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  1. Why is mod chance booster or umbra forma not in the market yet. The umbra forma is available in game through railjack but it's insanely rare and never got it once.
  2. I am doing a railjack mission and I don't see the intrinsics rank icon but I still hear the sound effect of ranking up.
  3. I don't know what is going on with the intrinsics system but it needs a fix. I am not even rank 10 and the ui is not showing.
  4. -Can we please have option to scrap sigma items. -I don't know why this is no locking railjack parts to prevent deleting items. -Increasing the wreckage capacity to the railjack ship or make where we can get wreckage slots for dojo research.
  5. Thank you so much and as the lenz,phantasm doesn't work either.
  6. In devstream 137 space mom said just use cautious shot Oh wait we can't because it bugged I want use bow so bad
  7. Hey cautious shot doesn't work on bows nor phantasm fyi
  8. Hey cautious shot doesn't work on bows nor phantasm fyi @[DE]Danielle
  9. I waiting for augment slot and new lich weapons like hek,sobek,and etc
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