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  1. Bonewidow's meat hook should using the holding enemy as a shield.
  2. As title, please fix. The current situation is, multiplayer mode, 0 affinity. Single player, die once, frame or mech, lose everything. Please fix this bug ASAP, and give me back my #*!%ing affinity.
  3. This happened twice in a row(just maybe half an hour ago), I was the host doing missions on Saturn Proxima - Nodo Gap. When I mount the turret, my character just froze and /unstuck won't work, press exit to opening the menu(and melee combo and other stuffs) won't work, basically hard locking the game. PS. Seriously, we need a suicide command to escape this kind of situations, we've been suggesting it for years now. Please, please, please, just please add a suicide command.
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