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  1. And international corporate interests. Don't forget those.
  2. That would be incredible. Once they get wealthy enough they start gilding themselves like the Orokin did. It'd also explain where all those poor Solaris folks' body parts are going too. Instead of stealing bodies whole like the Orokin did the Corpus just chop them up and reassemble them Frankenstein style. High dollar bionics and spare body parts abound. Sounds suitably dark for Warframe background fluff.
  3. Presumably the same reason you're replying to me right now. Again, find a mirror. You're in desperate need of some self-reflection.
  4. Your thread adds nothing to this forum, so I don't know what you expected. I can't give value to something that has no value.
  5. Because the Chinese government is essentially a giant corporation that regularly censors or alters content of digital products according to its own discretion. Games have had details of their gameplay, plot, or setting changed to be more friendly to "socialist values." What does that mean? Well just about anything the Chinese government says it means. Plot details, game mechanics, in-game currencies, and even the corporate partnership that the game is being published through are all blanketed under that vague concept. The Chinese version of a game can actually be quite a bit worse because of this.
  6. Oh boy it's one of those discussions where we have a giant semantic dispute over what "small" and "indie" mean. Another messy argument where someone pretends like the number of employees a company has is the only factor in how quickly they produce a product. This is a bunch of pretentious nonsense spurred by a simple fact: People want more content. You like what DE do and how they do it enough to want to play their game more. So that's the problem here: DE work toward achieving a certain level of quality in the content they create. If you want it faster they're going to have to compromise that quality. So then when the quality is compromised the angry forum posts about it start. You want to see a snowflake? Find a mirror. We're all waiting impatiently. Only some of us are complaining about it to no end.
  7. DE have been curiously silent about the Phorid rework for quite some time now. They got real quiet about it around the same time they got real quiet about the Kingpin system. That may be a coincidence but I doubt it. If I had to theorycraft a Phorid rework I'd put them halfway between Kuva Liches and Sentients: It adapts to and adopt the player's powers, possibly gaining physical traits in the process. Imagine turning a corner and there's an infested Excalibur head with a big maw full of glowing fangs staring at you. Then it starts charging down the hallway with Exalted Teeth.
  8. Wouldn't be too quick to put the Corpus down and out as far as Kuva is concerned. Siphons are still pieces of technology and the Tenno have been destroying them all over the system for a long time. It stands to reason that the Corpus could eventually replicate the process. It's the effect Kuva would have on their culture that will be interesting to see. For the Grineer they just send some semi-skilled Grineer out to get killed and nobody thinks twice. For the Corpus it'll likely be the opposite: Wealthy and powerful people are the only ones who could afford it. The highest caste of people in their society are the ones who get a hold of it, or if they're not already in the highest caste they will be eventually. Not being able to die is very lucrative, which is why the Board probably won't give Kuva Liches too much power. It's likely we'll see the Corpus equivalent of Private Military Companies crop up run by these deathless oligarchs and they will probably sit in a similar social position as Alad V. Not quite accepted by mainstream Corpus culture but undeniably effective and thus tolerated. As far as the Infestation is concerned there's only one word to use: Phorid.
  9. Don't count on it. It's been that way since 2013.
  10. Wouldn't be the first time we've killed the world. The number one thing holding the Tenno back is their systems of ethics, even as loose as those ethics are. If betrayed, given no other choice, Origin would run red with blood for a generation and there would be no survivors. The colonies would be returned to the Void.
  11. Judging by the intercepted radio transmissions we receive most conventional forms of spacecraft can't just take a solar rail whenever it likes. A ship has to enter the solar rail, get queued up to be sent to the next rail, and then the ship must also be received by the solar rail on the other side. Judging by the Railjack's name it can probably force its way onto a rail and bypass this process entirely. I'm not sure what the hell junctions are supposed to do but since their construction looks very Tenno in nature I can only assume it's the way they bypass the rail system using orbiters that can't do what Railjacks do.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. That's what the Eidolon Sentient believed when it ingested the kuva but that doesn't mean it's true. Remember Teshin's cautionary words about the true nature of kuva: "a corrupting oil that brings madness and evil."
  13. This. Pretty much every narrative quest is like 60% filler, 20% cool lore, and 20% utter tedium (Capture Rell's ghosts for the third time!). The Leverian cuts out everything but the cool lore and that's fine by me for non-story related reveals and Warframe fluff. I expect Garuda's next up for the Leverian treatment.
  14. What exactly are you paying to win? A 4 player cooperative game that is, by its very design, essentially non-competitive? This thread is a joke.
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