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  1. I just want them to actually fix the game mode, back in December they broke the breach system, if your shields are down then capital ship attacks got a 99% chance to cause a hull breach, you repair the breach and it pops up again a nano second later, STILL hasn't been fixed. You also can't teleport to other parts of the shop if you're at the front or the back because the map moves with you, STILL not fixed, especially the hull breach hazards is infuriating, they introduced the bug in December and they didn't do anything! still broken.

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  2. Railjack is amazing for farming credits/affinity, outside that I tend to not play it eventhough I love it because of the bug that causes doors to sometimes stay locked, it's frustrating when it happens and sucks all the fun out of it.

    Also as Culaio said once your ship is fully geared the fun kinda dies out, when I played railjack for the first time with my friends or even random it was some tense action, everyone had to constantly be participating, on both turrets, at the laser, to the battleforge, going into enemy ships, now that I've got a fully maxed out ships all fighters can be cleared in 3/4 minutes and the laser artillery 1 shots everything and I'm often just hoping my team mates just afk because ''ffs just afk so you don't waste my flux'' which is unfortunate.

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  3. Speaking of excessive brightness how about toning down the brightness explosion when you destroy a healing orb in railjack mode? I'm actively avoiding even attacking them now because when those healing orbs explode holy S#&$ does the brightness of it cover the entire screen and it strains the eyes.

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  4. I use zenurik because what sets warframe apart from your generic 3rd person shooter are the the fast movement and the abilities, without abilities it just becomes boring to me which was very evident when I created a new account and would barely ever have energy and then when I would save up energy some energy draining enemy 2 rooms away was draining my energy rapidly so I was without again making it boring.

  5. what they showed in devstream isn't beyblading, this is:

    spending all mission spin attacking non stop, to players like these the only 'melee attack'' that needs to exist is the spin attack and nothing else, everything else is irrelevant, thank satan they're getting rid of it


  6. I'm quite the forgetful person so whenever I visit the forums again I go to my profile to see where I last posted but for several days now my profile doesn't update with the newest posts, profile says I last posted on friday but I've posted already since then, several times in fact but my profile or activity feed no longer shows it, I now have to go to profile, then click see my activity and THEN click posts, for some reason it doesn't show posts at ''all activity'' 

  7. as a limbo player I dislike how his abilities function, his 1st ability is just annoying, when playing a defense mission I gotta make sure nothing else is around the defense target otherwise I banish other targets around it, can't banish a single high priority target either. His 3rd ability seems to be there purely to make the game hell for anyone who isn't limbo as it will randomly put enemies in the rift which is just annoying.

    I always found limbo's design boring in that he's supposed to be all about altering the rift yet he's got 3 abilities that pull enemies into the rift and only 1 ability that messes with enemies in the rift

  8. 6 hours ago, (PS4)forChristsake said:

    I actually like channeling. On certain frames it just works so nicely.

    I like to use it as well but when a sword has channeling damage x1.1 you question why the sword even has channeling capabilities lol

  9. 21 hours ago, Marvelous_A said:

    I'd rather they remove sentience for good if they gonna do this. With no damage potential it's just a walking alarm button that breaks your stealth and offers nothing. Even with the current setting it's really situational. His damage potential is greatly limited by how easily it goes down in higher level.

    just don't bring umbra if you do stealth though, seems like a fairly simple solution

  10. 2 hours ago, Knight_Ex said:

    Well, lets paint an example, there are a great many people who enjoy eidolon hunts, especially the newest ones, now while I understand its annoying to actually work for your gear but its better in the long run, if Amps were available to purchase with Plat you would have new players jumping into the public farming parties with a decent amp, however the rest of their gear would suck, and as such would be considered dead weight, now I know were pretty much at the point where we can solo carry through a few of the eidolons, I myself can't carry through all three, but I imagine there are others that could, anyway the amps are basically a progress wall so that Tenno still wet behind the ears won't jump into the harder content right off the bat, it also allows the dev's more time to work on more content,  I really don't want to see the new eidolon creatures with venus and seeing people screaming that they can't do anything because they don't understand how amps work or how to properly use them, during the time it takes to earn each rank of amp you learn how to use them with experience.  Oh so yeah more green tenno would equal more frustrated players, people were ready to just leave when they decided to introduce the rivens system, its a delicate balance, and with the new melee rework around the corner tensions would be at an all high, so yes you would have people leaving the game.

    to be fair though we already have new players jumping into the eidolon hunting grounds with bad gear or hell ,in worst case scenario, no operator mode so they're nigh useless, so whether amps could be bought with plat or not you're going to have members with horrible gear in public eidolon hunts.

  11. the ''problem'' with operator is that you have to play either the highest level content for higher affinity to max out your daily cap or grind the life out of focus otherwise your operator will remain piss weak for months if not years.

    there's the amp and  eidolon grind as well

  12. 7 hours ago, Nyfikenhet said:

    I would actually love to see him have an exalted glaive like weapon rather than spear

    I wouldn't, not everything needs an exalted weapon, people really are obessed with them, I mean I get why, exalted weapons are easy to mod to make them viable for high level enemies but still...

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