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  1. I would love to at least have region chat in the warframe app. Non of my friends play warframe so I really wanna have region chat on my phone so I can join random in game conversations. I'm so lonely...
  2. It would be nice if the app can connect to region chat, sometimes I just wanna join some random conversations with other players. Clan chat is nice but my clan is very quiet and most of my clan mates are in different time zones than me so there's not a lot of people I can talk to.
  3. It's happens STILL extremely often that after being knocked down I can't attack anymore. Also, POE archwing has no blink animation. It happens literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I go into POE.
  4. Try spawning 20 and killing them repeatedly, their corpses never go away so your fps will drop constantly lol
  5. bug still present 2 months later
  6. This happens even bofore scarlet spear update, it happens under multiple circumstances: 1. transition from archwing to walking. It happens mostly on PoE, when i exit archwing mode I just can't jump, can't attack, can't cast ability anymore 2. Getting knocked down. It happens randomly. Sometimes when I get knocked down, I can't attack or cast ability anymore
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