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  1. They can add other Open Worlds on the same planets with the same factions but with more gear. Reduce the faction grind and add new maps, gear, enemies and all that fancy stuff. I believe a lot of developer time gets consume designing the new faction economy/fish/hunts/bounties to grind and the rewards of said faction... If we get Open Worlds with the same factions they could focus all their man power on making the landscape fun and engaging.
  2. I agree. Leveling should be done in normal gameplay at a reasonable pace. It takes so long to level things up that we rely on power leveling and after so many times it gets completely boring. I AM NOT TOUCHING SO OR ESO. I am so bored of the power leveling methods that my new leveling method is Railjack....
  3. They literally added that feature because people were stabbing the lich larvling by mistake because some enermies teleport to your location... People complained about that and then you are complaining about the opposite. Look, I know DE is not perfect and I myself have done some critique on them but come the f** on.
  4. Marked for Death was not balanced, it needed to be changed. I went 2 hours solo on SP Ophelia ever invisible and dealing millions of damage to multiple enemies. But what they did with the AoE is not OK. They basically fixed the overwhelming damage and call it a day. Can someone confirm if is still usable? I can't say because I am on console, but to me it seems that they just fixed the bug and didn't add scaling potential to the ability.
  5. Does it work on other beam weapons? If it does then it is definetly a bug.
  6. Nobody is gonna say anything about how he spells simulacrum? No? Aight, I know where the door is.
  7. Ivara. Every ability in her quiver is useful Navigator can be used to scout the areas ahead and stealth kill a high level target with the damage multiplier Artemis Bow is a very good exalted weapon All the abilities above can be used in Prowl. Also the passive is REALLY good. Slower playstyle? Sure, but that's how a huntress should be played like.
  8. Shotguns are fine since they usually have high damage output to begin with. When I say single target primaries I'm referring to AR. Even the newest one (Trumna) struggles in high level content unless you are using the alt fire (which needs primary fire kills to fill as you may already know). Assault Rifles need a combo counter for scaling purposes IMO. Capped at x4 or x6 would be fine (melee combo counter cap is x12 and I don't remember snipers).
  9. You can literally shove Naramon and equip any melee weapon and do fine on SP. Why Primaries can’t have that?
  10. I fully agree with you. Primary weapons, especially rifles, are not optimal for high level Steel Path. They seriously need to better balance single target weapons. Kuva Nukor melts everything but my Opticor Vandal needs to get a perfect headshot for it to even tickle a SP Corrupted Heavy Gunner.
  11. I mean, if you played at least 100 hours of this game you already went through a wholesome experience. Good things don't last forever, anything lasts forever, even I will get tired of playing this but with almost 3k hours played I can't come here and said that I wasted my time doing something I didn't enjoy at first. Have a nice ride.
  12. I agree with everything you said except one thing: Gilding in Fortuna also requires debt bonds, so that’s not new.
  13. Warframe bosses or bosses in general?
  14. Keep in mind this is HoD part 1. Let’s wait for part 2 to start the riot.
  15. Just take breaks. Don’t burn yourself out the farm. I spend 30 minutes farming for frames each day. If I don’t get what I want, I just move on to another activity and try again later. A Token system would be worse because DE’s way of doing economy would be something like 40 tokens for the systems.... Basically more runs to get what you want, but this time guaranteed. It’d feel forced.
  16. This happened to mi about an hour ago: I reached the second vault as a Necramech while my Umbra was following me. I spotted a Scintilliant floating around and decided to teleport back to my frame to catch it. Nope, not only Umbra was left as an AI but I coudn't move, I couldn't transference back to my mech, just turn off the console and went to take a breath of fresh air. I am not touching this game again until it's fixed.... PD: Bye scintilliant.
  17. Those aren't bugs. But yes, Heart of Deimos is plagued with bugs. Literally and figuratively speaking.
  18. We are talking about the devs that put "Yes" and "I'm ready" as separate options on Steel Path. Don't look too much into it.
  19. I have 4000+ health on my Mech and everytime I get out of it to get out of an ISO vault for example, it always return with 1501 health and stays that way for the remaining of the mission. Please, have a look and enjoy your long weekend.
  20. I am currently farming a second copy for Helminth. Guess which part I got first try then 4 mods in a row? Yes, the systems.
  21. I agree. I don't want to stay for 1 to 2 hours on a mission so that eximus spawn gets decent. This is coming from a guy that falls asleep running ESO to 8 waves.
  22. I am curious. Why remove Slash Dash over Radial Javelin?
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