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  1. Conversation just exploded somewhere else on Forum. Just gonna leave it here
  2. HOW TO MELEE 3.0 We are at dawn of Melee 3.0.but first let me express my gratitude for the effort you guys (Digital Extremes) put to make Melee great again. It was very fluid and robust but still got rooms for improvement and if your didn't mind hear me out here. Here my take. And you guys (Players) are welcome to critics and give opinion, but be mature responding, and maybe give your take also. lets start healthy discussion. thx P.S. English is not my native language so bear with me and sorry for wall of text in advance. 1. Channeling When talking about channeling, some player consider is useful and some not. Its polarizing. Question: What make channeling awesome? Answer: [Life Strike]. Am I right? Yeah and that sweet damage bonus also. Question: What make channeling sucks? Answer: Energy Thirsty and recently toggle to channel which you all guess it. Auto-Block + Toggle Channel = I need Energy Pizza ALOT. I didn't know about you guys but personally I rather use my Warframe abilities then spend it on channeling to kill small group of enemies with melee unless you are too dependent on [Life Strike], Hey there a ton of other way to heal yourself already and while [Life Strike] Give a good chunk of healing the penalties you receive defeats the benefits you get in return. Solution/Suggestion:- - Combine current channeling into Charged Attack. Its like your regular charge attack but now its behave like [Energy Channel] mechanics. I called it Empowered Attacks. It behave slightly different from current charged attack. The energy will be deducted only once for each Empowered attack base on the Melee type. It work like this: i. Channeling/Charged Attack (3 Stage of Charging) e.g [Tatsu]. Each stage of channeling multiply the damage output and energy cost. Example. Blue: 10, Purple: 25 and Red: 50 Tho it has speed penalty. ii. Channeling/Charge Attack (Halfmoon Slash) [Nikana] Type and with [Excalibur] [Exalted Blade] The (Halfmoon Slash) will travel forward instead of Near AOE Slash. As you can see, now you can hold and release when you see fit. You can also perform this whilst Walk/Sprinting. And whilst channeling, you gain damage reduction depend on weapon blocking percentage in 90 degree in front of you and the rest 270 degree will gain half of damage reduction. And also immune to Knockdown. Conclusion: Other than it will be extremely cool befitting Ninja/Samurai theme of Warframe, Its also solve the energy hungry of the current channeling and also now you can free the button for channeling for other function which brought us to next point. 2. Blocking I remember when [Mesa] 360 degree 4th nerf to the ground when it was consider "Lazy" and not require much player participation. You get what Im trying to say here. You guys contradicting yourselves now. Auto-blocking is not good for Warframe and its lazy. Manual Blocking must be implemented back if we talking about healthy future of Melee gameplay. I can see the attempt to make blocking useful and you guys almost did it with mods like [Guardian Derision] and [Electromagnetic Shielding] and melee such as [Vaykor Sydon] and [Ack and Brunt] which offer an entirely new alternative gameplay style that not about killing but otherwise . I enjoy it myself while it lasted and i believe some others too. Question: What make manual blocking awesome? Answer: Well, quite few actually. Im not even being bias here. Look. Better defense when aim gliding and plus you have clear view on where you wanna ground slam, Total control over mods like [Guardian Derision] and [Electromagnetic Shielding] and not auto trigger the effect with Auto-block, not to forget the block combos which contribute a lot to open up wider combo possibilities in future (Since we going to ditching out the "PAUSE" combos) and well...this one is personal favorite...easy back flips 😄 Question: What make manual Blocking sucks? Answer: Seriously? Ok ok I get it, I know not all people like hold down a button forever to perma block. Hey an option for toggle to block will be handy. But current auto-block is as bad as well since you will spend all your time on meleeing(attacking) and that 45 degree nerf. Who the hell going to stand still and wait for auto-block. NONE Solution/Suggestion:- - Encourage player to become more active when blocking with few new mechanics implementation like perfectly timed blocking bonus or I called it Empowered Block like what they have in God of War franchise and Devil May Cry franchise. Yes it require timing and No it is not 1 sec block, it just 0.5 Sec Empowered Block and after that it just become regular block. This system reward player who want to participate on the Melee combat by giving them a set of of Active Melee maneuver/Counter-attack and Passive Buff to weapons . For example Active Melee maneuver/Counter-attack can give AOE Stunt on successful Empowered Block. Some Melee Give Passive Buff to either next Empowered Attack Damage or Bonus Damage to Primary and Secondary weapons for certain amount of time. i. Royal Guard gameplay from Devil May Cry 5 ii. Golden Fleece gameplay from God of War 2 Conclusion: This will entice player to participate more in more active manner and willingly to explore the depth of melee combat in Warframe with its high risk high reward gameplay and just like aforementioned point that I made that blocking also contribute to simplification of Combo system now that it still "Pause Combos" and we shall continue to next point to explain it further why blocking contribute to combos 3. Combo Melee combo Is a determining factor on what make a certain melee great. Take Heavy Blades with [Tempo Royale] Stance, a devastating AOE beast. Without it. It was more like a large hunk of Iron. Im not going to touch about Pause Combo in this since its confirmed by DE that it will gone in 3.0. So im going to talk about post melee 3.0. Lets take current combo system for example. Without Block+E and R as heavy melee button it will become as simple as E+E+E+E A or D or W+E+E+E+E S+E+E+E+E Hold E Directional key+Ctrl+E Midair E This prove problematic as previously we got 4 E Combos now down to 2 only. You can already see the absence Block (RMB) narrows the combo even further. Solution/Suggestion:- 1. Implementation of R (Reload button) when in melee mode as Heavy Attack button (not charge attack but a heavy attack, its different). Imagine using [Obex] , E is for fist combo and R is for Kick combo 2. All pause combos now can be activated with directional key+RMB (Block) and current Block combo remain the same but without directional key. 3. Passive Empowered Attack corresponding to Combo counter (Combo changes as combo counter goes up). I believe DE mention something about implementation of Devil Trigger like mechanic. So in case that is true then Combo counter will function as "Rage" that will augment the combos. Conclusion: DE kinda have a lot on their hands now. I cant expect them to adopt this Idea but this is my take on how to diversify and deepen the learning curve on melee in Warframe. Now i done with this lets talk about quick actions and holstering. 4. Quick Actions and Holstering Although not loudest amongst all, the voices of those who cries from the feedback from both Warframe Redit and forums can be heard and screaming to bring back the Quick Melee. While I love the current system but I can see the appeal of Quick Melee. Question: What make Quick Melee awesome? Answer: Fast, Quick,Instant,not slow and do I need to say more. Question: What make Quick Melee sucks? Answer: Hmm you guys give an Idea. I dunno. Solution/Suggestion:- - Ok firstly why did call it Quick Action not Quick Melee specifically. My answer is the action involve not only Quick Melee but also Quick Shoot. I call it Actions Commitment (Ok that was bad name) but what it does is: i. When in shooting mode; Full melee mode only occur when player meleeing more than 1.5 sec or when player initiate Charged Attacks. Quick tap on E will not trigger full melee mode. ii. When in meleeing mode; Full shoot mode only occur when player shoot more that 1.5 sec or when player hold down LMB. Quick tap on LMB will not trigger full shooting mode. Not all weapon is viable for this Quick Shoot action. Viable weapons gonna be only non-scope, non charge individual fire weapons like [Vasto Prime][Tigris][Arca Plasmor][Kulstar] , and many which falls in this group of weapon. Conclusion: With this, the gun sword play just become extra flexible like how Dual wield Gun+Glaive offer new alternative gameplay. I didn't know what else to say, but this is the only viable solution that offers best of both world without sacrificing more button for console players whilst offering new kind playstyle. 5. Extras We almost there guys, if you read this far, thx so much. Doesn't matter you agree or not. Thx for reading this confession of Ideas of mine. Now to fix few flaws that my conflicting with my concept - Dual wield Glaive+Gun, Glaive detonation: To detonate the Glaive, Simply tap on E again after Glaive is thrown. - Gunblades Charge/Empowered Attack conflict. For simple melee combo/ shoot just tap(or hold) E or R perhaps. But to execute the Empowered Charged Attack, just hold down RMB+(Hold)E which will fire massive 180 degree across 3 meter flak cannon and deadly knockback. Now to my extra idea - Ability to dual wield Gun+Shield - More mods for blocking bonuses. - Ability to equip Arcanes on Melee (non zaws) - Gun Accessories 😛 like Sugatras for guns 😄 Ok that the ends my Wall of text. Have happy day. Thanks 😄
  3. Dear DE. Hear me My take/solution on this is gonna be as following. Solution for Current Melee 2.9 E and LMB will switch what RMB will do which mean, E + RMB = Blocking LMB + RMB = Aiming And i add another solution for those who want the "Quick Melee" Add UI at bottom of Weapon name, something like a bar that will fill within 1.5 second when player are committed to certain action (e.g Shooting or Meleeing) and once player are committed to respective action within 1.5 second. They will switch to respective action automatically. So action like "Quick Melee" and even "Quick Shoot" will be viable. But action like Charge attack will make full switch to Melee mode and holding down Fire (LMB) will full switch to Shooting mode.
  4. #BringBackManualBloking. That all i had to say.
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