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  1. Absolutely agree!!!! We need more customization possibilities :D
  2. And i thought the whole number gets multiplied by strength.. Like 1.25 with 200% Str gets 2.5 Multiplier... But no only the last digits get multiplied so it's 0.25 * (1+Strength Mods) +1 = Buff Amount -> 0.25 * (1 + 0.99) + 1 = 1.5x Energy Multiplier... Pretty sad imo...
  3. Erstmal vlt mal daran denken Satzzeichen zu verwenden :) Anonsten über Support Ticket versuchen :) Sollte i.d.R. klappen https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/de Und warum besitzt du das alte Email Fach nicht mehr? Wenn du die Email noch kennst, richte sie doch einfach kurz wieder ein, damit du zumindest den Code bekommen kannst. Wenn du natürlich das PW nicht mehr weisst, ist es natürlich etwas ungünstig ^^
  4. This should help probably :P Corrupted Mods -> Overextended
  5. Exactly, thats what i want xD Kinda true but it's still nice to have it, even though i prefer Ressource as well but still...
  6. Pls fix Hemocyte!!!!! It's a shame that it's still happening... :( Even though i want to contribute more details but since it's happening randomly and cant be narrowed down to certain actions or factors about the gameplay i cant... sadly... But this is litertally game breaking. The hemocyte is getting softlocked resulting in him standing completely still and not exposing his weakspots at all... Very annoying and it has a very negative impact on my player experience...
  7. Pls fix that Nova Molecular Abilities soft locks the hemocyte boss resulting in mission breaking and restarting it
  8. So so far i accumulated around 100+ million focus points... Focus tree 2.0 has been completed right from the beginning (since the required focus points has been reduced and i already had completed the prior version of it) So what about a little token shop where we can spent these focus points for e.g. Forma, Steel Essence, various Adapter, Kuva, Endo, Ressources aka Argon Crystals etc.
  9. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=CephalonSquared
  10. I mean thats the perfect situation to contribute to your Anti- Melee Meta. We cant equip this Augment Mod but you guys release a mod that gives 110% MS + 30% additional MS for the next 4 Kills (Galvanized Hell). Thats kinda interesting... You want the game less melee meta so here is your chance! To let the other Hek variants being able to equip this mod, the hek can be a very good competitor to melee :)
  11. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=mhblacky Image:
  12. Concerning the recently dropped Sister of Parvos Update i have a question: If i want to buy both packs (Riptide pack because of the drone, noggle, sigil, skins and poster) and the waverider collection (because of the heart decoration) i double pay for the Yareli Warframe and the Kompresa secondary and the syandana... Is that intended? Hope not... Or do i get a discount then since i already own these itmes then? (most likely ingame on waverider collection then i guess)
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