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  1. I'm okay with projectiles if the flight speed is dramatically increased. At the moment, you almost have to be on top of fighters to hit them with some weapons, or at the very least be leading the entire length of the screen.
  2. Archguns, even if they were buffed, cannot compete with Tether or Munitions Vortex, let alone Railjack guns. Seriously, take a Mausolon, and go shoot Veil fighters with it. That's where I want other archguns to be - Imperator Vandal and others were butchered into uselessness.
  3. The Railjack is the most effective way to dps due to it's massive AOE though. No single target damage will be able to replace that. Besides, if that's how people want to play, let them I guess.
  4. **MOVEMENT** - Integrate the Cruising Speed avionic into the Piloting skill, and perhaps change it to turn off if recently damaged by an enemy instead of being in the radius of enemies - A lot of downtime in Railjack is spent after fighting fighters and crewships, slowboating to objectives, and the avionic can be turned off by turrets existing in the radius, hidden. This also allows for larger maps to be made, with access to more speed in mind. - Increase boost fuel - it is used for both dodging and quick movement, both of which are important in Railjack combat. **COMBA
  5. The only issue you may run into is if you're running both accounts off of the same internet connection - DE might see that both profiles are from the same IP and assume that you are trading items between alt accounts, which can be a EULA violation. You're specifically not allowed to have different accounts that you own interact because it enables double dipping on certain rewards such as prime parts, sortie rewards, et cetera. Otherwise, it is completely fine to give items to other players for free.
  6. I think it's fair to trade damage for AoE radius. You're reducing up-front damage in favor of applying that damage to more enemies, which increases practical dps because you can attack more enemies at once and thus may need to fire fewer shots to clear out a group. God forbid we have some build variety and choices to make in this game, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Have played with it for a couple missions on Fortuna post-ironbride buff, my thoughts so far: Meathook is a bit difficult to grab enemies with, and is functionally a bit.. strange. I don't know why you'd use it. It'd be neat if as suggested in this thread, having a skewered enemy healed you a bit, maybe draining your held target of hp all the while. Maybe, the longer you hold the enemy, the more damage it deals when you throw it. It needs something, otherwise it's a gimmick that I don't see getting much, if any, use. Shield Maiden is completely unreliable and causes a lot of jank. If
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