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  1. Are we still getting more Octavia sound packs, and will we see the note/key range increased for better song customization?
  2. We still need a fix for Equinox's Noble Idle for rifles; it's been using the default idle for nearly 2 years https://i.gyazo.com/f90c56d3309668c4b3e5c9902598befa.gif
  3. Can we get a fix for Hildryn Aegis Storm keybinds on controller?
  4. Still can't seem to descend for some reason...works fine with Razorwing, but not with Aegis Storm ._.;;
  5. When are you gonna fix Equinox using default idle animations in her noble stance?
  6. Need a fix for controllers being unable to descend with Hildryn's Aegis Storm
  7. XBox 360 Wired Controller - Steam Can't seem to descend when using Hildryn's Aegis Storm.
  8. Cant seem to descend on controller when using Hildryn's Aegis Storm
  9. Any news on Mandachord expansion? New song packs? Wider note range?
  10. Need a fix for Baruuk's Serene Storm breaking locking abilities and attacking out while wielding Archgun
  11. So, what exactly IS the skip button? o3o;
  12. Any news on Octavia Mandachord expansion? Also, with the introuduction to heavy weapon grip, will we be seeing that Sentient arm cannon or the Grineer Saw weapon soon?
  13. I'm not talking about visual reworks, I'm talking about ability reworks; the only relative/viable abilities in his arsenal as it currently stands is Primal Fury and Defy; Iron Jab doesn't scale and doesn't seem to visibly scale with combo counter and Cloudwalker is too slow for a squad's fast pace and the window for opening enemies to finishers doesn't do it any justice, either.
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