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  1. 1) Would you define what "earn" means? DE is not as bad about this as of late, but with regards to old resources like Nano Spores and Circuits, I would not call what I did to amass piles of those "earned." More like, "I was grinding for Kuva/Affinity/The sake of being less bored" and somewhat incidentally, I now have enough nano spores to make an infested army capable of dominating Uranus. This is even worse when I have a resource booster running. Actually, my usual routine from getting on after long periods of activity is to turn excess endo into a R10 primed mod, sell it and buy a booster for kuva. 2) What would you do instead? As a company for a living and constantly developed game like Warframe, DE necessarily has to have income in order to keep producing content for the game, which we need to keep playing. Income does not come from inactive players such as myself, so something has to be done in order to have people want to log on and play at reasonable frequency. They can't just "make everything the right cost" because what some people consider appropriate costs, others get upset over. I remember hearing griping about Oxium when Vauban Prime came out and all I thought was "Look at all these impoverished Tenno."
  2. Everything/Everyone does it wasn't/isn't/will never be a valid argument. Is there a reason everything does it? The developers need a means of effectively retaining their playerbase, which means providing them with a reason to play. Massive stockpiles of resources that let players ignore resource grinds with impunity quash these reasons to play before they even begin.
  3. Probably the same reason Argon does, to prevent you from building a megapile that you just build/buy everything with in the future.
  4. I am mildly unokay with the Nightmare mods being relegated into Nightmare mode, which I think is fundamentally broken because the mission mods seldom warrant serious build changes. But this is rather promising otherwise. Like, let me elaborate. Nightmare mode is where you rush a given mission repeatedly for a one-off chance of a given mod. They are weighted to favor certain mods, of course. Spamming missions is nothing new in Warframe but encouraging going into Nightmare mode is an unfortunate sacrifice for the improvements to the alert system because nightmare mode is just as engaging as starchart content, which is to say not really at all. In the future it might be better to add them to harder difficulty "new alerts."
  5. 1. It was stated in Devstream 118 that new amps would be coming down the road in Fortuna. Will they also be modular? I'd like to know about operator development in general. 2. I would like to know what kind of considerations are being made for Warframe abilities that depend on the combo counter with regards to melee 3.0 such as Slash Dash and Whipclaw. 3. It was said we would be able to use non-link Health/Shield/Armor mods for moas. What's happening there? Moas also have ranged weapons that do not contribute much at sortie levels. Is this fine or is there some planned solution?
  6. Spitballing here: Power Range maybe? They'd need to let the auras be augmented by power range at least but the idea would be that those auras have a higher range of influence so that Titania's dust and entangle auras affect more targets, making Titania and her party safer. It also boosts the range of Spellbind and Lantern. Titania doesn't have too much incentive to build range. This is quite a radical suggestion though, I suppose.
  7. I don't think it being an aura makes much of a difference. If you, your friends and all your companions are reflecting damage and necessarily being hurt at the same time, eight instances of negligible damage is not much better than a single one.
  8. If I understand how this reflect works, Titania gets hit for 100, takes 100 damage, then the enemy gets hit back for 50. Status doesn't get reflected. This is not apparently useful because in these fights in Warframe, Four Tenno against Hundreds of Enemies, the Hundreds of Enemies have far, far more health than Titania ever will. Compounding this is that an enemy can be replaced but Titania does not have easy access to recovery mechanisms. EDIT: Later I plan to calculate the degree of reflect necessary to significantly harm (8% of health/shields) a level 80 corpus tech but I think damage through reflection is not a healthy mechanic for this frame. Here, I think, actually the wiki did the EHP calculation for me. 53,234 health and shields total. 8% of this is 4258. I exposed my Volt to level 80 tech fire and took about 246 damage, so that would need to be multiplied by around 1731% in order to reach that 8% of their EHP, not factoring in damage types. I don't immediately think "Big numbers are scary!" but that should give everyone an idea of what it would take to reflect a relevant amount of damage back to a non-Grineer target. If their armor gets in the way there's no way of having an acceptable form of player damage reflection. This buff, Thorns, absolutely does not make sense in the reality of Warframe. On another note, the Nyx changes seem very good. I am very happy with the projected changes for Psychic Bolts and I am kicking myself for not saving a set of parts for Nyx Prime. Oh well. Surely, the ability of Nyx to mind control a foe, and then work them into betraying their friends more viciously by shooting or smacking them will put her up there with Khora and Loki as some of the most humiliating frames for Corpus and Grineer to face off against. EDIT2: Never mind I have most of Nyx Prime's parts. Also had to tweak numbers slightly. I went from 450 to 204 shields, IIRC, not 450 to 206.
  9. I knew you made the Teplo Syandanna but I didn't know you also made the Covenant one. Thanks for being a god of scarves.
  10. Riven Pope declares november ESO month. Please use your Ignises and Amprexes all you want, but next month, Eidolon month, stow those away and whip out the Lankas and Vectises.
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