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  1. Refer to my reply to the second person I quoted. The Fusion Moa and Grineer Informer events were incredibly unbalanced, being heavily biased towards solo-play with its competitive nature. This event is also unbalanced, being heavily biased towards co-op with clan competition. As you can see, when you combine the nature of the 3 events, you get a pretty balanced plate overall, wouldn't you agree?

    Agree with you. Just wanted to point out that the last event was perfectly fine to me. As the one before that.

    Edit: Aaaaand slightly above 250! Thanks DE this event made me a happy Tenno. In addition I played with strangers for the first time in a very looooong time.

    I give youthis gift that I made with my bare hands. Sorry for the grammar.


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  2. Try doing Io on Jupiter in 5 wave rounds - it's fast and if you are good you can get all the containers by the time it ends. If you have no helpers try doing it in Online mode, that works too though the others most likely won't mark the resources.

    Latter can cause problems but I think the resource drops now seemingly disappear slower a bit (still way faster than mods) so you should be able to manage. It's about 500+ salvage per round (per player so get the clan to do it together).


    Defense maps altogether are faster ways to get a smaller amount of resources - so you have to rinse and repeat a lot but still more enjoyable than exploring the same mission a dozen times.

    ____________  _ _  ____________



    Thanks for the hint. I usually solo. My clansmates are always late or playing when they want, and that usually turns out in me soloing 80% of the week.

  3. Seriously, release the damn update already. It's been so damn long since anything significant has changed that people have actually quit playing.

    On this I totaly agree with you. Though they need to polish the bugged content imo. There are too many flaws that rests unpolished and this game feels partially good right now.

    3 DAYS TO GET 10K SALVAGE? I'm sorry, but that's a horrible pace. I can do that alone in a few hours tops.

    How many hours do you work?
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  4. I dont understand the recource by tiers the way you wrote it makes it seem like the recource for the shadow clan will stay the same as it is now and that does not really help those clans out because even if it were to be cut equally by each player in a clan u will still get numbers like 10k salvage on some players not to mention the forma

    About Forma, https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/52312-forma-needs-to-be-removed-as-a-construction-material/ we already asked it's removal

    Though I think the cost will be reduced for Shadow. Getting together 10k salvage is done in three or our day of hard farming. Let's see what we'll get.

  5. Because then all the work I'm putting in will be justified. If I had to spend an entire weekend farming drones for it and somebody else were able to get it from killing one of any enemy, I may as well have just copped out at 20 kills like the rest of you.

    Two are the things you can do:

    Keep on farming and make the difference


    Keep on posting.

    If you're a true gamer you'll know what to do

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  6. Excaliber doesn't goes well with this event imo. Maybe because my weapon kinda sucks right now and i'm depending on my max up skill to kill them.


    Man, it is a pain just to reach them and use the skill to kill them.... (Please ignore me just frustrating....)


    don't you have any sort of bow or heavy pistol? Don't worry we were in your shoes and many will be after you ;)

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