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  1. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=mhblacky Image:
  2. Maxing out Standing of 4 Syndicates and farming Steel Essence. Then once she is released, im just buying bunch of Relic Packs, make them Radiant or let them be intact depending on the rarity of the wanted part and then doing shared runs :) Within the first hours i should be finished :)
  3. Yep. Crappy decision for a crappy system :)
  4. Boy thats looks thicc <3
  5. Hmm... Wisp is not good... First it should have been part of the ability in the first place and secondly most of the time u only use the HP and Fire rate Mote. So it's more a QoL not really worth a mod slot augment sry For Grendel i'd rather use Rolling Guard since i also have dmg immunity for 3 seconds. Can be good but doesnt fit in my Modding Protea just makes no sense to me... First the radius... Why? So the pet need to die in a certain area lmao and then with a cooldown what a waste of a mod slot sry It's not like we have alternatives like Djinn who can revive himself infinitive or like the reviving process need an abnormous amount of time. So this augment just makes no sense to me. It appears more like just to have an augment for the ability instead of have an actual useful one e.g. double drop rate for the orbs but halved duration or sth like that Zephyr can be good as welll. On paper it looks like a decent dmg buff ability.
  6. I actually like the TennoCon Armor... Looks better than last year
  7. Just get rid off of this crap mechanic and bring back self damage back plz :)
  8. What i can say to this topic is: Before this hotfix or the one before almost every shoulder attachments were floating which is now fixed as it appears
  9. Dont see the sense here since it was already a very energy hungry ability... Ok after bit of testing when u wanna use Gloom now your build must have max Efficiency or freaking low range so not much enemies will be empty your energy bar. Previously i ran a build with 155 Duration, 130 Effi and Rage and that worked pretty fine. This build absolutely doesnt work anymore. I ran out of Energy continously... Pretty sad... With max Effi (175%) and Rage its kinda useable again but a max Effi no Primed Flow (187 Energy then) Build doesnt really work either now. Unless you bring full Set of Arcane Energize and subsumed Ability like Dispensary and/or Sahasa Kubrow alongside with you. So that change made the modding pretty unhealthy since in order to use Gloom properly you either recast it frequently or you have to run a high Efficiency Build with additional Energy Sources (e.g. Arcane Energize, subsumed Dispensary, Sahasa Kubrow Ability). From my POV this change was not really neccessary. As i said in my first line it was a already Energy hungry Ability and running with a negative Efficiency (<100%) made the ability already kinda useless because of its tremendous energy consumption over time. In order to compensate that you already needed to take certain measures to use it properly. Now you took that to a whole other level which appears like arbitrariness. I suggest either halve the additional energy consumption or revoke it. Thx
  10. Plz remove these Void Splash Explosions or whatever (probably these called Void Sinks) in Void Storms Missions. They serve totally no purpose and cause headaches to many players. Also: Bring back the Host option like we had before :) I dont want to play with people where i have 300+ ping. Concering Void Storms mode i have my worries. Once the people have their stuff like the weapon and sevagoth parts, this mode will be dead pretty soon. Sure for people who wants to farm the armaments it can be a decent addition but as an fissure variant for RJ its just a mess. It took waaaaay to long to finish a mission and the rewards are waaaaay to low for this insane time investment. Even the long "normal" Fissures like Defense, Survival or Interception are faster than the RJ variant... You need to think about a rebalance of Time/Reward ratio otherwise this mode will experience an unpleasant ending... Thx :)
  11. Agree. I love the "recent added" more than alpahabetic Expired well... it's like they are archived guess it doesnt really care anybody how you sort them
  12. Yeah once the ppl have the new stuff no one will play it anymore like concalve. Even a Defense or Sruvival is faster than this... To compensate this i would rather double or triple the rewards like a raddom relic bundle (like the one from the syndicates or the market) or when it say Axi O1 then make it 3x Axi O1 or a 2,500 Endo Reward. On this way the way higher Time investment would be at least rewarded more properly
  13. Thx I want the old Loading screen back. Better overview and better visual feedback on when u have returned to your orbiter and can press esc to continue your acitivities
  14. So can anyone tell me what it is all about?
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