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  1. Because you can run both, along with some other strength mods, for a comically high set of buffs? Fused Reservoir technically increases casting speed and reduces casting cost. That alone is valuable, and it's positive interaction with conditional strength modifiers is only icing on the cake.
  2. It's an exilus mod. Anything you put there is going to have a fairly minor impact unless you want to put in PSF, which this pretty evenly compares with if you're moving around a lot. It's niche, as it's really only good for one build, but it's a godsend for that build.
  3. It's absolutely not garbage. If you're running Energy Conversion + Empower + Growing Power setups, it significantly reduces setup times for motes, making those builds way more reasonable to actually practically use.
  4. Perrin Crewmates have their emissive lights on their helmet stuck as blue, despite emissive color choices. Reproduction rate seems to be 100%, both in mission and in the dry dock.
  5. Title pretty much sums it up. How it's supposed to look: How it ends up looking during in-mission transmissions: Mind that this is with the darkest black in the Smoke pack, but will occur with any black coloring.
  6. Warframe's story has a lot of stuff that is out of order or missing due to context being present in past events (Alad V's timeline is a particularly bad mess for exactly this reason). That said, a little bit of confusion is normal - Warframe has a *bit* of an amnesia story going on, and characters operate under their own knowledge without explaining things to you. The reason they do this will make sense later, but for now they are somewhat disregarding the importance of you understanding what is happening, and that is intentional. This leaves you to piece things together from hints and context
  7. It's okay. I'd really like Void Storms to be a little more rewarding - I'd love a viable alternative to normal relic cracking, because Fissures have always felt stale to me since their launch, but I really like Railjack.
  8. Gloom is at current completely unusable, it'll drain even a caster's energy pool in seconds. We need that cap ASAP or the change reverted. Even with the cap, the cost needs to go down as well. It was already borderline before, but now the energy cost is patently absurd. Sevagoth's base form needs help, not it's only good ability to be nerfed. Edit: It has come to my attention that I misread the 1.5 energy per enemy portion of the text. I was under the assumption that there was a change in the pipeline to prevent it getting higher than that despite efficiency - Instead, it seems to
  9. After a little bit more time with Sevagoth since my last reply to this thread, I have refined my opinion on the frame and have identified three major sticking points with his balance. Reap needs to tick it's damage and trigger Sow repeatedly to enemies that are in range. It currently only damages enemies once when they initially enter it's range. The conclusion the user comes to, then, is to repeatedly spam the power on top of a clump of enemies to get any sort of significant effect out of it, even in combination with Sow. This exasperates Sevagoth's already strained energy economy, and f
  10. After spending 11 forma throughout all of Sevagoth's aspects and testing at various levels of play, here are my thoughts: Breakdown Sevagoth themselves The passive is an incredible boon to solo players. It makes Sevagoth a real tough nut to crack. It doesn't work as well in squad play due to the rate at which enemies die, but at least in that situation someone will be there to revive you. The split energy pool between Sevagoth and Shadow is a bit tricky. It is of my opinion that the two energy pools should be combined and increased, as while it's interesting in concept,
  11. Ehh. The khora thing wasn't really an *exploit*. It was possible because of poor design of both the frame and means of acquisition for steel essence, but everything that you did in that farm worked as intended at the time, even if it was a little cheesy. This is different in that it is a straight dupe bug that allows you to print resources, if I understand correctly, and is thus hopefully going to be treated differently.
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