titania I was thinking on how to do more for her Razorwing, The best I could come up with is a system where she gains a speed boost for Gun Kills, An evasion boost for melee kills and for razorwing butterfly's she gains an overall damage boost, where they all stack and it keeps the player switching to keep up her boost while in Razorwing, and it kinda fit's in line with her tribute ability. Also one more thing For Titania, could we see her Razorwing Butterfly's around the Lantern target, and maybe alter her passive so when she cast an ability she gets a Razorwing butterfly for a few seconds (Max 3) while outside of Razorwing, to fly and attack around her, just a few seconds, the Butterfly's are nice but they feel as a 4th exclusive ability, I would like to see them more, and see them woven into her kit. Also since they are 'delicate' I was thinking maybe turn them into mini-bombs upon death where they deal blast and slash damage when they die to the enemy, just a little bit of damage with guaranteed proc? To further protect Titania. Also I am fine with her not regenerating Razorfly's while in Razorwing, I know and understand when you loose them you need to recast to keep people from staying in her 4 if possible. Also Titania could really use an energy buff, she is very much a caster frame and feels hampered by her energy pool.
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