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  1. The phrase "i try to keep it as short as possible just so you could understand something" is an insult to my intelligence. Don't pretend like you didn't intend it that way.
  2. Honestly we were always more like space pirates than ninjas. ☠️
  3. Yeah you keep it real short when you start your post by insulting my intelligence, because I know the rest of your post is garbage.
  4. You're the one typing up six paragraph posts to keep creating conflict instead of typing two sentences to tell the guy what he wanted to know.
  5. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you clearly made this thread to signal how much better you think you are than a person asking questions in a chat. Did you private message him and tell him he can find that information in the market? No. You went and shamed the guy in General then asserted people doing what he did are incapable of higher thought. Again: You're part of the problem.
  6. I'm just going to stop reading here buddy. You've got a serious ego on you, and your elitist BS attitude is why people don't learn what they need to learn.
  7. You come onto the forums to talk about tutorials and their potential helpfulness, then start accusing other people of being off-topic when they start asking you what you would want out of a tutorial? Not only that, but your first reflex is to tell them not to make one. Unbelievable. You complain that other players don't know what they're doing but you don't care enough to help people solve the problem, do you? I don't care about your profile. I don't care how great and smart you think you are. I asked you if you'd be interested in a tutorial series and what you would like to see in it. It doesn't matter whether you're a veteran player or a new player: Both of those groups can benefit from that information. Seems to me half the problem is people like you.
  8. I have been considering constructing a youtube tutorial series focusing primarily on the mechanical skills, weapons, mods, and various other items that are necessary to use melee to its fullest extent. Why melee? Well, everyone knows how to point and click to shoot. I can't really help anyone with improving their aim. What I can do is teach them a variety of ways to move faster, hit harder, and play smarter. Naturally I'd have to touch on modding, resources, mastery, and progression as well. I've talked to a few friends that are casual Warframe players or have quit since then and I'm coming to a better understanding of how to provide them with the information they need to breach the entry barrier. Would you be interested in such a series? If so, what would you like to see in particular? Right now I'm trying to mull over how I can keep the videos entertaining enough to watch without it being a bunch of boring exposition, so I'm open to thoughts.
  9. Not so sure about that. Ballas was the primary researcher the Empire had for a long period of time and I can't recall him ever using the word "dreamer" in reference to the Tenno. Calling us dreamers even after being awoken doesn't quite follow. Teshin, their direct subordinate, is just as aware of the dream(s) as the Queens. Some of the Entrati have a fundamental understanding of the Void and the Man In The Wall as well as the loss of memories. Even Nora, who calls her listeners dreamers, seems to know something more than she probably should about the "family" and the Void. It just seems to me there's reasons to believe we're still in a dreaming state. Ever had a dream within a dream, the experience of dreaming that you've woken up but haven't truly woken up yet? I have to wonder if that's where the Tenno are: Stuck between dreaming states but not truly awake.
  10. That's the prevailing theory, and there's some interesting things that happen in Lua Spy missions and the Second Dream regarding time, but I'm not so sure that's the case. For some time I've been thinking "What was the First Dream?" The Worm Queen still calls us a "dreamer." On some level the true nature of the Tenno condition still hasn't been revealed to us. What appears as time travel or an alternate reality may be a simple misconception on our part.
  11. It's worth noting that the recent New War gameplay demo heavily alludes to the Duviri Paradox being tied into the New War. Ballas speaks of each character as "seasons" that change, his current Amalgam form appearing behind his past Orokin form. Just after this Lotus appears in both her Sentient and Humanoid forms. Then the Operator appears alone and turns to face the stormy emptiness. Remember Adult Operators from the Duviri Paradox? Curiously absent from this visual symbolism but highly relevant to it. Many factions speak of the Void as an afterlife, especially the Corpus Profit Cult. Quite interesting that the Tenno have an adult counterpart there, isn't it? DE confirmed that the mounted swordsman was a form of Dax during a Devstream and the art for the Duviri faction look suspiciously like the Orokin. If the Orokin are all immortal, but are now dead, where did they go? Perhaps to the Void along with all of the Dax soldiers that the Tenno killed during the Collapse. Oh, and regarding the Zariman Ten-Zero: The ship crashed in the Void may simply be another colony ship patterned off of a template. As I recall it was recovered from the Void. The Ten-Zero was allegedly intended to colonize Tau and the Tenno children were extensively educated about Tau as indicated in some Second Dream dialogue. The Ten-Zero may not have been the only attempt at colonization.
  12. You and I have something in common then, but here's the issue I have: Melee players are expected to build up power and momentum. We have to get within range and actually deal damage to compete. Meanwhile, Mr. Kuva Zarr doesn't have to do any such thing. On the contrary: Mr. Kuva Zarr's burst damage is consistent and requires absolutely no mechanical skill whatsoever. This is why I look back and ask "Why?".
  13. The stated purpose of the nerf was so that melee weapons could be brought in line with guns. I saw people complaining about "beyblading." Well, I'm seeing quite a lot of people running missions with Lich/Sister guns that nuke the whole screen. If the purpose of the nerf was to equalize weapon types then where's my Nikana that effortlessly slices entire rooms apart with one swing and zero effort? 😨👌
  14. Remember "this is my family now" from the War Within? The Entrati are tied to the Man In The Wall same as us. Remember the Ayatan fixture you have to activate during the War Within? Think about what the Entrati name you when you get the Reputation level 5. There is a lot of metaphor afoot here.
  15. Depends on how you look at it and where you draw the line. Parvos' brother was said to be a fool wielding his power like a brute with a cudgel. If Parvos allowed his brother to die in a foolish pursuit did Parvos kill his brother? If Parvos orchestrated the events that led to his brother's death, did Parvos kill his brother? There are layers of ethical grayness that are open to personal interpretation. Even if he were partially or fully responsible for the death of his sibling: Fratricide is definitely a classic Merchant-Prince-of-Italy move. Remember: Tenno hands are drenched in blood. Our masters, our mentors, and many of our former allies lay dead and we're the ones that killed them. I wouldn't be quick to judge Granum for doing the same.
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