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  1. I think only having "positive" reaction emotes creates a false sense of value in opinions that are generally considered bad. If I see a post by some guy who has 100 up-votes, I will assume most people endorse his opinion. I probably won't take the time to read the dozen of pages of people completely disagreeing with him, I don't have the time to read hundred of pages per opinion. If you think down-votes are bad because they discourage debates, then I think up-votes should be removed too. People will use emotes like "Haha" to mock others opinions anyway (including me), so why not have a dedicated emote instead of relying on emotes that can be misinterpreted by newcomers or that have a different meaning depending on context ? Edit: I just realized I wrote an argument to support OP even though I could just up-vote him. See ? It doesn't deter debate
  2. Is the leaderboard score for clan supposed to update right away or is it an hourly thing? Because right now my clan have 61k in score and it consider us at having 48k point still.
  3. Our clan that is shadow got a score of 48k (so far), seem like we can't build the statue until the one that received it actually place it (and it can be anyone with all perm it seem, as 2 different member got them and were not founder,)
  4. So how does the trophy attribution work? Only one member in the entire clan seem to receive one (basically every single trophy we had was sent by inbox and the one receiving it is the only one that can build it)
  5. Check if you are connected to your switch account on your browser. If you are, then it linked you with that nintendo account.
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