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  1. Back in the day -3-4 years ago maybe?- When melee rework started, during that time you started an UI rework. The menus and market and a few stuff like mods got a facelift. What about the actually gameplay HUD rework?

    Gameplay HUD needs a lot of work now, after this many years of absence -of finishing the UI rework-. Its like you stopped half way in the process. Barely anything that I can customize on my Gameplay HUD (take away ability dots, resize and some changes to the style of the minimap and sure I can remove the party frame but who would do that :)).

    I would love to get my own customized UI. Add remove parts, highlight, move parts to completely different locations, etc.

  2. I was looking around on numerous Steamer channels didn't see any popups with the rewards. Watched some guys for quiet a while, at evening at home checked my inbox nothing.


    I assume I should watch Prime time to get the reward right? However that's very late for me during the weekdays, 1 AM GMT if I recall correctly?


    So when and what channel should I watch, I prefer during day time EU Zone, GMT.

  3. I SO grateful you were able to port Warframe to the XBox, for many reasons.


    1) I feel more at home using a controller then a Key and Mouse.


    2) The graphics look 100x better on the Xbox then they do on my crappy laptop.


    3) It feels really good to be able to start over again.


    4) Its Free!


    Please DE keep making this game into an amazing and beautiful game, I cant wait for Archwing!



  4. I'm not really playing this game anymore, just helping my GF get some stuff (she doesn't play in pugs nor in a klan).

    On Tower 2 Survival, getting an orokin cell at 30mins and one rare fusion core at 35 is still a slap on the face. That is not a rewards this is nonsense now.


    D.E. you're old player base left. Maybe if you fix up the game you get more than 10-15k players on steam.


    P.S.: No, I don't want HUGE rewards at 30 and 35. But not a lousy orokin cell and I don't really give a poo about one lousy rare fusion core either. REWARD my time in game that's all. That is not a reward.

  5. I was a nova lover. Then DE though they know better and changed her ulti.

    I was crying too, and people just $#*(@ about nova either way.

    I replaced nova with saryn -with a sad move though-.

    Now they can $#*(@ about me killing everything again.

    I don't care.


    P.S.: I barely play the game anymore so I don't care either. DE need to fix this game, actualy need to scratch their whole ideas about the missions as they currently a boredom to death.

  6. Yes,there's your answer,

    "there is a planet full of unwanted kubrows,where they roam merrily and drink tea"

    the statement above has been confirmed by the lotus herself,in a thread yesterday


    So if a random kubrows born and there is already one I can't just get rid of it but I personaly have to pay 25k to delete it?

    I can't just make him/her die and disappear?

  7. Actualy I don't play this game anymore just helping out my G.F. and she is enquiring about this. So her question is this:


    If I want to get rid of my kubrows, I should just let it die over time?

    There is some weird choice (she tells me I didn't check it) that you can pay 10k credit to lotus and she will take care of my kubrows?

    She got two same type of kubrows she want to get rid of one of them.

  8. Ummm they expand when you scroll over them, I fail to understand what you mean, this makes it way easier because then removed useless thing and only put the info you need. 


    I got thousands of mods, and I made most of them scale up in mod points from 1-11. When I rank up a weapon or I wan't to upgrade mods I end up seeing hundreds of mods in straight line, with names.


    Human brain works with pictures easy. Reading the mod names then move my mouse over to see the picture and/or read the name and read the rank number then scroll and so forth... its waste of time, not fun, and really frustrating.


    Before, I scrolled down, looked at the pictures, I reached the one I wanted, double checked the mod rank, added to weapon, bang, done, got out from the screen. Now that takes minutes.

  9. I love how the mods look. I love how you managed to put it "nicely" on one screen and all.


    But its useless. I'm not "reading mods" when I try to put them on weapons. I'm not "reading" how many I got spare from duplicates and which one I wanna transfuse into another mod.


    I understand that people need to get used to things. This is utterly bad design still and I'm not telling this because I'm not used to it. It just bad.


    Request: Please make the mod "cards" fully visible. I can't and most importantly WON'T use the game like this. Thanks in advance.

  10. u will make them make it harder and i dont want tht cause lowering my conclave was hard enough

    This "event" was the last draw for me. The whole stupid grinding for nothing really and now they force me to go head to head with only one weapon. "lets see how you do with one weapon haha!". And then I receive 7 points for a run. No thank. I left games for warframe because they were boring grind. Warframe is a boring grind now so I move on.

  11. I also want to get rid of that little icon but I got a question about this solution.


    Doesn't that open your own mic? I got it always conected and most of the time I play WF I'm listening music so I want to know if opening that would cause people to listen it.


    You can set this up already in the sound settings. If you put it to push to talk people can't hear nothing unless you push a certain button to transfer sound via mic. If you have open mic you may transfer music to the party, yeah. The voip is terrible quality in this game so I never have it turned on to be honest. I got a good quality mic and in TS and other apps my voice transfer is crisp and clean. Just go test your mic and you will see how bad the quality is. Even if you lower the receive volume and auto gain turned off it sounds terrible.


    Better turn it off ingame.

  12. Please remove the Mic icon from the party frame if that is unused on a party member.

    Logic behind the request:

    Most of the players have it turned of. If someone using a Mic then sure, show the open Mic icon near their party frame. Crossed over Mic icon just distracting. It is more than enough to show who can speak you/got open Mic. If the open Mic icon is missing then its obvious that the player don't have Mic available for speaking.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Well who ever told you that Archwing doesn't have an oxygen reserve? who even says it doesn't casts a shield around your WF? You are making assumptions on something you saw for bare 2 minutes in a stream with nearly no explanation to make us curious, at the same time you are breaking an idea that a lot of us like. why would you make a space ninja shooting game without the free space mode? it is like buying a dog but not feeding it.. I can tell you that your assumptions are logical but can be altered by the dev's. they will have a system for that oxygen problem, Ordis may be a **** he won't let you die right?


    As I said... I can have dozens of logical explanations too. But the game as a WHOLE! Is just insane stupid now.

  14. okay, another one *@##$ing about something that isn't even released yet


    I play the game for more than a year I feel what they already released... Kubrows was kind of the low-end for me already, and some of the other changes that are already released so no, I'm not just trolling and talking sh!t. I'm a paying and playing customer. Well not paying a dime anymore for this crap though.

  15. I'm loosing HP in survival games due to oxigen loss...

    I'll soon degrade shield and health due to cold on planets in the new game modes...


    Yet I'm able to fly around "baresuite" with wings in the space...


    You guys dropped the self destruct on the game, grats for that...


    *drops the mike on the floor*

    I'm out!

    *walks away...*


    P.S.: I can make up dozens of logical explanations to all of this happening -the survival the freezing and the space combat- SEPARATELY one by one, put in a game -other than warframe-. But altogether this big messy mock-up of a game as warframe now, is a mess as an (il)logical product for my human brain just can't digest it anymore.

  16. Trinity Energy Vampire+Nyx Absorb.


    Excalibur Radial Blind+Shade Ghost.


    Vectis (Zoomed)+Ash Shuriken (While Reloading).


    Nova Molecular Prime+Mirage Prism.


    Loki Radial Disarm+Vauban Vortex.


    Mag Bullet Atractor+Excalibur Radian Javelin.


    Trinity Energy Vampire+Banshee Sound Quake.


    If you know any other combination, let me know.


    I use ALT+F4 as a combo many times in warframe. Seriously.

  17. Well since they announced tonfa what about nunchaku or nun-chucks with razors or blades at the end or not i think it would be great and would add alot variety  besides what tenno wouldn't want those..


    You still don't have enough weapons in the game? And to rephrase... you still don't have enough weapons that does the same with really slight differences in this game?


  18. hi, I use to use dpsframe to see how strong weapons are but it hasnt updated in a while. I was wondering is there any other sites I could use?


    I don't calculate anymore ever. If an enemy doesn't die from 5-6 bullets on lvl40-50 then that weapon sucks if you got cata and 2-3forma in it. Sell it. Period.


    I mean there is literaly no mod variation that you should do differently in any weapons, two choices exists: Either Crit Build, or elemental build vs. enemy type. Thats it, there is nothing to check regarding damage there.


    Make your weapon fast, deadly and ammo efficient. For that I don't really need a calculator anymore, but just shot.


    And that means the game gone crap now, no point min/maxing with such crap and weak enemies. (not trolling you that you're willing to calculate. I loved it too while it was worth it before dmg 2.0)

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