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  1. Not all Warframes feature Tenno. As far as I know there's nothing to indicate that Garuda or Protea had an Operator. Remember that Transference is something that normal people can do ala the Silver Grove. Stalker refers to itself as a "low guardian." It's possible that Orokin retainers, relatively normal people, had their consciousness placed into Warframes. There's even some implication that Sentients can use Warframes in The New Strange.
  2. I like him a lot but he could definitely use a little work. Despite having six abilities he lacks in the utility department. Kinda wish I could just use his claws when he's in a near-death state.
  3. High grade Corpus decision-making: The cheap dosimeters say it's just 3.6 Roentgen. Not great not terrible. Who needs blast shielding?
  4. I would love to have a VR game set in the Warframe universe, but not from the perspective of the Warframes. Something more like Star Wars Republic Commando or Band of Brothers where we could explore the setting from the perspective of a more conventional avatar. Corpus Mercenaries, Grineer Nightwatch Corps, Syndicate Agents, Lotus Operatives, Solaris United Insurgents. Consider that Lotus, Ballas, and the Twin Queens use Transference to observe, communicate, and occasionally mind control people. Operators could do the same thing up to and including managing a network of contacts across the sys
  5. I prefer the term "pogrom." The word genocide is so overused these days.
  6. Let me go through each of your directly stated areas of confusion try to give you the short version without too many spoilers. Don't let that make you think there aren't any though: 1) The Lotus The Lotus is our handler, our support structure, and our adoptive mother. An old spoiler is that she is not human. She is actually a Sentient, one of the species of sapient machines that we will be fighting in the New War. She maintains, or rather has maintained, an extensive intelligence network with black market affiliates, spies, mercenaries, thieves, and sleepers. These organizations oper
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