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  1. If you rebind secondary fire to say right control the mission breaks as you can't use that keybind to fire the secondary fire when you need to on the Tempistari. You have to reset it back to mouse4.
  2. First and obviously: give it a focus, I would have it focus on status chance to pair with the pseudo crits below. Second: separate the primary fire and charge shot, charge shot should stack up to 10 as normal, but the primary fire should only stack to 3(adjusted for multishot so about 6) and every hit beyond that causes it to explode for the same damage as 2-3 normal shots would do and it would keep that blob around longer so you can get follow up shots on it. That way you have a big charge shot and then on your primary fire you're rewarded for accurately hitting the same spot and your bu
  3. Corpus crewships can clip into objects obscuring security nodes from being hit. It seems like their hitbox is shorter than the ship when it comes to colliding with stuff so if they run into the bottom of something you won't be able to do anything against the security node until they decide to path out of there.
  4. So this is a bit of an obscure bug, but as best I can tell somebody went AFK for the entire mission and was pulled into the corpus ship for an objective, they died there and didn't resurrect, we completed the mission and tried to go back to drydock, didn't work, tried 3-4 times, still didn't work. Basically this means that an AFK player can lock you into a railjack mission for as long as they're AFK as the game never considers them to have gone back to the railjack because they're dead.
  5. I've rarely seen somebody trying to provoke a reaction be so forward, legit question is that okay with moderation staff on these forums? I'd actually like to know where the line is drawn from somebody experienced like you.
  6. I was using Titania, the problem is Titania's 1 doesn't work if the other player does not want it to because they can just bullet jump to avoid it. The post directly above you is somebody who knows how to use radiation procs to troll and does it deliberately, I've encountered people for years in radiation hazard that do it deliberately, if you use Oberon they'll aim glide over the grass with a radiation proc and spray you with bullets, and if they want to do it deliberately there is very little you can do to stop them unless you are actually faster than Mesa's 4 and can stop it directly t
  7. Do you have enough time on that cherry picker for another comment, or do you want to actually address anything? Well no, the easiest way to avoid it would be to have radiation procs only make you vulnerable to other players and remove it's ability to let you attack other players, but that would be an entirely passive counterplay where you equip arcane healing and radiation sorties are free, exactly the same as solo radiation sorties. The problem is that radiation as a whole is only useful because it ignores 75% of damage on alloy armor targets, the radiation proc itself in the hands
  8. Wow, I don't want to be rude, but you might want to read my complaints about radiation hazard before posting that. Or heck read this post because you're not the only person to make that exact same mistake. If you don't even bother to look at my post at all what is the point of making a reply? The problem isn't ME getting radiation it's random trolls bringing Mesa or aim gliding over Oberon's field where the field has zero effect, if you aren't touching the ground Oberon can't do anything to clear radiation procs and trolls know this, Hildryin's status clear is a one time th
  9. Right now the troll meta for Radiation Hazard missions is you bring mesa to troll the group with your friendly fire aimbot and annihilate the objective. This is the worst idea for something cooperative like Warframe that I can imagine, I ran into two failed missions with a Mesa in them, one that we failed because the troll mesa get a hold of the briefcase and the other duck out of because it was too painful to babysit these people with Titania's 1 so they don't end up insta killing the objective. Yeah I've tried Oberon's ability and it sucks, if somebody wants to troll they just get radiation
  10. Right now the devs are working on rebalancing guns so they can keep up with melee and I think that should be done by throwing in interesting and fun mods to improve modding variety, so I have a few spitball suggestions of what I think would be doable and interesting mods. On headshot bullet bounces X times to nearby enemies.(that's one I'd like for sniper rifles, I think that would incentivize the use of them) +punchthrough, bullet splits on punchthrough in a V. On Bodyshot gain crit chance on headshot gain status chance. On magnetic proc 25% chance to spread status effects
  11. If Warframe tries to connect to a host and the host cancels mission countdown this can lead to a bug where the game still thinks you're in the same session and selecting a mission will have you voting on a mission with nobody and won't have you connect to an open public group or start your own group. You have to select a mission cancel, and then leave and re-enter mission select to fix this bug every time. I'd just like this fixed because it's really frustrating and I encounter this bug a lot.
  12. I would like to be able to see certain stats like shot combo counter, combo duration, etc. on the weapon pages for sniper rifles instead of having to go to the wiki to see them. We don't exactly need the zoom stats because those are generally on the weapons themselves when you're zoomed in, but it would be helpful to have those for comparisons sake.
  13. First, if you ever think about making a post like this ever again, sit down and read it over once or twice and ask yourself "could this be applied to me? Am I being the unhelpful one?" Because I can see no purpose for your post other than to either provoke a negative reaction just increase your post count since you don't suggest anything yourself. Second I would like you to sit down, calm down, and read what I wrote in that post, I'm listing out problems with the current system, lack of active counterplay, heavy autoaim, lack of any sort of cooldown. This is a feedback forum, I'm here to
  14. I am just really, really tired of having tons of enemies around that can knock me down, and chain knock me down the second I actually get up. Ancients can do it, grineer scorpions can do it, heavy units can do a slam, MOAs can do a slam, blitz eximus can do it, Kuva Thralls can do it, hellion missiles can do it, shield lancers can do it, leapers can do it, arson eximus can do it. I'm so tired of this passive non-mechanic because there is no counterplay to it other than "equip primed sure footed" because some of the most common sources of knockdown for the grineer/infested have so much aut
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