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  1. Hmm, I've seen rivens with SC and multishot go fkr some pretty crazy amounts. Mind you this is just based on rivens ive seen so ill say somewhere between 500-1.5k(not my figures, just what I've seen on websites and chat for similar rolls). Its gonna depend on whose buying, a lot of people don't want to pay for an items value now days. Selling at 250-300 will get yiu a quick sale I think but it's up to you what you want from it.
  2. Phage Damage, multishot, -crit C Price, 400p, ok explaining time so you get why its expensive. A phage without this riven is basically can of silly string by comparison. I tried all the base builds and none of them came anywhere near the riven. As for the riven, it can delete a lv160 eximus C bombard in 21(best case, but no more than 40 if all ammo hits) ammo units/5 seconds with CC to make it hard to stop. So yes this ones pricy, without the neg or a diffrent one you can bet your buns this would be WAY more based on kill power alone. Detron Damage and status chance Price 175-200p Aklex/sold Multishot, status chance, corpus Price 80p Kohmak/sold Damage, multishot, cold Price 80p Hit me up on psn if any of this is of interest to you.
  3. Topic, I'm not sure why but i was running the sortie earlier and couldnt use frontal melee finishers with my broken war. Ones from behind still worked though. Went into the simulacrum to test if it was the stance, weapon, or method of opening them up and found it still wouldnt work no matter what. All other weapon types still work both ways though. Trying to get help to confirm if its happening to others or not.
  4. Soma damage, fire rate, multishot, -status Price 150p Kohmak damage, multi, cold Price 120p Azima mulity, shock, ammo max Price 50p Pox damage, infested, status duration Price 70p Barton CC, toxin, heat Price 50p Hit me up on psn if your interested And it appears auto correct messes with me again, I teally hate that junk.
  5. Title, I did a mission recently where I got 2 affinity kavat buffs while I had a booster. Did the mission and got nothing. Which pissed me off because it said i got 9.8k or so kuva and not getting it was BS. 1250×2(booster)=2500×4(2 cat buffs, almost never happens ever)=10k kuva(9800 for me but the math still applies). So if this is some kind of anti cheat, its pretty crap. 675×2=1250×4=6000. Not sure if it was a flood or not given sometimes i enter a mission where it isnt but becomes one or something. Either way point of it is that there was no kuva reward at all accurate ammounts aside. Edit, I'll admit the top and bottom are the only important parts, the middle stuff is just venting annoyance.
  6. Keep it challenging but make it fun too, I likey.
  7. So basically when this update hits consoles avoid arbitrations like the plauge... Shame I liked them as is (as in they were better, still not good).
  8. DE look, the problem with arbitration is their is literally nothing besides those 1-2% chance mods in the entirety of the mission reward tables. If your going to keep the 10 minutes but accelerate the scaling we need actual rewards IN the mission drops. I'm glad there's more for the vitus but we need things to drop in mission as well. More/better rewards with scalimg drop chances the longer you go would go a long way to making people want to play this mode (or even care about its existence). As it is right now the revival is ok, people can ignore it if they genuinly want the perma death to stay. But upping the scaling needs better rewards in mission for us to put up with it.
  9. It's nice to see something promising regular content again. I'm not complaining mimd you, fortuna was well worth the wait. Old alert system was just bad(but for when it came out worked, just not anymore). This actually solves two Serious problems with the game, nothing clear to work towards and nothing to do. Honestly de plz keep this system. I get there's that new player to veteran balance but that really is not a problem here. Anyone complaining either is salty because they don't have a lot of time (fair enough that's the reality some times) or there just whining because they can. Although a few tweeks I'd suggest, 1st make up the appearance rate of the events uniqe enemies. I'm aware the spawns will become stronger over time but I mean give us a more solid way to make the big boss appear. Like capture so many convicts or something. 2nd provide small amounts of wolf creds for completing missions (like 5 for a daily, 10 for the weekly and 15 for the extras) prices might need a tweeked but it will give the player more than standing to incentivise doing the missions. 3ed give us some challenging ones, not everything needs to be catered to newer players (plz don't roast me for this, it's a reality that there are some things new players need to work towards. Not everything should just be handed to us).
  10. I normally like how DE handles the game, but not this time. 1st, im well aware rivens are not required on good weapons. But when you get good rivens for them only to see them nerfed after hours upon hours of kuva farming (no DE, kuva farming is NOT FUN) I got why people would be angry. 2nd, while we were warned that disposition changes were a thing we were not warned about our existing rivens being messed with. This in particular annoys people because rivens are an investment, time and kuva or plat. it's quite aggravating to see your work slowly wither away and die! 3ed, this system dose not make bad weapons good if their stats are carp. Even if you get 100% status on a 5% weapon its still only 10%. This system is flawed by design in that regard and dose not serve its porpous to make weaker weapons more appealing. (If rivens modified the weapons base stats before other mods and were rebalanced for this I think it would actually work. give them their own slot like arcanes and there you go. MR lock the slot based on the weapon. maybe +4 Mr above the weapons base capping out at 20 MR. Also tie the stat ranges to a system with 3 tiers, overused no bonus, used a 1.5 bonus, and underused a 2.0 bonus. It's quick, clean, and you cause way less crazyness) 4th, you took way to long to update this. If rivens were constantly fluctuating then people wouldn't be pissed that the 50+ rolled opticor riven they worked their arse off for is weaker now... Just after getting it. This needs to be a constant thing or it needs to go completely. Rivens were a poorly implimented concept as is. Nowhere near as bad as vivergate, that was complete BS on steroids, from what i hear. but as it is now the system needs work to even fulfill its intended porpous. I did post prior but that was venting. This is pointing out the problems. And why their problems.
  11. Im fine with disposition rebalancing, but holy crud dont screw with pre existing rivens. I worked my arse off dumping 30 rolls into my vectis riven and it's barely good. Now it's gonna be even worse? Thats just insulting on so many levels.
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