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  1. Part of the problem here, and with many other "missions" lately is that there is a single point of focus. In this one you only get the SS credits for the kill codes, which means that everyone is specifically focused on that one task. There is (was) a great deal of opportunity with Scarlet Spear, despite the fact that squad link turned out to be nothing like what it should have been, or at least what I expected it to be. If players also received SS credits for killing the Grineer in the RJ side of the mission, perhaps players would not be singularly focused....build RJ for speed and just tow the thing to the ship as fast possible. Or there could have been a third "mission" component of fighting the Grineer in RJ. Wiping out Grineer crew ships would limit/reduce/eliminate the grineer in the Murex mission. The condrix mission should have been on PoE...drop ships and archwing added to the mix.
  2. Didn't say I liked k drives. I think they are wretched things that do not fit in the game. But I also don't play Warframe to complete a mission as fast, or "efficiently" possible.
  3. Agree completely. Unfortunately archwing on Poe existed before k drives. IMHO they would have removed archwing from PoE and vallis with the intro of k drive. Then we wouldn't have had to see all the posts on "make k drives as fast as archwings"
  4. That's not necessarily what the game is supposed to be about, that's what you've decided the game is "supposed to be about". Not everyone plays Warframe to get through a mission as quickly as possible.
  5. Please, please, please, please tell me that this.... "Theyve confirmed that liches will also be able to crew your railjack at some point. It was during a past devstream. Supposedly thats what the command intrinsic will help with." Posted here... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1170276-after-45-liches-i-am-just-going-to-say-it/?tab=comments#comment-11383167 Is NOT true. Please DE tell me that you will not continue down this road. If the Liches were not some sort of bad comic relief, and actually fit within the game I would not mind, but in their current iteration, they are as immersion breaking as framefighter, and dog days BS. PLEASE, I implore you do not continue down this path, it can only lead you to ruin. (or perhaps it will just completely ruin my enjoyment, but hopefully that conveys the level of dislike I have for the "personality" of the liches, and how non-immersive, I find them)
  6. I guess that is a plus side, but its still disappointing to me that DE has decided to go the "comical" route.
  7. Oh God please no. Please tell me that is not true. I don't want or need derpy liches running amok on a railjack
  8. Now I can see what weapon I will be getting, that's great! That means there will be fewer liches I have to deal with to acquire all of the weapons. This change would not have been necessary though, if liches were enjoyable in the first place. If it were enjoyable to "run a lich" then players would repeatedly "run liches" to acquire the weapon they want. However a really good system would have players engaging liches regardless of the potential to acquire a new weapon. I run Eidolons still, though I have everything I personally need from them, because it is an enjoyable, and engaging battle. Liches are the worst things ever put into Warframe. Granted its something I could completely ignore like Lunaro, Framefighter, but they do have weapons to acquire..which likely will be simple MR fodder as they essentially are just re-skins of existing weapons that I was not fond of the first time round. I honestly hope that there are no further liches introduced into the game, resources spent on Railjack instead. I say this because at this point I don't believe the liches will ever be brought into a state where they would add value to the game. I certainly believe that it is possible to make the liches something that add value to the game, but without a complete scrap of the existing system I just do not see that happening. I'm at the point with this, that I'd just like to see the amount of murmurs required to learn a phrase reduced so that I would be able to get this over with sooner. I do like the removal of auto death on fail, definitely a good change. Its not that the death really meant anything, its more that you have absolutely no control on whether it happens or not. Death when a player has zero control on avoiding is not something that should have ever been considered. I don't want to sound overly harsh, obviously you (DE) put time and effort into this, and having something you created criticized (or vilified as most people do in these forums) hurts, but all the recent round of changes did was make the liches suck less. Liches are not a "Nemesis" 1. I have to go create one in the first place. 2. I have to hunt the lich, not the other way around 3. I have to kill the thralls, which are typically the easiest thing to kill on the entire map. Hasn't the thrall been sent in the liches stead to take me down before the lich needs to take a personal hand in the endeavor? 4. I need to anger my lich to get it to show up....shouldn't it already be angered? Isn't that why it was created and sent to hunt me down? 5. Somehow after using my parazon on the lich it calms right down. In short, I just don't understand any of the thought processes that went into creating this system. The implementation of the liches seems to be a complete antithesis of what it was supposed to be. Possible changes? I'd like to see the creation process changed...completely. I'd like a system akin to how you receive death marks from Stalker, G3, etc. Perhaps tie it into Railjack..kill x number of base commanders in Railjack to create a lich. Or create a new mission node on the Kuva fortress, that would generate a death mark for a lich. Perhaps two new nodes on the Kuva fortress..one lower level than the other. The lower level mission would generate a rank 1 lich, the higher level one would generate a rank 3 lich? Thralls would be sent out in packs akin to the syndicate death squads. The thrall squad could show up any where, but if on a node currently under the liches influence, the squad would have a significantly increased chance of showing up, would be higher level, and provide more murmurs. Possibly change the lich agro meter to increase based on the number of thrall squads you've defeated, and then show up based on the agro meter as it does now? Or perhaps, the lich will only show in the subsequent mission, and be guaranteed to do so, upon learning the first, second and third code word. The player could then attempt the parazon, or down the lich 3x and then finish the mission.
  9. Consistency: Definitely agree that consistency is very important for any UI Can we please have the search text box, and the sort drop-down in the same locations on every screen in which they appear? We've got search on the left-middle, and sort-by on the right-middle. Search in the upper-left, and sort by just to the right of search. Search in the upper middle, with sort by left of search. Sort by in the upper middle, with search right of sort-by
  10. I'm sure it could be successful if DE devoted the necessary resources to ensuring its success. However a successful PvP in Warframe would not necessarily translate into financial success for DE. Personally, I would not want it to succeed. I also personally hope that they devote no company resources towards PvP, I just wouldn't want it in the game. There are a number of games out there that focus on PvP, and/or are built for nothing but PvP. If I wanted PvP, I would play something other than Warframe for my PvP "fix".
  11. That is exactly how rank 10 should function, and it is certainly what the description implied.
  12. It doesn't say snaps for .x seconds. Its just states snaps to nearest lead indicator. Which in fact does imply that it will always be snapping to the nearest indicator, unless there isn't one on the screen. And what does playing other FPS have to do with anything? Warframe isn't an FPS for one thing, and how things are done in other games doesnt necessarily mean the same thing will occur here. Thank you OP for your post...saved me some heartache
  13. Overall, I am enjoying Railjack more than I initially thought I would. Honestly its helping remove the foul taste that was left from the implementation of the Liches. Yes there are a number of bug, many graphical in nature, but thus far I am enjoying what I have seen. I wish there had been some sort of in-game "why" included. Why do we suddenly have access to the Railjack? WHY do we need the Railjack? etc. I see a lot of people complaining about the resources required, I've only completed Earth proxima thus far, and that mainly joining other crews, but I dont really think all that much needs to be changed. I see this as a marathon, not a sprint. I dont expect to me maxed out on everything Railjack within a week, it SHOULD take longer. That said I think 2 changes would help a great deal. Increase vacuum range A LOT I'd like to see a 4x boost to the vacuum range while in space. REMOVE revolite as a requirement for the Omni tool OR lessen the frequency of which there is damage incurred that requires repair Auto refine when warping to Drydock Entering/Existing port/starboard turrent animations need to be sped up. I would also like to see some stabilization of the turret, having the turret point instantaneously in the direction of mouse movement is immersion breaking. The turrets should not be able to move that quickly, there should be a min range to target that the turret would be able to track. In conjuction with this I would like to see some sort of CWIS mod added that would provide some additional fire power against enemy ships that inside a set range of the ship, i.e. inside the range that turrets would be able to sucessfully track. I would like to see the directional heading of the ship slowly return to 0 with 0 mouse input. (One of the things that Anthem got right, eventually) Not sure how I feel about RNG values to looted components, but I'm not to that stage of devlopment for my RJ yet. At first blush, I would say that stats should be fixed, but then again, RNG stats does provide an avenue for gains along a lenghter time period. The SCRAP screen NEEDS to indicate which mods you are currently using, and which are not. Need to figure out the loot bugs, there seems to be a lot of loot that goes missing. Need to be a way to cleanly leave a pug mission AND retain loot.
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