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  1. Right now many people just press refine without even forging so others must go to the next mission with low to 0 ammo. It is understandable that some people want to abort mission so they refine as soon as they can. However the feature and this action is extremely irritating to others. Therefore I suggest the following changes: 1. Delete the refine option, instead it will be automatically done upon traveling to the next map/return to dry dock. 2. increase the resource cap to 300 or 400 so it won't overflow so easily.
  2. After restarting game, flux energy amount always at the amount without hyperflux added value. So I always have to craft the extra 200 flux every time i restart even though I crafted it before I quit game.
  3. There are many occasions when I was really close to a Ramsled facing directly at it(while it was slowed or tethered), I literally cannot hit it no matter what.
  4. It happened a few times already. I was inside an enemy base and used Void Cloak, a few seconds later(without the omni animation) I got teleported back to ship.
  5. Old reactor: Avionics : 60 Flux : 90 Old total: Avionics: 90 Flux 437 New Tractor: Avionics : 66 Flux : 140 New total: Avionics: 95 Flux :489
  6. The Ramsleds have really weird and tiny hitbox compared to all the other enemies. When it is far away its hitbox is way in front of it, and when it is close to the turret and facing sideways, I am unable to hit it no matter what. Anyone having the same problem?
  7. I just tried using cryophon with Zetki Polar Coil(~66%) and Vidar Polar Coil (~43%). I fired 4 shots and with zetki it somehow filled up the heat capacity more than Vidar.
  8. After the latest update I am not able to travel from Railjack to dry dock whether I have just finished a mission or just went from Orbiter to Railjack and try to go to dry dock.
  9. Update, it seems to be a worse problem in Veil proxima, in Earth and Saturn proxima it can hold up to 3 round while Veil proxima can only sustain 2 rounds. And Jesus Christ it never happens during the beginning phase of the mission, it always #*!%ing crashes when i get to seventh something kills and half the crewship destroyed.
  10. Update: it seems to happen only when playing with others, when i do solo railjack missions the game didn't crash at all.
  11. It usually happens when I hit the 3rd round no matter if i returned to dry dock in between or not. So even if I played 2 rounds, return to dry dock then go out again, my game still crashes this immediate round.
  12. In the past 2 days my game crashes every 3 to 4 rounds of Railjack, but today it got worse and crashes every 2 rounds
  13. it has a line that says 10% to fix minor breach after 10s but then followed by another that says: [val]% change that a minor breach will repair automatically after [duration]s Anyone knows what that is?
  14. This happened twice in a row(just maybe half an hour ago), I was the host doing missions on Saturn Proxima - Nodo Gap. When I mount the turret, my character just froze and /unstuck won't work, press exit to opening the menu(and melee combo and other stuffs) won't work, basically hard locking the game. PS. Seriously, we need a suicide command to escape this kind of situations, we've been suggesting it for years now. Please, please, please, just please add a suicide command.
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