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  1. As of today I am encountering a hard crash in RJ missions on Kasios's Rest Saturn Proxima. No idea what is causing it but here is what I know. I am hosting the mission on my own railjack. I am piloting the ship. Every crash has happened while I was trying to do a maneuver (tapping shift) I "think" that a ship was exploding at the same time, every time. Once or twice I was trying to fire my gun as well. This crash has happened 4 times consistently and again I am not sure if any or all of these are related and the maneuvering is all I am certain of. I have no wish to repeat this crash right now and I never wrote it down but if I encounter it again I shall let you know in this post using edits. If the crash codes are stored somewhere, let me know and I will simply find and post them.
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