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  1. This mission in Heart of Deimos is a MESS. You'd think it would be perfect because the infested are normally mostly melee and they'll all run into the objective and then you fight a boss but this mission was clearly not designed with heart of Deimos in mind. 1. The ring you need to kill infested inside of is just shy of the distance before infested will stop and start doing spitting attacks at the objective, so the traditionally melee infested will just hang around outside the circle, oftentimes with exacting precision like they were designed that way. This is infuriating and only causes
  2. Right now Cryptilex have teeny tiny amounts of health and they don't go invincible after you tranq them, so I've actually killed a whole group of rare Caustic Cryptilex by accidentally bullet jumping or SLIDING IN THE AIR near them, also because they aren't invincible after they're tranq'ed(this behavior seems inconsistent on Deimos but was fairly consistent on Fortuna) the entire group of them can be utterly destroyed by a single AOE from a hostile infested that does any damage at all. Please either fix the invincibility issue or give them enough health so that I can't just accidentally kill
  3. For the modular pet parts we NEEEEED something that indicates if it's for a Predasite or a Vulpaphyla because the antigens and mutagens for them look extremely similar and have nothing in the name, look of the item or the description if it's for a Predasite or a Vulpaphyla, necessitating frequent trips back to son to make sure you're using the right parts rather than just reading "Predasite Inanon Antigen" or "Vulpaphyla Desus Antigen".
  4. The grind is getting too fractal for me, I'm having to go grind resources on the plains for the resources on Deimos that I grinded for to rank up so I can grind tokens for grandmother to buy a special resource for a weapon that I ground up the blueprint from tier 5 bounties. It's too interconnected for not enough benefit for me. ESPECIALLY the conservation, previously 1 conservation animal could be worth 500-1000 standing and some of them were even worth almost 4k, now I have to do multiple seperate hunts to get 500 standing randomly in a capped way, a perfect capture on a sunny pobber ha
  5. If you exit a mission as Medi-ray is going on it will continue going on forever. This happened during a defense mission when I left and people stayed behind.
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