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  1. Are there still plans for Octavia sound packs teased years ago? Maybe some mandachord expansions on note range?
  2. This happened when I tried to upgrade my parazon: I can't move out of it
  3. Are there still plans for additional Octavia sound packs teased in the past? Maybe a mandichord expansion? What about the 3rd mysterious Orb Mother in the Vallis?
  4. Any fixes towards Derelict unidentified rewards not being identified at end of mission?
  5. The Hildryn skin is looking great so far; my only gripe with it is the exclusion of her six...teen(?) pack.
  6. This has not happened once, but twice during my railjack mission experiences in the Veil Proxima; every time I've done a public Sentient Anomaly mission, I've been taken advantage of with people either boarding the slingshot or leaving in archwing when there's a CLEAR battle going on in the middle of a mission just to make a beeline for the sentient ship; I was completely abandoned in the middle of heavy fire, enemy ships all around me while the rest of the crew, with no communication, went off to clear the ship. Usually, I prefer to clear the larger scale objectives before any of that,but each time, they didn't have the decency to help me. So, I do my best to rush over to meet the rest of the Squad, and they've essentially cleared the enemy fighters. They were clearly after the Symbolist mob, due to the infamous Shedu dropping off them, because when the last of the sentient fighters were cleared out, one person, who didn't get what they needed, left while there were still other objectives to clear: A missile platform needed to be disabled and the other ships weren't even a quarter of the way finished. So, my last remaining crew members decided to bail the ship I left parked for them with decent stats, in favor of using their archwings, which they failed miserably to keep alive and wasting a large number of their revives; didn't even have the courtesy of sealing ruptures. They decided to stay afk and far out of reach from other fighters until I was done looting. It was up to me to clean the rest of the ships up; granted they at least took out some crew ships and the missile platform, but it was ME that did the rest of the work while they continued to laze about. My ship has some pretty fair stats and racks out some decent damage, but they didn't even take advantage of that; instead, they took advantage of my hosted session and showed nothing but disrespect. After the mission was cleared, they didn't even want to stay patient while I looted any potential drops we missed and search for a derelict that might have spawned. Instead, I was left with a heavily censored message in chat before they accessed they refined all the materials gathered,accessed the console, then left for the drydock. My public experiences are filled with nothing but toxic people that treat me and my ship with zero respect; I don't get to do many missions with friends due to time restraints and other things. All of this soured my mood because of RNG that makes people act out their worst. I'm hoping the time restraints for the Anomalies will be cleared at a later date, or at least shortened, maybe even limit console/resource access to the host, because people can easily grief you or take advantage of you, take what they need, and leave.
  7. Unsure if this has already been addressed or if it's an intended feature, but there's a bug where you can only destroy crew ships from the inside and they can't be eliminated from railjack fire; Sure, the health bar goes down, significantly with alt fire, but can never really take them down other than destroy their engines. Even the Center Cannon accessible to rank 5 gunners doesn't seem to destroy them. Edit: Another bug I noticed was that the operator's face sometimes takes on the color of your Railjack; hilarious, but broken. Last bug to report for now; used recall while casting recall, thinking I could cancel it; made the timer stuck and removed my ability to try recalling again.
  8. Can we get a fix for Inviting friends to orbiter and trying to enter railjack crashing them?
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