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  1. Ahhh interesting! Then I'm slightly less concerned. I put in two fixes, but only the first fix made it in time for the last patch. The next patch should have my follow up fix which specifically affects lighting
  2. Hey guys, please see this
  3. Hey guys, we hotfixed yesterday with a (hopefully) fix for this bad boy. Lmk if this is still a problem after the update
  4. Awful 😞 I had really hoped I got a fix in for this. But just as I suspected there's still more texture issues around. Could you post screenshots? And if there's *any* way you can find some repro steps to help me get it on my side so that I can debug, that would be invaluable
  5. It was a failed alloc in texture land. This happens a lot and normally doesn't matter since we can get away with textures not loading in, being delayed, not upgrading mips, etc. but in this particular case the ability videos go down a separate path which evidently didn't handle failed allocs gracefully. We'd get far enough that the crashes made it *look* like it succeeded, which ended up being horribly misleading 😛 That codepath just needed some polish to handle the failed alloc and try loading it (the video) again a few frames later
  6. Yes!!! You just made my week. This has been our biggest crash since roughly 3 patches ago, and yet we couldn't find a single repro in-house. As soon as our team saw your post they came up with a solid repro and I was able to get a fix in. Thanks for the steps!
  7. Dear god I hope this one can disappear forever. I'm keeping an eye on posts to see if the latest texture fixes help
  8. Regarding the vague "net issues" fix, is actually a pretty broad thing. There was an awful bug that cached the error state, so that once something went wrong (in netcode) you were stuck in a broken state. The best example is waking from sleep mode and having a brief moment where you fail to reconnect to your wifi, which leads to an error state, which then means you're permanently unable to do any matchmaking / seeing friends / etc. This should fix that, but since we've never been able to repro a netcode error outside of waking from sleep mode, we're not 100% certain this will fix all cases. So at this point its just "fixed net issues" until we see what everyone on public says 🙂 I'm crossing my fingers though
  9. Hey! We just dropped an update. Any chance you're able to login now?
  10. As always love the help Glaive. Thanks so much!
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