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  1. Krivnach, the dragon, the destroyer. Shred your foes with fang and flame, leaving behind naught but ashes and destruction. Health 500 Shields 200 Energy 250 Armor 400 Sprint speed 1.0 Passive: immune to knockback and knockdown while airborne. Recovers 3% Max HP for every enemy krivnach kills with melee. Dragons claws are equipped in place of a melee when none is present. (Selepatly modable, high focus on crit 25% 2.5 multiplier 10% status) Ability 1: lunge Lunge: leap upon a foe tearing into them with your claws. This skill targets a single enemy while causing knockback to those around it. the main target will have their armor stripped and left severally bleeding (scales with power strength and melee mods. Knockback scales with range). Ability 2: dragonborn Transform into a dragon, capable of burning all before you to ashes and unleash the beastial strength of your claws. This ability dose a few things. 1, you loose access to your weapons and adopted his claws and fire breath(modable exalted weapon). 2. You gain a new animation set as well as adopt a quadrupedal form that moves faster, jumps higher/farther, and activates your claws special moveset. 3. You gain a damage and armor bonus dependant on power strength. 4. Drains energy over time. Fire breath has a very high status(50%) with average crit stats (18% 2.0)functioning like an ignis with a much larger stream and AOE potential. Uses a recharging mag style ammo. (FB is a rip off of chromas SS? Never heard of it, chroma only has 2 abilities. Jokes aside it's not entirely the same thing.) Ability 3: noble roar Krivnach let's loose an ear shattering roar. terrifying and disorienting enemies around him. Stuns enemies close to krivnach while sending those farther away running. Works well with leap sense enemies will suffer huge accuracy penalties while affected. Ability 4: calamity fall Krivnach draws upon his inner flame to destroy all who stand before him. Upon activation an AOE explosion burns all enemies within range. Said range becomes a bed of fire that will quickly stack fire procs on enemies within it. Augment: hellfire fall Calamity falls fire procks gain 500% duration but loose 25% of their damage.
  2. Honestly it's not even worth the weapon slot it takes up now. Streight up, do the quest then get rid of it.
  3. What I meant saying that was the weapon itself doesn't add up more damage. The combo counter is what dose that.
  4. So basically I should throw the weapon out and not even bother with it after the quest? Yeah seems about right sense it's literally just a worse glaive prime at that point. I understand nerfing the gladiator set effecting exalted weapons part as that doesn't really make much sense. But the rest of this was total BS and pretty much everyone can see it. The weapon dose NOT in fact cause a psudo exalted weapons to output massive damage. It just enables you to maintain your combo(which then boosts blood rush which gives the ability more crit rate) for the ability without naramon/combo duration mods(which can give 18 seconds with both mods). I could just as easily mod any other weapon with a stat stick build and get the same if not BETTER results. This nerf has nothing to do with balancing or over usage. It's just you guys nerfing convenience just because. Seriously, why the hell did you guys even put this thing in the game in the first place?
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