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  1. Annoying to hit enemies more refers to how fast they move outside of mesh slowdown zone for AW. Chasing an enemy in AW is not the same as turrets on RJ. Especally sense their faster than you and tend to go up down left right and do a U-turn at a moment's notice. I'm not a bad shot but hitting enemies here is easily more annoying than any open space mission before it. Theres a reason mesh is king right now and its not because its OP.
  2. I'm on console so it hasnt hit us yet I think. But has this actually solved any issues with the mode? Long TTK, annoying to hit enemies, stupid recourse dumps for basic parts (and unreasonable ones for better parts), boring ass intrinsic farming, ECT. Did it actually fix anything?
  3. And the reality is the moment they nerf it people will riot if the don't fix the other 300 problems with the game mode (99 of them is any reactor that doesn't give you 100 avionics for 2% drop rate). Sucks the balance on release is so piss poor that a frame/AW idls being nerfed for being the only viable thing in the mode insted of the mode being rebalance in general. I'm sure they'll do a half ass fix at some point. But right now I've not heared of it. Just nerfs for the only thing that makes the mode playable. Seriously, take away AW(specifically amesh) and the mode is so unbalanced its borderline unplayable.
  4. Why dose it feel like the only thing im hearing out of DE anymore is how much they want to nerf everything. First there's that buissness with Pablo joking about saryn because shes god in SO and good all around. Then there was the stright up nerfs to archguns in RJ content... Yeah given RJ mission balance... I dont see the point other than to force a weak RJ down our throats and nuter our damage to force a restart. Then something about taking another dump on trinity... Is that all DE is focused on right now? Might be holidays, might be im just not looking in the right places. it's only been 3 days from New Year so I this is more just venting frustrations than anything else. But I'm Probubly not the only one sick of never hearing any real positives. RJ was fun for two seconds, but it's entierly unbalanced and a stupid grind for no real payoff outside of 3 (one good one and 2 just ok)weapons and a mandatory quest. Like said I'm just venting, love the game but it's kinda getting difficult to bother logging onto with nothing going on.
  5. So for those unfamiliar, the slam capacitor is the gimmick tied to the arca titron. Kill an enemy, get a stack up to 10, slam releases the built up stacks as an AOE burst of damage. The problem is that the stationary spam combo on crushing ruin is eating stacks but not discharging the AOE. I've tested it at 10 stacks in a group and nothing. Regularly slamming still works but if you use the stationary spam it will eat your stacks and do nothing. Which is really annoying because of how easy it is to do the wrong combo on console if your not using the on camera setting.
  6. To sum it up, pretty much all archwing besides one are total crap. That's the short version, now for the long one. Right now archwings themselves do pretty much nothing. Enemies move to fast for most of the offensive abilities and defensive ones seem like they simply dont work half the time. I'm not the best at wording this sorta thing so I'll try to explain the problems. Elytron, powerhouse, brawler, all flash and no bang. Elytrons abilitirs simply don't cover enough area or do enough damage to matter at higher levels. Odanattas, bare bones, only has 1 ability. Maybe i just dont get it, but it feels like none of this archwings abilities work or really do anything. And the 1 working ability is to slow to hit anything. Itzal, nerfed for no reason and the do nothing one. Itzals 1 is litteraly useless unless your a headshot all the time master (and if you are your not using ripline but 1000% more useless). It's 2 doesn't seem to protect from projectiles (tracking, but given how open space is I doubt you'd be hit if it wasn't still tracking you). It's 3 needs more range to later and the drones on its 4 have been garbage sense release. The amesha is the only good one because it's damage scales and it's utility actually works. Scaling in general for archwings is kinda bad all around too. Most archguns are useless on the merits of enemy movement speed and distance. Archwing abilities also feel like they weren't scaled for anything higher than lv30 and minimal armor. Most are barely passable in orbit and in corpus missions, with very few feeling like they were designed for actual space warfare. Combined with EVERY SINGLE ENEMY in open space sections being to fast and I wonder what's the point. This problem is even more evident in rail jack where the battlefields are huge and the enemies are spaced out as well as fast and unreasonably tanky. I get there's 1 archguns that chews through enemies but there being only one is kinda a problem. Just like only 1 working archwing is as well. Insted of nerfing the only working AW like your likely to do. Try balancing AWs better to fit the roals youve now given them as our secondary means of space combat. Because as is we have 1 great AG and 1 great AW. A few ideas are... Slow down the enemies a bit, they don't need to be snail's but when their faster than pretty much all of your abilities its a problem. Better yet keep some fast ones but reserve it for a few ships Not all of them. (Not to mention motion sickness trying to target them) Speed up our projectiles, all of them. Abilities, bullets, etc. When out abilities are to slow to hit anything their basically useless. Improve scaling, rework mods, abilities, and stats to a more up to date level. Buff range and AOE to reflect where their being used. AW has been needing a Rework for a long time now it's less some backside mode and a real component of the game that needs work. With RJ it's even more evident that AW are almost useless as combat platforms right now in anything harder than a famorian.
  7. Wow, Pablo really went from hero to not so much that fast? I mean it was a private stream, the guy can say what he wants. That said you can say what you want, but don't expect that sailor who's mother you insulted to not deck you in the face for it. I'm not saying he shouldnt have said it. But he knows who he is in this comunity and there's no way he couldn't see that sh** storm coming. Honestly to 90% of the comunity who dont watch his personal stuff, that was not a joke or anything close too it. Now for me to say something and see how many people mention it... Ahem Grendel is big poo poo.
  8. The the catchmoon nerfs are kinda justifiable. But plz for the love of ordis dont nerf the arca plasmore any more than you already have.
  9. Weapon: amprex Polarity: D MR: 14(I think) Stats: CD 75% toxin 64% fire rate 29% reload speed - 26% (3.5 sec with neg) Price: i was advised for 250-300 so I'm open to offers in that range. Lato Polarity - Stats 210% CR 110%CD Price 300p Gaze CC SC heat 50-75p And a mesa set for 50p These prices are flexible but you'll need to hit me up on PSN if you want to barter. I won't be checking this topic other than to update when something is sold.
  10. the mod has CC damage and -grineer I was told to sell it for around 500p so I'll use that as my requested price and you can make an offer from there. Hit me up on psn or here if your interested.
  11. Everything looks pretty good so far, ember is getting more active offense and survivability as well as Vuban getting the same treatment. Only thing im concerned of is embers gauge. If it fills up at the wrong time that can VERY easily get you killed.
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