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  1. Nice to see DE finally acknowledge there is a problem, would be nice if they undid the changes in the mean time but I guess I'll check back in another week or two to see if I can enjoy playing again
  2. I mean I used melee the majority of the time but I still regularly switched to firearms, despite everything I never felt like the animations were too long before. I often would jump high up, take a shot or two and switch to melee before hitting the ground, but maybe it was faster for me cause I bound melee mode to a separate key instead of the annoying "hold down switch to enter melee mode". So yeah I still stand by faster animations would be a good middleground, perhaps having a separate key by default would also help, but seems DE is trying to cut down on the amount of keys we use so I guess they wouldn't agree to that. Also how necessary is it to break down the barrier between gun and melee, before it was like we had 3 weapons to use, now it feels to me like primary and secondary with melee tacked on to those two instead of it's own thing.
  3. Surely if they just sped up sheathing, holstering and switching animations that would achieve a more comfortable middleground, at least that's my two cents.
  4. I popped in to play the event and then left again, I only played the event cause I saw it would be gun only and I wouldn't get messed up by automatically trying melee mode like I have done every time I have played since the changes. The old melee system was so much fun I could literally play for hours using mostly melee and a tiny bit of firearms, but toggling channel, autoblock and autoswitch have drained all that fun out. I've gone over in detail several times in this thread so I won't do so again, I just want to say I'm one of the many people still waiting for something to be done. Tennocon is over now, I don't see a good excuse for silence anymore.
  5. I briefly tried out console when they allowed us to transfer our accounts and I can see how the automatic functions are meant to help with a quick swap system, but as far as controls the old system was fine on console, since it needed one button to switch modes and then all the firearm buttons were free to be used for melee mode. I kinda feel like if they just sped up the switch to full melee mode instead of this half melee mode that would have been better.
  6. What about channelling though, I'm a lifestrike addict and toggle is a nightmare for channelling
  7. So many people bothered by not having quick melee anymore, whereas melee fans like me are bothered by the quick swap system damaging the control over melee, I have to wonder who exactly this was supposed to please? The middle ground people who like both maybe, but in that case why not improve both styles separately to please everyone. It's been a few months now for me just like a couple of people in this thread and a ton of people in the megathread since I've properly played WF, hopefully DE will be back on to melee in the next few weeks now that tennocon is over, my melee addiction isn't getting itched right now ._. Also maybe it's cause I got used to it, but did more people use the traditional E bind for their main melee button in melee mode, cause it seems so unnatural to me, if mb1 is melee mode attack and also fire in gun mode then mb1 is always the 'Attack' key. Just makes more sense to me. Especially as in melee mode you want to have complete freedom of movement but one of your fingers is away from movement keys in order to attack all the time, rather than having E be channel which is used less often.🤔
  8. Yes they have, BUT like it or not tennocon is a big deal for warframe, for the future of the game we play(or at least wait until melee is fixed to play again in my case) and for DE themselves. It just finished, but they are still handling the events effects, like I said earlier we need to allow a couple of weeks at the least before getting up in arms again. We aren't saying step back, just hold this current step forward until DE is out of tennocon mode and back into being able to work on melee mode. If we get angry right now it would be the worst time for a proper reply, instead we could end up with something rushed and maybe even just as messy as 2.9 was in the first place.
  9. Oh god what happened, I dislike melee 2.9 as much as the next guy but raging at DE and bickering with each other is not going to help matters. Going out of control could end up getting our one major place of giving continual feedback on this mess of a rework shut down, DE and most companies that actively monitor forums will close threads if they stop being civil, I've seen it in these forums before. Right now I do agree that trying to pressure DE just after tennocon when all their staff are likely still handling questions and messages about the new announcements is not going to get anywhere. Keep up the feedback but maybe wait a couple of weeks before people start grabbing pitchforks again.
  10. Aye, exactly, control is key here, put me down as another fairly hardcore melee advocate, I'm pretty sure melee is my primary and guns are my secondaries. I don't want to get rid of the new quick melee, I just want the old full melee mode as a viable option to firearms as well, a hard switch was the biggest plus for me when they made melee 2.0. This new system alone is a giant leap backwards, but put it in next to the old mode as well and it's a huge step forward. Yeah losing those buffs has almost cost me in the past(warcry or hysteria on my fav frame valkyr especially), it's why I always keep lifestrike on my weapons, any kind of buff remover does nothing to channelling, making nullifiers especially a walk in the park.
  11. Like I said earlier in this thread, nullifiers are insanely weak to melee focused players, no need for precision aiming, no need to dodge the bubble and they go down in one or two hits most of the time, all you need to do is hit them, and if survivability is an issue equip lifestrike and use channelling while in the bubble. Why not both? Have a quick switch mode and a full mode, quick switch is unreliable for a melee-centric player but good enough in a pinch, while a full switch offers more consistency and opens up more control options since it doesn't have to share controls with firearms, which is something melee has needed for a while; more control options, not less. Also there is a simple solution for pc at least, give melee mode a dedicated switch button, keep the old button for switching secondary and primary while moving switching melee into its own button separate from quick melee and firearms.
  12. I mean to be fair, a lot of people were asking for a melee update, but maybe it was just me but I thought they were asking for more control, for blocking to be more powerful, switching to melee mode just being it's own key by default so that the hold down the key thing could go away, for channelling to have more interesting effects and the two most important for combos to not be fixed direction and a second key for attacking so that they can finally get rid of the pause combos. On a side note, I watched a streamer(forsen) play warframe for the first time, he struggled so hard maintaining melee mode and trying to work out the block system that he just brute forced half the tutorial, he got better later but it was worse than I've seen any other first time player struggle with melee.
  13. I was checking out the new wukong ult, that's definitely a step in the right direction, I feel like it would be easier on them if full melee mode came back and they simply had a second attack button to switch it up, but if they really want to avoid another button at least there are no pause combos in wukongs stance.
  14. Seconded, I always try out every combo when a stance comes out, but I never use pause combos because at high attack speed with fast moving combat they just slow you down, it's not that combos aren't doable they just aren't well suited to the speed of warframe at the moment
  15. Join the club, we have tea and biscuits, the tea will be spilt though as our hands are shaking from nerves due to the fears of DE continuing down this path with melee. But for real I check back daily to see if any progress or announcement has been made about melee, each time fearing the worst.
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