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  1. Totally agree, i think i bumped few of these threads over the time, DE just ignored drop list from containers for a while now,


    But there is few mod crates on other maps, on Eris in container that opens after explosion made with nearby barrel, and in one room on derelict missions, but those derelict time trials rooms still got empty crates i think 

  2. В последнем хотфиксе поменяли форму на запчасти которые можно продать за дукаты, шансы выпадения Эша не меняли



    Reduced the frequency of Forma Blueprints dropping in T3 Defense Rotation C.

    Bo Prime Blueprint and Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint have been added to T3 Defense Rotation C.


    The changes to T3D tier C drops didn't dilute the chance of getting the Ash Prime part you're after -- they just added ducat-variety to the common drops.  Ash Prime BP still has the same drop rate as before.

  3. I'm not sure if the mixamp will present the voice-out from the gamepad as a separate line-in on the PC 


    Yo can go all Pro and get true mixer, even cheap one like Behringer Q802USB it got  EQ and compressor and lots of knobs and levers.

    FX Send can be used as separate output channel, so you can control volumes xbox getting on the fly, You can even get two of those,  one for mixing input, and another for mixing outputs XD


  4. Most likely you have few extra audio outputs on your PC, you can use some of extra 7.1 channels and plug it to xbone input.

    Or maybe you can use some separate audio device that will be plugged in to xbox input, you can use windows feature "listen on" to repeat your mic on another usb audio card output of which you can plug into xbone. 


    Most likely you will need to plug two resistors in the cable and maybe one capacitor, got your soldering tools? XD


    Asio4All + cockos reaper or some virtual audio cable software might help


    Cables google found (LineOut -> MicIn) cost too much for the stuff they got, 30$ is not a good price for a cable that got 0.1$ extra components.

  5. Can you do a spin attack real quick and hit x? Is it too fast?

    This is what i am trying to do, pretty sure it is not possible, not even sure X is there to press, lost all revives on Loki prime, wasting revives on regular Loki 



    Another game, another room, you can notice a blue dot on map, that is where decoy getting teleported after deploy, you can not stay on that room, only just few centimeters from door,

    Copted few times near enough, did not notice press X to use label, but Loki is still master race XD

  6. Honestly I'm not crazy about bosses that have phases of complete invulnerability with no potential for player input


    I never even understood hype about bossfights in other games, they always look like some gimmick with poor mechanics that differs from game you playing. 

  7.  then I get a check in get platinum, but did not happen anything. What should I do? if there is an error?


    If you got discount you will see it new price before you able to actually spend money




    if you already spent money and got nothing, create a support ticket, here.

    if you bought platinum for regular price while thinking that you will get more for same price, ask support anyway, i am not sure that they can check your past login rewards, but they might.

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