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  1. I can enter the drift but attempting to do anything in the hub is basically impossible. I can't enter from my orbiter and attempting to do any bounties all pop up the same operation message. I can still access the naburus store (for some reason)and merchants work once inside. But I'm guessing this is very much an unintentional bug from the event.
  2. I mean that's true but you are aware that you have 3 build slots right? In the vast majority of gameplay you'll never actually use his 4 sense... Well, index kinda exists. But you can replace as your build demands. If you need the 4 then replace the 1 while just picking what you need initially. A one dragon army build really doesn't give a sh** about his 4. While a defensive build might want it around. Besides, doesn't a frame not needing Helminth a good thing? It implies the frames kit works together and sacrificing something is an actual choice.
  3. Honestly if like to say I'm happy to finally see this. But truth is my excitement for fix patches is really non existent. Props for fixing, which are immediately lost when I see the AI breaking "fix". It's not a fix and its a streight up lazy solution to a problem that as far as I'm aware doesn't exist on consoles. Guess you can't just punish PC players even though their the only ones doing it(AFK macro farming).
  4. And I don't just mean the new issues with, "the hole"(currently a PC issue I hope doesn't come to consoles). Unless your in a small room enemies not swarming you are just disinterested in killing you sometimes. Especially on all these new maps like the corpus ship defense and some survivals. Why can't DE do what they did to the kuva survival to all the other survival modes? Really don't like having to chase something that should be trying to kill me. Or needing to hunt down that one AH hiding in his spawn room.
  5. Nope, not really. Their less buggy but still boring as hell. In a game like this, being boring is the greatest sin of all. if didn't want a few more weapons I'd never touch liches again. As for RJ I already have zero reason to touch it, having everything from it means I am free of that sh** until they actually do something with it. A fully built RJ is fun to pilot and can sweep missions pretty well but those missions aren't fun or interesting. So I'll probably pass on the next 30 copy and paste corpus missions DE gives us unless there's something sweet at the end of that one c
  6. Probably not. But I like seeing what modes others have issue with and how they would go about finding them. Some missions are boring, others are repetitive, and some just don't offer anything for your time(I'm eyeballing RJ with this one). It's one thing to know think somethings off, but I like it when a solution to the problem is also brought up. Being fair to SO though it dose serve a few porpoises outside of it's rewards, so it's not really that bad.
  7. So one thing that's always bothered me is the sheer amount of old game modes that could use a serious face lift. Things like spy, capture, infested salvage, ect. A few modes like sanctuary onslaught are less mechanically boring and just require new rewards(maybe even bonuses for the grading). Then we got modes that are... Well streight up Terrible or not there, Like RJ and raids. Don't get me wrong, the RJ itself is pretty nice. But you cannot look me in the eye and say the missions are fun on their own, especially after the 30th one. If I were allowed to rework and retoo
  8. The problem is that model. They keep sh**ing out new stuff then abandoning it around 75% through. And then it's thrown onto the pile with everything else while they move onto the next big thing. All the while half the game is nearly completely empty unless you pre build a squad. DE needs to slow down on the new and shiny and start finishing what they began/fixing the game. There's a lot of old mission types that NEED work to start seeing players again after you get that 1 thing that it drops u need. And RJ itself is a graveyard that even i wouldn't waste my time in. It's boring, the missi
  9. Honestly my biggest beef with the lich's is that their freaking boring! Honestly I'd like it more if they had their own node you unlocked by killing a certain number of thralls rather than them spawning at random. The mission could have you going to a regular grinder galleon for ranks 1-5 then afterwards have you chase them down in your RJ on their own ship. A function that I think should occur weather you have your RJ or not. they start out in easier locations(undersea bases Earth's forest, asteroids ect) but grow in rank and power as you hunt them (and fail). Eventually culminating in t
  10. You mean like that orbiting glaive thing that would have been hella cool as an actual feature? Sadly DE is DE and they hate any form of fun that isn't braindead slaughter... Actually I think they'd be better off leaving combat challenges to the star chart and create more mechanically interesting missions for more difficult content. Maybe if less modes were about having a MT Everest sized body count then fun might actually be a thing again, because if the objective isn't to kill then damage won't be the ONLY factor. Because it's painfully obvious that nothing with a health bar they p
  11. I'm sure we do, but DE isn't capable of making one. Combat wise the systems are simple when you get down too it. Of de wants to make something engaging they can't do it with the combat. Introducing outside challenges that require a cordinated team like destiny would be nice. But DE has proven they just want mindless slaughter and bullet sponges to be most of the gameplay(trials back when de?).
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