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  1. The classical definition of an alien? Absolutely. The Void, and the Man In The Wall, are non-things that do not exist. They are utterly foreign to our reality. It doesn't get any more alien than that.
  2. I can certainly see why someone in the position you've described would find the requirements for Erra exasperating. Because of that the only salt I have for you is this: Please separate your posts into paragraphs. All that text in a big block makes my eyes bleed.
  3. You've played The Sacrifice right? Umbra's damaged helmet grows back rather quickly. It stands to reason that the shell of a Warframe can be changed in the same manner.
  4. That's what he stated that it was. Burden of proof is on him. You want to argue that random loot stats are annoying and their ranges can be inconsistent or even flagrantly silly? Great. Go for it. I won't argue with you. I will, however, argue with him about what he stated. If you want to jump into that argument and defend what he said be my guest, but what he said is indefensible. If you have to attach conditions to his statement then his statement is untrue.
  5. Gentle reminder to update your GPU drivers, make sure your fan is working, and double check your temperatures while playing if you're experiencing bizarre crashes in games. It may not be the problem but at least then you'll know it's not the problem. That temperature bit goes for console users as well: Your console can get overly hot too. Make sure you've got good air flow and its ventilation isn't clogged with dust or animal hair or something.
  6. Only if you get that OP is totally full of crap when he claims MK1 parts are objectively better than MK3 parts. You know what the best part is? I think random loot itself is total BS and shouldn't even be a thing. But instead I'm here being constantly replied to by people defending a factually false hyperbole.
  7. Spare me your pity. I'm quite content knowing the only people that continue to challenge me can only do so on a conditional basis while disregarding entire stat categories. At least you're straightforward and aren't predicating your posts on the defense of a fallacious statement. That's a nice change of pace. I don't take shots at bystanders with opinions, just fools with structurally invalid arguments.
  8. Works both ways chief. If they keep posting I keep posting. Deal with it.
  9. Hey Sin are you here to threaten to ignore me for the fifth time and not follow through? You know what most people call someone who makes empty threats? A liar.
  10. Excuse me? The original statement was a flat "Otherwise what's the point when mk1 has better stats than mk3." Word for word. That is a direct assertion that MK1 parts have better stats. That is a fallacious and irrational absolute statement that is easily destroyed by simply demanding proof. So if you want to argue about what the argument is about you just lost. His statement is an outright falsehood and you trying to defend it by arguing something else entirely is not rational. "Oh but secondary stats and component modifiers don't count!" "Oh but some houses have a random chance to roll better primary stats than others in extremely specific circumstances! But remember the other stats that don't exist on MK1 parts don't count!" Neither of these prove that MK1 parts are better than MK3 parts. They're either an intentional rejection of evidence or an appeal to hypothetical component rolls. MK1 parts do not have better stats than MK3 parts. MK1 parts have fewer stats and factually lower roll chances than comparable items in the MK3 class. Exceptions are not rules and raw data is not an replacement for a functional argument.
  11. I'm crossing my fingers that the Corpus Ship tileset rework will feel like a breath of fresh air for everyone. You're a founder too so I'm sure you recall the days when it was the only tileset. With its rework the oldest assets in the game will be replaced. Feels almost like a rechristening.
  12. Does a fully upgraded Seeker Volley count as Shock & Awe?
  13. New players in Railjack content are made of paper mache and good intentions. Every Archwing is made of glass and all the conventional enemies in Railjack have unnecessarily large health pools that scale in a ridiculous manner. By the time you hit the fifth Railjack node on Earth you're going to struggle really hard to kill enemies unless you've got Corrosive Projection, a status melee weapon that shreds anything you look at, and a CC ability to back it up. Well, that or a stealth frame to abuse. I guess now we know why Loki's in all the promotional materials.
  14. After many years of interacting with people on the internet I can safely say that many people think with their feelings instead of their head. Additionally, they are prone to using social pressure instead of reason.
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