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  1. I think that research fulfills the goals you're shooting for. It's something you have to invest in, or suffer for if they choose to ignore it. It's also not, annoyingly, time-limited like events are. It's there for you when you're ready for it, but not without putting the effort in, which imo is how it should be. Don't get me wrong - I don't think anybody should be getting everything without putting effort in, I think that the chance to put effort in should be equally available. Perhaps we need more long-term research goals for clans, to help separate more invested communities? Maybe that's what Railjack will be. Exclusive stuff like event trophies should remain cosmetic, imo the bragging rights of owning them are more than enough. As far as it being "how real life works," the entire point of playing video games to get away from real life 😛
  2. I don't, no. Especially for time-limited content. I think that sort of "weight" should be limited to the individual, because again, it is unfair to new clans who want to start up now and those who were not playing when DE thought they should have been. It can lead to a downward spiral that can kill a community because they don't have x new item and clan y does, so people jump ship and it gets harder to bring people in, then because of that there's not enough people around for the next event to "win" in the next event, ect ect.. It can also feel unfair to those who go above and beyond in terms of participation and don't get anything out of it because their clan didn't participate as much. And before you say "well then they should just go find a new clan," what about clans of IRL friends? Or clans of otherwise close friends, who can't play as often? I understand the "participation award" line of thinking, but we shouldn't be discouraging certain types of communities, particularly more casual ones, from existing in Warframe outright.
  3. I'm fully aware that Ignis Wraith comes from Baro, however.. it's Baro. He doesn't have it very often, research is always available. As a clan owner I still occasionally see it as a "requirement" for people who are considering joining, which is explicitly the type of thing I'd like to avoid. A community should be judged on it's merit as a community, not what loot it can offer to a player interested in joining. Clan affinity doesn't mean much at the moment, but the fact that they're looking at it more closely makes me concerned that it may become more important with Empyrian. The problem with there being a "catch up" mechanic for clans is that it'd need to be an exclusive source of clan affinity that other clans who did well in events don't have access to, which.. doesn't make sense, and would be horribly impractical aside from rerunning the events, which would still see people complaining about how their work on the first run of the event was invalidated by the re-run. I still think it's for the best that exclusive sources of clan affinity be done away with. Hopefully this also eventually extends to dark sector research. Mind you, this is coming from somebody who's clan has multiple gold trophies and only the one silver (from the most recent event), and most of the work in the events prior to this one was done by me/a select few. I don't mind my "hard work" being invalidated because that just means I'm back on an even playing field with other, more casual or more hardcore communities.
  4. Removing clan affinity from trophies is for the best. Clan progression shouldn't be locked behind non-recurring events, it just discourages the creation of new clans in favor of clans with an unfair advantage due to being older and therefore "better." I already disagree heavily with ignis wraith being an exclusive, even despite having said research, and hope that it will be reintroduced at some point.
  5. It's getting really hard to actually remain invested in rivens anymore. At any point, any crap weapon that you liked can get a new special variant of some kind, or be useful in some kind of new meta, and the disposition of a riven you've put a lot of work into trashed. Tiberon, Rubico, Opticor, Lanka, Glaxion, ect are all examples of this. Rolling rivens is entirely random, and farming for kuva is pretty grueling - if rivens are going to be this fluid without the community having any control, we need options to uninvest from rivens or at least some semblance of control over the rivens we roll and unveil. Otherwise, people are going to continue to get mad when you nerf something that somebody either got extremely lucky with or spent far too much time or money on. It's borderline insulting, especially when a disposition nerf can be the difference between a riven actually being worth the slot or not, due to how far down dispo can go. Make no mistake - Rivens are the closest thing we have to endgame. Dis-incentivizing people from interacting with the system is turning veterans away.
  6. Aye, but the point is that there are better options for them. You can make your rubico servicable for crowds, but unless you're in sortie 3 elemental enhancement or something, you're not going to outperform somebody with say, an amprex, or really any other aoe/chain weapon. It's not that the weapon is only "good" in one spot, rather, that it specializes in other areas that make it less effective for general gameplay when compared to, again, other options that are more specialized towards the task that makes up the majority of the game.
  7. It does what it's meant to. It smacks hard targets. In turn, it struggles with crowds, by nature of being a sniper rifle. Considering Warframe is a game of huge crowds, the reload, small mag, and fire rate make it poor for the majority of the game's content when compared to other options that don't have these drawbacks. As an aside, -dmg to infested is considered a popular negative for exactly that reason, Infested have no form of damage mitigation whatsoever outside of ancient auras and the occasional odd armor buff from a swarm moa. Almost anything can kill them relatively easily.
  8. DE Pls don't murder certain rivens because they're useful in niche places, just because some sniper rivens enable eidostomping speaks to a need to change eidolons, not the guns themselves 😛 It's hard to invest in a riven for a lower-tier weapon you enjoy when later down the line it's inevitably going to get a prime or a buff that invalidates your work put towards rolling a riven to make it good. I've had this rubi riven long since before the sniper reworks and I feel punished for having not known they, or Rubico Prime, was coming.
  9. This hotfix, according to the date, was nearly two years ago now. If you started during POE (which is when a lot of people started) you'd have never seen anything like this. It'd be buried in a pile of old, irrelevant patchnotes.
  10. People have every right to be surprised, unless you follow external Warframe media and the like, you'd never know dispositions are supposed to change. It's never mentioned anywhere in-game. If it was, that'd be a different story. edit: the only warning anybody got in-game regarding this was the inbox message, about an hour before it actually happened. The last riven dispo change happened over a year ago, I believe, for Aklex. If you didn't have one of those or weren't there for it you'd never know.
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