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  1. Have played with it for a couple missions on Fortuna post-ironbride buff, my thoughts so far: Meathook is a bit difficult to grab enemies with, and is functionally a bit.. strange. I don't know why you'd use it. It'd be neat if as suggested in this thread, having a skewered enemy healed you a bit, maybe draining your held target of hp all the while. Maybe, the longer you hold the enemy, the more damage it deals when you throw it. It needs something, otherwise it's a gimmick that I don't see getting much, if any, use. Shield Maiden is completely unreliable and causes a lot of jank. If
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much the "niche situation" I was referring to.
  3. Just replace Effigy. It's equally bad save for niche situations.
  4. Follow up - I have as of yet been unable to reproduce the issue without using the Trumna. I think you've got it pegged! Will let you know if I notice the issue return while not using the weapon, but for now I think you're on it. Much appreciated for working it out :)
  5. Sure thing - I was actually frequently using the Trumna when I noticed this issue, so that actually might be it. Will let you know if I can reproduce the issue with other weapons
  6. Sure thing, if that's all you need I can absolutely get that done. If task manager is to be believed (I've monitored it a few times while this occurred trying to see if I had a hardware bottleneck) then it shouldn't be related to my system config, as it was barely even at half load across the board. I will try to get you a video of the issue soon
  7. It seems to happen most often during Arbitrations from what I have been able to gather since posting, though that may just be due to arbitration's bias towards endless as I've noticed the performance will usually degrade over time (usually I start to notice the listed issue in the minutes leading up to the 30 minute mark). I've so far had it happen on the Europa, Grineer Galleon, and Earth tilesets. If you'd like, I could record the next long mission I do in an attempt to capture the issue on video with the fps/RAM monitor in the corner and perhaps a resource monitor on my other monitor to giv
  8. This used to be the case. It caused rampant issues with host migrations when people would die and not be patient enough to allow the squad to leave, causing those still alive to get booted back to their orbiter and lose their rewards, or die during the migration and fail. As an aside, I wouldn't say it's hard to avoid the tokens. As a matter of fact, sometimes I have trouble actually picking the suckers up, since their collection hitbox is so tiny. Honestly man, this post just reads like elitism. Dying quickly in an arbitration doesn't make you a leech, especially so long as things like
  9. Disagree with the folks saying to run duration or balanced. Imo the best bet is to hit that magic 200% str number, and dump the rest into range while trying to keep your other stats neutral-ish. Duration isn't as important after the changes to Xaku's 4 and the number of Grasp of Lohk guns you can have scales with range, as well as their targeting range. Even after the round 2 of changes, I believe this will be the best option.
  10. Having a bit of an issue where my FPS dips into the 30's and 40's in semi-chaotic situations. I would normally chalk this up to particles, action, etc, but when I activate spoiler mode it immediately transitions into a smooth 60+fps, and upon transferring back in it immediately dips before I take any action that would in theory cause my fps to dip. I've had this happen on numerous frames and tiles, and am not a client when it occurs. My available resources do not seem to be over-taxed when this occurs.
  11. This is highly subjective, but Wukong's mobility tool is infinitely better and more flexible than Valkyr's Wukong's armor is higher than Valkyr's on most reasonable builds (after abilities are factored in) Wukong has a way to passively apply statuses for CO with his clone, which is extremely powerful utility for melee builds that Valkyr lacks Wukong's staff has much higher base range and status, which is are melee's most important stats as of current (especially in the case of exalted weapons.) The only things Valkyr has over Wukong are the attack speed buf
  12. In my experience with this crash, the game locks up and stops responding, and has to be closed with the "not responding" pop-up or task manager. The crash reporter does not open because of this. Have tried letting it sit with no luck
  13. This seems to happen for me if I try to tab out (or click off the screen) in borderless windowed during the load transition
  14. They're aware, the damage they are dealing is a bug. It will be fixed soon.
  15. Max range, 200%str. 15 guns and 100 damage per shot multiplied by enemy level. At level 100 you are dealing 10,000 damage raw at an effective fire rate of 15.00, since all guns fire at 1 a second as far as I can tell. That's on top of the dps you're dealing with your guns, and can be enhanced further by infusing Roar and applying viral to enemies. It melts things like butter, especially in combination with gaze (which I rarely find to be necessary) EDIT: I don't think you've received the first round of Xaku changes on console - By removing void damage resistance from cloned flesh a
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