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  1. Anyone know a good spot to level in warframe need to make me weapons stronger and frames
  2. How do u board it to get mission started as i can not even do mission until do so
  3. O ok sadly not in clan now so i have find new one also what terminal hit
  4. Need help starting railjack quest as keeps saying i need go det dock or something to begin it with railjack but idk how get to it and start it
  5. I never got the stab for me lich to spawn. A mission to go too it just says on me game kuva lich birthplace telesto made from protea weakness gas or toxin unsure as skull shows under weak from level one lich not even got all mods uncovered for bottom of profile only one shows second half circle and third yet show there
  6. I don’t see no tralls im stuck with level one lich plz just need help
  7. No i on part one of it i do got all three me mods doe for the lich to be stabbed sadly i can not get the thing show hp on saturn telesto
  8. No i have a lich made from protea on saturn t planet node but if i go there the kuva thing to spawn for lich with weapon not show is wat saying
  9. Having issues getting me kuva lich to show in mission it was born at i recently tried going to planet it ask me do mission for i kill enemies as asked and no lights flicker or anything mentioned for kuva lich is in said mission im at a lost as to wat i am doing wrong in game
  10. I just need a railjack for find me kuva lich or even find the sister for parvos update least some say
  11. Anyone know a easy way to get a railjack in warframe as i can not seem to get one
  12. I do not got friends at all in warframe or anyone who can help me with anything even clan in always unable to help i not even got me rail jack done
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