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  1. Conversation just exploded somewhere else on Forum. Just gonna leave it here
  2. To Folks who against Nightwave, Even tho you have solid point to back your argument Even tho Steve himself acknowledging the fact NightWave is too much for SOME player (Some is the keyword there) Even tho the most vocal Content creators saying basically the same thing. (in fact Screaming like LifeOfRio) Its pointless. These are people who we cannot have argument with. They keep backing DE mindlessly without thinking the direction of Warframe is going to. These are people who claim to be your friend but when you do bad things, they kept silenced. While we being slur as being over reacted to such situation. These people are egocentric bunch. Stop wasting your precious time.
  3. Lets talk about it a little shall we. Lets begin with "Hey Nobody Forced you to play the Nightwave". Okay that alone sound load of bullcrap. Here where your logic flawed. "Hey that some good looking reward they have there, Umbra Forma, Orokin Potatoes, Cosmetics but its locked behind Nightwave". You see, what happen to us who against the system but want the reward. Ok lets count cosmetic out. What about game changing Item (Umbra Forma , Potatoes etc). Its like cat seeing fresh fish but must go thru obstacle to get it. Its perfectly ok for those who has time. But for weekend warrior like me its a big Hell no to the no no no. Still gonna tell its a self inflicting? Umbra forma is definitely game changing. Ok ok. i get it. too straightfoward. Lets be a bit hypocritical. "Its not like i like to get that Umbra Forma and potatoes anyway, dont get wrong idea ok!! Baka" (In tsundere voice)
  4. Im with you bro. Im with you.... I even surprise even myself that when Nightwave goes live, next 1hour, that is the last time i login into Warframe for period of 2 month. To make a hardcore player like me repulsing from it is astonishing feat. At first I think its a great addition to game just like many of us but it didn't take long for me to realize that how time consuming it is for someone with real lifeJob. Its like Doing 2 job in a day instead of having fun. again Thx at Mogamu (ITS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT) Thx for our Fortnut neighbour.
  5. Thx to Edgelord Mogamu for suggesting that to DE and Steve and Rebs think its a good idea to emulate Battlepass System.
  6. Solid Point man, Kindda digging into quest Warframe, got a little down when they stop halfway. But again like you said, yeah. sad truth
  7. I didn't know either DE forget about it. But I may be alone on this. Remember about Syndicate Warframes? Yeah I talking about The Quest tied to syndicate Warframes. New Loka - The Silver Groove (Titania) The Perrin Sequence - The Glast Gambit (Nidus) Red Veil - Chains of Harrow (Harrow) Cephalon Suda - Octavia's Anthem (Octavia) Arbiter of Hexis - ???? (???) Steel Meridian - ???? (???) Enlighten me with answer please DE. When will we get another 2 Quest Warframes? Thx
  8. Think of this New Loadout system is like loading a Profile in "Save Game" functionality in offline game.
  9. Loadout is good to reduce the clunkiness of Weapons/Warframe switching. Thus time saving. But it could be better if we could personalized each Warframe to certain Archwing/Archguns/K-Drives without have to go through "Select Mode" screen to switch between loadouts. And more power for Fassion Frames. I know DE is against the idea of more Loadout coz according to them it'll burden their database. And may i ask. What the purpose of having Archwing Loadout that equals to Warframe Loadout? Since there only like 5 Archwings in whole game (excluding Odonata Prime) Currently i have 30 loadout (including ones bought with Plats) and 30 Archwing Loadout as byproduct of that so in total 60 loadout slots. My suggestion is combine both loadout and thus Double the Current Loadout Count TBH. Im one of those people who have all Warframe, and i like to have 1 Loadout for each of them (Excluding The Umbra and Prime Variants). Now Wips is on the horizon. 2 Of my Warframe didn't have Loadout for them since i hit the Limit. Please DE hear me out. Thanks
  10. +1 on this. They already done this with Nidus and i believe he is THE only Warframe with Health Regen stat. Its not that hard in all seriousness, Just Introduce new stat, Health Regen, BOOM done. Its differs for each Warframe, so you might as well see people equip Health Regen Vs Health Pool Mods [Vitality]. This should be implemented coz it will diversifies and personalized each Warframe even better.
  11. NightWave is failure. Fight Me. - 1 Hour Survive Mission and Host just leave just to troll. Hahaha breathing is fun
  12. Can we have Nightwave challenge cycler. You know when you didn't wanna do that challenge you can abandon it and will be replaced with other random challenge instead
  13. We need this badly TBH. This also known as "Frame-Canceling". I want to able to control my combo precisely
  14. May i add to this. - Give a permission to certain clan member to enter/decorate a room. Why? So each of my clan member can have their own room so finally i can assign that generator room for them to reside in haha 😄
  15. Thx to bring that up. Not a usually post in here and the culprit behind that black background is because im using dark theme when typing.
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