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  1. I've noticed this too - you ever happen to notice the level up sound come out of nowhere in Railjack? It's my guess that when you kill with Railjack "powers" it gives the ship affinity, until it levels, doing nothing, EXCEPT you actually get the level-up energy replenish that frames do. It's one of the more amusing cases of spaghetti code that I have seen - They can't remove the affinity system from gear outright, so they've hidden it in every way possible except for the sound and this bug.
  2. Honestly, I feel Railjack weapons need to deal about double the damage they do atm to feel "good." Unbuffed, Zetki weapons are completely useless because the damage they deal is so out of proportion with their heat gain that you end up getting two, maybe 3 basic enemies before an overheat. It just feels gross. While you're talking about balancing - could we maybe change gunnery 10 to increase projectile speed and falloff of all weapons in railjack (including archguns!) by a significant amount? I feel like a perfect gunner should not only be able to hit harder and for longer, but from further away as well. The current "snap" (which in theory should be an effective accuracy increase) actually manages to be detrimental to aim, and I feel like this would be a good compromise.
  3. Supposedly (according to a clanmate) if you don't claim it when it finishes, you can get everything back. There will be a recycle option that gives you all of your materials. Have not confirmed this for myself, however. Not quite what DE was talking about, since yours is already building - they were talking about cancelling things you've contributed to but haven't started building - but there's hope for ya.
  4. A bit of a nitpick - I think the forward artillery shouldn't REQUIRE ammo, rather an extremely long cooldown. You can't make mission objectives with its use in mind (like blasting the capital ship with it ala Tennocon) if you don't have consistent access to ammo for it! It stifles the role of the darn thing. I wouldn't mind if you could use resources to skip the cooldown for repeated use, though!
  5. I think it has potential, but there are definitely some kinks that need ironing out.
  6. I recall that one of the eventual goals for Railjack was to be able to seamlessly transition between all missions, making the Warframe universe feel more fluidly connected. We've already seen Railjacks taking off from open worlds, but does this vision include star chart missions as well? If so, will this be coming with phase 2? How would this work? I hope this has not been forgotten about/scrapped, it would go so far to help prevent "content island" syndrome.
  7. I hope you guys understand that this is a side effect of the fact that the only interactions you can have with a lich, aside from a vanquish/convert, are negative. They will kill you and rank up if you are wrong about your requiem sequence, and the murmur reward isn't worth taking that chance if you don't know at least two of your requiems, since your chances of being right are extremely low. Whatever happened to killing our lich over and over again, until we finally finished it off for good? These problems were never necessary. You kick the lich out of your mission, get some murmurs, and test your mods. There should be different ways to rank up your lich (I know that clearing an influenced planet does that, but that's counter intuitive and takes WAY too long.) I understand that you're attempting to play with the power reversal aspect, but doing it this way is cheesy ("What? He killed me? But I beat him in the fight!") and detrimental to squad play ("Please stab your lich!" "No, I don't want him to kill me and rank up")
  8. They're a bit tricky until you realize how absolutely powerful heavy slams are. Then they're a long, unfunny joke.
  9. I like the idea of liches, but I don't like the idea of dying because I won the fight but had the wrong password. I mean, I still won the fight, and to be rewarded for that I'm getting instadowned. Like say, for example, I WANT my lich to be stronger. I want a challenge. To do that I need to actively kill myself, which feels awful. It would be much better if liches still lost the fight, but didn't die to your parazon and were forced to retreat, and grew stronger from the experience. There's still a "punishment" for guessing wrong, in that you get no rewards and your lich grows stronger, but it's a fun one. Also solves the "how do I kick this guy out of my mission without dying" problem.
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