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  1. I'd rather not. Its just one more step further away, and I'd like to think that DE will pull their collective head out of their ass and remove revives. Also
  2. Thanks for the detailed info, and the fix 👍
  3. I'm sure you guys are feverishly working on the resolution issues, is there any chance we can get this event extended the same amount of time that it takes to fix resolution problems?
  4. Check your paracesis, I saw a post we're someone said theirs was back to 34 instead 40
  5. Will this event be extended the same amount of time it takes to fix the resolution issues?
  6. I know right. That's already something like 30 mins for coffee, 1 hour to locate the code in question, 30 mins for another coffee break, and 30 mins to push out the code 😉
  7. Still no fix for resolution? DE I am dissapoint
  8. We’re working on a fix for the resolution issues some people are experiencing with High-DPI displays. Everything else I know will get fixed eventually...but I'd appreciate a fix for the resolution issues. Being unable to play without implementing some drastic measures, that end up breaking something else is more of an issue than colors not displaying correctly. \ FWIW Windows 10 pro 1803 OS Build 17134.765 Asus RTX 2080 Ti Driver MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon, Kaby Lake I7 7700k 32G RAM All drivers up to date 2x 4k monitors Yes I know the resolution is a more difficult fix than some script errors
  9. Hot fix for resolution issues would be appreciated 👍 Id like to be able to play
  10. Kogake same here. mastery is gone for it. wierdly the prime version is still present
  11. Confirmed, looks like they broke the windows scaling. Setting windows scaling to 100%, from my normal 175% returns borderless full screen to "normal" operation, full 4k resolution. But that breaks the mouse sensitivity, in the UI at least
  12. 4k resolution is broken. Looks like its a windows scaling issue. I can use windowed mode in 4k, borderless only has 2194x1234 which I am unable to change. If I change to full screen, I can select 3840x2160 which then make the display 4x too large for the monitor...i.e. I can only see the upper left quadrant. IF I set windows scaling down to 100% (from my normal 175%) Then I get borderless full screen at the proper 4k resolution. But that breaks the mouse sensitivity on the UI Also, selecting windowed mode, I can select 3840 x 2160, but after confirming these changes, resolution reverts to 2194 x 1234. (with windows scaling set to 175%)
  13. Yep already did that 👍 the only viable option appears to be windowed in 4k at this point, which isn't all that viable. anything else breaks the display with my multi monitor setup
  14. resolution seems to be broken - Warframe started up in 2k resolution in windowed full screen, unable to change resolution. Changed to full screen, where I had access to all resolution options, and changed it to 4k...and now I see 1/4 of the display, and cant access the menus to change it back
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