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  1. Ah. Here's hoping that Deluxe Equinox skin comes soon. I also prefer the night form's appearance more over plughead skeletor. Actually, I suppose the Clisthert helm takes away the plughead.
  2. Recently I ran through a visual novel and they kindly provided a glossary of terms they had used that would not be familiar to a player. This may be helpful here. Actually I do think there is one, one second.
  3. I eagerly await the next open world map.
  4. For what it matters, at end game it's possible to make the game nearly play itself or to concoct a loadout that rewards skilled play with appreciable results. Personally, I have tuned my default build to allow me to effectively melee in sorties and still retain some possibility of dying, as I feel the threat of death is part of the fun. I am also attempting to develop a system of techniques to further my ability to engage enemies. Ideally, if you keep researching and experiencing weapons, at some point you'll find a couple you enjoy using. I tend to dislike hitscan guns and CC intensive w
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