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  1. I once played a great game that was developed by a company that then went ahead and created another project that was extremely succesful and abbandoned the first project. I hope you folks at DE won't do the same thing.
  2. For the love of god fix these random host migrations / crashes that happen all the time now for no reason. Even during deployment of this hotfix multiple prime parts were lost from a survival.
  3. Could we have the same visualization method as Maim for Metronome that gradually covers geometry of the level instead of being always locked horizontally, please :?
  4. Pablo you're a god, <3 all the UI work <3
  5. So simulor is now more close gameplay-wise to quanta SeemsGood. Boltace is weird, I've never been a fan of it but this change seems very counter-productive. Tonkor change will cause thousand of people suiciding after the patch lands LUL M quanta actually NEEDS stat buffs on top of the cube getting more usable. Paracyst is still playing catch-up with Harpak which you intend to buff (good buff btw). Glaxion is PogChamp, so is potentially the baguette. But tbh, waaaaay more weapons need buffs, but a first step is a good thing to see nontheless.
  6. didn't we get past the stage of getting screwed with hotfixes? I just lost my kuva because of the hotfix :|
  7. a pacifist event is just up my alley, unless it's a misused term in this event LUL
  8. vay hek just dissapears now once he's low enough to call the mech down.
  9. Put me in. I specifically use Limbo on mobile defense or interceptions with a duration build and just chill and pick off some enemies every now and then. Hopefully what you're going to demonstrate will show that he can now be used in a lot more ways than just a few game modes, cheers.
  10. a relic from baro, prolly the dumbest update I've seen in a long time.
  11. So far the grind was only increasing, is it ever going down?
  12. 60p for three slots? uuuhmmm?
  13. clickbait :(
  14. JV is still a buggy mess, DE please :(
  15. Tar scaling is an insane and unnececary addition, it's nowhere close to being a tradeoff to a movespeed slow, this change has to go. Plus not the hyekka masters are the problem, it's the stupid cats that oneshot people (one of the perfect examples was provided eariler in the topic). While u can dodge their leap attack, it's not always possible due to simple unawareness or being focused on doing something else and this brings frustration upon the whole squad or straight up madness if u're playing solo and missed the little animal wrecking your face from an unexpected position. Other fixes are welcome tho.