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  1. Please revert this change to the stealth multiplier only applying to kills made by melee prompt finisher and Ivara/Equinox sleep spam. As a solo player this makes leveling reforma'd weapons a real pain and hassle. Please address this bug as it really slows and kills my motivation to even try and do stealth runs. And if this is indeed the intended outcome please explain the reasoning why.
  2. This is my main reason for not liking Nightwave. It strong arms your playtime and kinda had you on weird fomo situations. Wanna forma a frame or weapon, but the polarize act isn't up better wait till it is. Need endo and got sculptures, but the socket ayatans ain't up tough luck. I will gladly stay with him not like many of my choices are in the majority........
  3. I use satellite internet as well so yeah doing coop over the net is horrendous because accuracy is out the window. Right now it's just me and my wife running railjack missions due to the network code running peer to peer so it's like having a sometimes laggy lan connection. I'm also waiting for the command intrinsic tree.
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