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  1. Depends on context. I'm using morgha for most stuff (shoots like a mini-arquebex), fluctus when I need punch through (orphix missions), and I recently forma'd up velocitus to try out on eidolons (though in that case you can use your mech in place of a gravimag and try out enemy specific stuff.) Keep in mind the ranges feel different in mech mode than in space, so a good space gun might not make an ideal mech gun and vice versa.
  2. basically you start each railjack session screwed. Gotta either nerf your frame, or start with no energy. For consumables, yes you start out screwed, not enough to finish a mission, so you have to both collect resources AND build your consumables before you can really do anything. And somehow the devs seem to think this was an improvement.
  3. Session change (leaving the orbiter and coming back) is the game's equivalent to turning it off and back on again. Any weird apparent bugs, always try that first.
  4. I didn't think those ones dropped pilots. As far as looking for them on the plains, you do get a lot in drone escort bounties, but that's only particularly useful for farming pigments. I personally just try to cover as much ground as I can in AW, listen for the spawn sound and look for the spawn fireball. I feel like the tend to spawn in the same areas though I haven't mapped anything out.
  5. No. It works. Just every time a thing has a chance to proc, it rolls dice separately. So it's not a simple algebra equation to predict cumulative drop chances. But it is as the wiki says, only 1 proc per type (i.e. hydroid and khora can't both proc.)
  6. At each point an enemy could drop loot, the dice is rolled. Loot abilities are split into categories based on what makes them proc. Ivara's is while-alive. I think atlas's is on-death and so is pilfering swarm (so those 2 wouldn't even stack.) Nekros procs on-corpse. When 2 might try to proc simultaneously, it uses whichever is best.
  7. I think I do this one the most "as intended" way. I use archwing to stay close, I use a powerful shotgun (kuva brakk pistol), shoot the dagryn in the, ahem, dangly bits, then hit the pilot. High damage, good spread, and getting plenty close make each shot easy and 2 shots total. I have had problems with killing the ship and pilot both in 1 shot, which doesn't count, so make sure it takes 2 shots. I've had mixed effectiveness using mesa to just hit pilots who are still standing on the ground, though the last couple times I tried it didn't seem to work so I bet it got patched. I've also
  8. Which could also be said about the built weapon itself, and also circles back to the topic at hand... at what point do you just say eff it? For me, right there.
  9. research requires a bazillion mutagen samples that I'm not gonna do. I know the strategies and the setups, but I'm not gonna do it. Not gonna put myself through that for that.
  10. Basically for as long as it's fun. I always try to make sure I'm getting paid for any particular things at least 2 or 3 times. In the case of SO (khora farm) I can also do focus farming, and affinity farming. Basically mix it up. Play for fun. For me I ended up with tons of extra khora stuff because I did so much SO for the other stuff, stuff you can feel progress each and every mission. It also helps the soul if you check the wiki for "expected runs" and track how many you've done. If something gets too bad (deadlock protocol stuff is a big example, harrow is another) I'll take a b
  11. Absolute worst way to get it is in railjack. second to worst way to get it is through baro second best, it shouldn't cost more than 4 plat best, it should be free. Try trade chat.
  12. There are other sources than nightwave, but they are ridiculously bad, like close to 0% drop rate. That being said, nightwave is not a bad way to get nitain. Looking at other resources in the game, and effort required, I wouldn't even call nitain medium difficulty. The existence of nightwave in general does have a few drawbacks compared to the old alerts system (overall slower to acquire everything, challenges can be more time consuming than 1-off alert missions) with some pretty serious benefits (don't have to do midnight alerts to get the stuff you want, you can keep a steady stream of ot
  13. yeah, you're basically boned. For some reason they decided to only let you start with not enough of anything to be effective and have to acquire it in-mission. Same with revolite (1 repair worth), 2 missiles, and 2 dome charges. One of many many many complaints with newjack they've over-committed to and are unlikely to fix (they seem to actually believe newjack is in a good place right now.)
  14. Sort of. In my tests, I still had to get reactant, but I did not have to equip a relic. After my testing, I just used junk relics to farm the missions, had enough to cash in for ducats, got a couple big purchases. And since we're on the topic, never ever ever do volatile missions. There is zero point to it (except for unlocking the map node, and that's it.) And if you do end up doing them, never ever ever do the credentials sub-mission, it makes the mission maybe 1% easier, but costs you a ton of time. Neptune exterminate is the place to farm.
  15. In theory you should get everything you got. I still don't trust it though. And since the newjack changes, I never ever ever squad with humans. Too many drawbacks (including risking losing any rewards) with almost no benefit. And yes it is not only plausible, but likely you will lose rewards.
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