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  1. What makes me even more mad is that again we have to marathon this and get the 100 in one go. This has to stop. Warframe continues to want more and more time out of its players to bloat its retention numbers. Then they have the nerve to make it so that you can defend more than one fracture...... In an OPEN WORLD!? I should have been reading the PC feedback on this because geez I just can't anymore.
  2. Wow I had thought this issue was fixed because me and my friends hadn't experienced it anymore, but that maybe due to high MR levels and no need to try everyday anymore. You have my sympathy for what it's worth because failure due to no fault of your own is the worse. Doubly so when you get that 24 hour lockout.
  3. Hopped back in and yep this is true. Did not reward me my 5,000 for completing 10 relics. What the heck?
  4. I didn't mean to insinuate that the fight itself had something to do with it. What I was saying is that the infinite gear wheel becomes a hassel during that fight specifically because high dps by the enemy gives you less time to look and gauge your location on the wheel. A wrong item selection typically leaves you dead. As a console player we don't have the ability to assign gear wheel hotkeys to keyboard so having that extra peripheral to quickly use an item is kinda what I'm asking for a work around with. By the way thank you for that insight on lowering how much we can take it made a big difference. Less misclicks so I guess that's the work around for now.
  5. Yeah it's a bad go for now. Really wish keyboard support was better on consoles.
  6. So in trying to walk a friend through the solo fight of the profit taker orb we both realized that the infinite gear wheel becomes very unreliable during the fight. Whenever you open it, never starts in the same position, sometimes stays grayed out because of the sheer luck of getting staggered. Not only that for console you are stuck in one spot as you try to wrestle with it and due to rushing you will normally not click the item you were trying to. The number of deaths by pulling out scanner/fishing spear/mining drill is comical at first, but in solo where you have no free pick me up ,because your sentinal is normally done after maybe 30 secs into the fight, this can cause many failed attempts. Our question is how to mitigate this issue. We tried using keyboards but hot keys didn't work. We need a faster way to deploy consumables because standing still is a death sentence.
  7. I had a friend who was stuck on this MR10 because his brightness was so high it just looked like a glowing white patch. Suffice it to say his first teat failed because he was jumping in blind. He was on his fourth attempt when I met him and after swapping screens we finally figured out the problem. The new problem is that now his other unmentioned problem has shown up. He's a HORRIBLE test taker. Practice runs ace them all day. Real teat shows up the pressure and anxiety beats him every time.
  8. That first line is a form of cherry picking. You still have to play the game. I gave up on condition overload because for all my "greatness" ,as all the newbies I help say about me, I can't get that mod to drop and that is my go to place for solo leveling when I know I need to get my frames and guns leveled. Sure the exp is mediocre but poly and the chance at Condition Overload keeps me going back. Now that second part is true as I have a clanmate who got lucky and got Condition Overload during his early Earth run missions. He was able to fight through a lot of things with a heat sword for a long time. Yes I've complained about drop rates especially about Khora when me and my wife ground Sanctury Onslaught until our souls bled black with resentment for Simaris.(My wife still hasn't turned in her synthesis target from over 6 months ago.) I even complained about the drop rate of mods off the Acolytes. This game has some of the most demoralizing drop rates in the game and most people that that the best way its handled is through trade chat. Sometimes I tend to agree. Other times that place is full of tooooooo much greed. We need to implement a mercy system so that people aren't getting poorly rewarded for their time spent playing the game. I mean if Diablo 3 can drop me a Pity legendary every so often if I haven't seen one in a while then Warframe can at least throw us a bone eventually.
  9. Then I have clearly overstepped my boundaries and apologize. I have played this game a great deal and have completed the hema grind so I know unfair when I see it. The way Khora was handled was completely the undignified and they constantly show that they have the ability to change it to the exact model tat we requested. Here we have BP related to standing which is the same thing we asked for Khora just so that we could get past the horrible drop rates of two parts in one rotation and they refused only to do it with not 1 but 2 warframe. Technically they did it with four but since Gara and Garuuda needed Gem BPs from standing I don't count those as their actual BPs where given from their respective quest and BP component parts dropped from bounties. Here we have a situation where even a well prepared person was at the will of rng for the items to rank up Vox Solaris and even PC players complained of the drop rates, but instead of making it somewhat easier they instead doubled down on it and left the BP to build required parts in the higher tiers which required you to farm them the hard way first before you could make them yourself. This makes no sense considering that they do not let us batch make them so the time gate was going to be two-fold either way as you would have you spend standing for the bp then build the bp while again farming more standing to buy more bps. Again they have approached this game in a very lazy and authoritative way to try and keep player count up but instead are pushing players away and getting themselves lumped in with publishers like EA because of shady practices. Look at it like this. Player wants to play with Garuda and simply skips the grind outright and buys her with Plat. Another player waits patiently for 75% discount coupon buys with plat. Another player waits until another person finishes said grind and buys the refined gems with plat to build her. In each of these the player took their own route to skip the grind to get the frame and then DE releases new content with a new frame locked inside stating that to participate in this new content you have to finish the first content. Immediately you get a very angry consumer base.
  10. OH MY GOD!!!! You have to be a troll you are doing nothing more than agitating the poster more than giving him any fair points of criticism. This belief that you have to do this over the top grind for some mediocre and digital playthings is asinine. The level of disrespect you are showing is clear. Your answers are either "Work for what you want" or "Git Gud" These help neither side as they are nothing more that elitist terminology slung around dressed up to make it seem like its the player's own shortcomings for certain things happening. In most cases this is true, but even then there are better ways to, you know, HELP. So please if you can't make constructive responses to help the situation then please remove yourself from the discussion because you are impeding progress.
  11. What I'm enjoying most about this is the casual put downs of "Oh this isn't hard lemme tell you about Hema(Everyone knew that grind was unfair) and the Sibear(30,000 cryotic easily accessible at 100/completed excavator starting on earth)" Grinding the standing for these two Syndicates are relatively easy but they are boring. What no one is mentioning is the drop rates for the sacrificial items to get to the next higher tiers in these syndicates. You will have a surpluse of standing but you could pontentially spend 3-4 days locked at one rank in vox because the part you need will not drop. YES you can build them later on but first you need to get up to RANK 4.........Just Why DE? Edit: Thankfully I can actually get that BP now that it's been downgraded to Vox Tier 2. Baruuk is still stuck like Chuck though.......
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