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  1. So you know how dx12 is supposed to stutter a little bit the first time you load any given textures because it has to convert them to dx12 or something? Could we get a button in the launcher to pre-convert them? That way we can know if a stutter is from loading something the first time or something with dx12. I ended up shutting off dx12 because I have no way to tell if the stuttering is normal or not. And since stuttering is considered a feature, i don't see myself turning it back on any time soon.
  2. It's unclear what exactly you have happening. What you mean by "full auto gun" as opposed to "archgun" and which archgun and what happens when you pull the trigger vs what you expect to happen.
  3. My big hit was with dx12. It's supposed to be a temporary hit while your computer figures out the textures, but it never went away until I shut it off. Other than that you can check some of the other settings.
  4. You're right, it's ridiculous. I guess it's a holdover from way back in the day drop rates used to be way higher and there were other incentives to doing derelict missions. You might be able to fudge your numbers up by making sure you're doing an effective mission type (probably survival), making sure your squad is optimized (maybe something similar to an endo farming setup?), making sure everyone has full boosters. My research hasn't turned up any better answer than that. And being in a mostly solo clan, I don't expect to ever finish it off unless something is changed.
  5. 3 criteria 1) rifle 2) semi-auto 3) high end weapon. the 3rd point is subjective, but the best semi auto weapons end up being things like snipers, maybe a shotgun, so not actually rifles. If you expand that to charged shots, some bows might count, a couple rifles. If you drop standards out of the best weapons in the game, fulmin (MR8) more or less fits within your criteria and is still a very good weapon. Chakkhurr would qualify as well, but you won't have access to that as a rookie. Yeah, closest I can see looking through the list is fulmin. Knowing your mastery rank would help, as
  6. I've abandoned the stealth affinity farming done with equinox and ivara. It used to be super meta, but after having come back from a long break I found something changed with the AI and stealth that broke a lot of things. I won't do it again. Plus you need to lens your frame and your weapon. I've given that up in favor of doing solo SO runs. I use volt prime with a lua lens, I only use affinity boosters, plus smeeta kavat. All the killing is done with his powers, so only 1 lens needed. My best run was during the last double affinity, I hit my daily cap of over 392k in round 2. Norm
  7. scourge/knell combo. piece of cake. No other gimmicks needed.
  8. Intrinsics. Tactical 3, gunnery 5, engineering 5, then tactical 4. Piloting 1, 2, and 5. I'm used to giving advice to crew rather than captains, so priority pilot skills mixed in is a little more debatable, maybe ahead of engineering and do all your forging in dry dock. After that you should have a bit of a feel for your own priorities. guns: zetki mk3 asap. Anything else is specialty build, maybe with inadequate intrinsics. For pilot, I try to match the gun to complement my battle avionics. I like carcinnox or pulsar depending on how I'm doing things. For gunners I either priorit
  9. can't trade the bps. Only the parts you've built in your foundry, and the damaged weapon parts that drop from mechs. edit, and you can't get the built parts from loid either, only the bps.
  10. I used the regular brakk for a long time (years even) before the kuva one. I directly upgraded. All the other secondaries i don't really use. I still hang onto original because it was a pain to get and I hate throwing away the potato/forma. If you're in a position to start farming the kuva brakk, then yeah don't bother investing deeply into regular. Regular brakk is still good but there are a lot of secondaries that are likely to outperform it.
  11. from the patch notes. That said, are you trying to trade the bp or fully crafted?
  12. I haven't heard anything at all about account migration for ps5, but there has been talk about cross save for a long time. It sounds like cross save is a lot more complex than it seems at first glance and that while it is on their radar, and they do have someone who works on it a little bit, it's very low priority.
  13. it's not normally considered a very good weapon, but it has a high disposition and that looks like a good riven. I'd suggest trying it out, see how it actually feels in practice. Just brushing up through the wiki makes me think the interesting builds possible with it might become actually viable with a good riven like that.
  14. there are couple sites to put together hypothetical builds to see the stats. I mostly just know of overframe.gg but I think there are a couple others.
  15. Is it about the damage itself, or is it the animations, a feeling of swinging something significant? If it's about liking the animations and you just want them to go fast, then yeah, some attack speed mods, especially berserker. Nothing really has the feel of swinging something heavy outside of heavy weapons. The hard part will be collecting the essential mods. If it's about the damage itself, pretty much any weapon class has high damage weapons that you just need to mod well. At MR3 you might just want to test out a variety of weapon types to get a feel for their animation sets,
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