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  1. I must respectfully but vehemently disagree with you; in the same fashion I despise nearly all of DE's alleged "improvements". The old control scheme for Stances and Combos was, is, and will remain, smoother. Back when Combos were performed only using block alongside tapping and holding E key, with occasional pauses, I flowed between moves smoothly and easily. Melee was much easier and far more natural to perform; not a convoluted and awkward mess of the same copy-pasted rhythyms that all require an obligatory movement key. That slowness you described above? That came about as a funny little "accident" from DE deliberately slowing down heavy attacks from the previous, more reasonable 1-second charge/instantaneous throw; and it's the reason our melee weapons' (utterly butchered and all over the place) stats now list strange new things like "Wind Up" and "Follow Through". Because, you know, clearly giving us a heavy attack that was actually quick and useful, even when charged, was too much like a FromSoftware control set-up; and DE couldn't allow that sort of smooth fun to go on, so they purposefully chose to make them inconsistent from their previous uniformity of charge-speed and force. On top of, you know, RIPPING OUT THE COMBO COUNTER'S BONUS TO ALL ATTACK; despite the fact that our damage cumulatively mounting as a reward for relentless close combat ENHANCED the feeling of being a space ninja. But they couldn't have that, so now it only gives bonus damage to the same heavy attacks that we are effectively being foced into using; and AFTER DE made them slow, clumsy, and weaker. DE restoring hold-for-heavy after the asinine Mouse3 binding for throw/heavy attacks is not the problem, either. The problem is they reverted it to that easier and more intuitve control only after ruining pretty much everything that was already well-established and years-old about Heavy Attacks; so that, yet again, we're forced into using the only remaining vestige of the combo counter system to "improve" the heavy attacks that they themselves turned into slow, wimpy BS we no longer can use in any useful context. It also rendered certain unique properties of Venka Prime and Fragor Prime pointless. Real quality work there, DE. The old melee system was not diseased, the new control scheme is. It worked, this one does not. It felt good, this one feels awful. I am out of patience, and out of calm. Melee 3.0 is a downgrade, it was a downgrade, and it will still be a downgrade with the next batch of rushed and awful changes that DE jams into what used to work perfectly fine. I despise it, and I've come to despise Warframe, when once I found it quite fun. But yes, it's clearly oh-so-awful that using the old control scheme for Stances and Combos, I could use the full-tapping E E E E combo of Tempo Royale to slice foes around me; follow it up with E E pause E E to lunge foreward with the spiraling-spin slash that Resplendant Calma used to perform; and finish off with a the badass, overhead, front-flipping downward chop of the old August Mesto by using E E+RMB E E. The only thing that should every have been changed about Tempo Royale was making its fourth Combo into one that involved held E, as opposed to the very akward and unintuitive backward arrow key. It was a powerful, only slightly slower attack, much like the old heavy attacks before DE DELIBERATELY slaughtered them; logically, one would think that fourth Combo would use held E. But it didn't and still doesn't, and rather than make the intuitive change, the fine melee dev team decided that we clearly wanted them to implement that clumsy filth ONTO EVERY SINGLE COMBO THAT USED TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD. So yeah, thanks for that. Totally an improvement. God, I hate 3.0 so much. I used that dance of all three of the non-movement-key-requiring Combos thousands of times; and I happily hacked and slashed for hours upon hours with nearly every Stance and every weapon category. That control scheme felt natural, more dynamic, and non-mechanical. It became easier to perform Combos once attack speed buffs such as Berserker and Warcry took effect, not harder; the pauses in the Combo would account for the speed buff and then greatly shorten the minimum length of time that they took to "count" as correctly performed. I could strafe left or right and then lunge foreward with Resplendant Calma; or dodge-roll backward from an enemy before slicing him in half as I shot foreward again using it. I could use the continuous E E E E combo to slice apart the four to six opponents knocked down by August Mesto once its slam attack finished (or at least I could prior to the moronically and uselessly strong ragdolling BS of Phase 1); and it all felt as instinctive as my own limb to use. IT WAS FUN. IT WAS FUNCTIONAL. The "sMoOtHeR cOmBoS" and "iMpRoVeD vIsUaLs" of post-Old Blood Warframe are neither fun, nor functional; every single Stance looks and feels worse. Lazily cutting apart and recombinining existing animations is not "new"; and making arrow keys A REQUIREMENT to perform Combos has caused movement, parkour, and sprinting to be interrupted by Melee worse than they already were prior to 2019. I loved that Stance control system with every fiber of my Valkyr-and-Excalibur-maining-being, and the retention of that control scheme was, sincerely, the only thing maintaining my sanity and patience after the already asinine changes of Phase 1 of Melee 3.0 (auto-block, useless ragdoll, eye-melting VFX, removal of Quick Melee, removal of Sword Alone). And then, it was ripped out during The Old Blood without option, alternative, or consideration; all in Digital Extreme's blind rush foreward into this much more awkward and clunky wreck of "upgraded" Melee. Rather than fixing anything that was first ruined in February by Buried Debts, it worsened the bad decisions that had already been made and that so enrage melee players. We now not only suffer from the asinine arrow-key requiring new control scheme (DESPITE THE FACT PLAYERS SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR MELEE TO STOP INTERRUPTING AND/OR LOCKING OUR MOVEMENT AND SPRINTING); but to compound this steaming pile of industrial waste, we don't even get to perform any of the old Combos we knew and loved, as I posted above. We wanted new Combos added into the Stances that didn't have a full set of four; and for awkward fourth combos like the one in Tempo Royale to be re-bound in a way that didn't require arrow key, because to reiterate again: THIS IS CLUNKY, UNNATURAL, AWKWARD, FINGER-HURTING, AND INTERRUPTS MOVEMENT. Combos do not flow together smoothly any more, they're now awkwardly segregated and interrupt each other clumsily if you even slightly hit the wrong arrow/WSAD key by mistake. As attack rate increases, they get worse in their clumsiness. They are the exact inverse of what came before for Stance and Combo controls, and a flat-out downgrade. I will never except this rubbish as the new normal. It should not be the default scheme for anything in Warframe's controls. Much like binding controls to Mouse3, as though everyone actually has a fancy computer mouse or a scroll wheel they can click; it's awkward, infuriating, and just plain horrendous. True, we wanted the somewhat visually bland Stances like Sundering Weave to get a facelift; but we wanted those visual reworks to still use motions that were fitting for the weapon category, and how historically, such weapons were actually wielded. We wanted, for example, Sundering Weave to do FANCIER chopping, as a machete is literally designed to do pretty much only chopping; we did not mean that someone should add in a nonsensical and unfitting dagger-like twirl-slashes to a category of bladed weapons that are specifically designed to be huge, heavy, and chop-centric.Cyclone Kraken's Combos may still spin, but prior to Old Blood, they were (and this is the vital difference) spinning chop attacks that actually visually fit a machete. Machetes were first invented for clearing dense vegetation, and re-designed for warfare second, they should move in a way that reflects that. The "new" Sundering Weave is, like all the "better" Combos, nothing more than a few maimed and re-arranged animation chunks of the original and superior moves; which are then combined with random, entirely bizarre flailing that doesn't convey the mass or design of the weapon held. You don't slash with machetes or stab with a hammer any more than you can possibly chop using nunchaku. Now we have worse controls, lamer moves, and far more horribly ugly of VFX. It is my sincere opinion, as someone that first fell in love with Valkyr exactly because she was the berserker Warframe, that she feels pointless now. Melee feels awful, it looks even worse, and melee-centric Warframes are now just salt left on the wound; lying in our arsenal with years of time and Forma poured into them, but no melee worth even remotely using still in-game. Melee combat just isn't fun any more, and neither are they. I haven't built a new melee weapon since October, and I haven't played in earnest for nearly that long in turn. There's no point. I never liked Warframe for its shooter elements, I liked it for how the game once kept its promise of being "space ninjas". It's the first day of a new year and new decade, but there's no intrigue toward the future fo me. Warframe betrayed that aforementioned promise to let me be a ninja. There's no space ninja, and no fun, left for me. All of them over at DE could finally fix and revert all this crap, even if it takes 'til October 2020; but for now, I've lost faith. Close combat is the foundation of why I ever enjoyed the game in the first place; and so far the developers have shown only radio silence toward feedback megathreads like these, alongside a continued blind push foreward that disregards any player criticisms of each thing they keep breaking. My once-favorite game of the 2010s has entered the 2020s as a disgrace to what made it feel like itself. You want a pure shooter, DE, design a pure shooter; but do not have the audacity to tell us that you're listening about Melee 3.0 when you've all made it clear that you don't. My feelings about the previous year, about the POS new Combo controls, and about the entire wreck that is Melee 3.0, are best summarized by Sargas Ruk's vitriol toward the Kavor Defectors: "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCINERATED, LIKE THE GARBAGE YOU ARE."
  2. I'm at the end of all remaining forgiveness and trust in you, DE. You didn't even try to fix Melee 3.0's issues with Old Blood, and despite earlier reassurances, not only was Empyrean released unfinished and riddled with issues, the problems with metallics rendering still persist since Saint of Altra; with December having come and passed. 2019 is the year of rushed-out and enraging content updates that caused issues with what was already in-game, and my hype no longer exists for anything the future allegedly holds. Even Aksomati Prime have proven a dissapointment, in both their pathetic stat increases (80 magazine versus 70, really?! Soma Prime literally has double its default counterpart's magazine size.) and their... frankly, ugly design (QUIT DESIGNING PRIME FORMS THAT DON'T MATCH WHEN THE ORIGINAL PRIMARY AND SECONDARY WEAPONS ARE PART OF A COHESIVE VISUAL SET. AKBOLTO DOESN'T MATCH BOLTOR AS PRIME, AND NEITHER DOES AKSOMATI MATCH SOMA. They don't even match Ivara Prime; she has a jellyfish aesthetic, and they are some sort of flower slapped onto the front of a mess of oversized gun parts slapped together in Maya.). But the worst part of 2019 (which has proven the year I stopped enjoying Warframe altogether) by far, so much as I can tell, is everything about Melee 3.0. The absolute worst thing of all, and I mean that as a Valkyr main. I miss earlier this year, in February, when it was merely Buried Debts that had me enraged about melee; I didn't realize how truly poorly you were overhauling things until October arrived. Forget Old Blood, I want Old System and Controls. The above Wiki user comments are emblematic of just the first of many complaints I have about the countless sins that this stupid, frustrating year of melee-system murder has committed. Nevertheless, on this, the second-to-last day of a whole decade; they succinctly summarize my rage about the stupidest change to melee so far. Old Blood did not fix the issues with melee to that led to mindless Atterax and Acolyte mod spam, it worsened them even more than phase 1 of Melee 3.0. Stances are now so indistinct, visually similar, and clumsy to use that everyone just mindlessly mashes the same Combo that they determine to be the least awkward of our "new and improved" moves. You guys could have expanded the Stances with only two or three Combos into a full set of four, like players had long requested. You didn't. You not only failed to expand the tw-to-three-Combo Stances with more Combos, you ruined and ripped out the signature moves players have loved and used for years. Winding Claws, August Mesto, and Vengeful Thrash are all just pleasant memories now. You could have toned down the aspects of the VFX that there were long-standing complaints about the intensity of, even with sliders for particles set to zero. But you decided to instead universally increase bloom, added inherent blue lens-flare that can't be customized to Paracesis and War, and turned elemental VFX into a bubbling mess. You could have fixed something which I foolishly believed was unintentional on Stances like Wise Razor, or the reworked Iron Staff: the lack of movement with the air attacks. But you didn't, and in fact, FOR SOME UTTERLY ASININE REASON, you all thought it was in any way a good idea to change all aerial attacks into uselessly-flailing, momentum-lacking "air combos"; a poor decision that ruined a years-old and tried-and-true technique in player parkour. It is HARDER to hit Ospreys and Hellions now, not simpler. All air attacks usually fail to connect as we fall down mid-air, and on top of this, they look plain stupid. Give me back my old, solid, USEFUL horizontal lunge. You could have reworked the combos that required a backward arrow key, which was clumsy. But instead, you just changed all Stances into making arrow keys OBLIGATORY to perform Combos, which was even clumsier and feels infinitely worse and less fluid than the old Tap/Hold/Rapid-tap system for Combos. God, that control scheme was so much better and let me flow between moves smoothly. REVERT TO IT. You guys said you would restore Sword Alone. You failed to do it correctly, and not only does melee lock-in still only work inconsistently, you added in that stupid, blinding flash that wasn't there before AND IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME WE LOCK INTO OUR MELEE WEAPONS. EYE. FATIGUE. You told players you would remove auto-block and restore manual control. Auto-block is still there, it still randomly interrupts, using M2 while in melee still very frequently takes me out of melee and into gun aim, and on top of it all, IT'S A TOGGLE. It was hold-and-release outside of aim-glide before, and it should be again. Aim-glide is also still broken. You guys could have created new Stances for the weapon categories that currently only have one Stance; such as Two-Handed Nikana, Nunchaku, Warfan, Blade-whip, and Rapier. But you didn't, and instead you messed up what was fun about the single Stance we already had for each of those melee weapon categories, taking the enjoyment out of them. And as the icing on this entire spectacular, horrible cake, the wiki has changed the GIFs on the Stance pages to the spam heavy abominations that you want to make the new normal. I don't accept that, and it's time to post the better moves of the old system, as preserved on my Imgur account. Whether you told them to change them to the "new" Combos, or they decided on their own, nobody can destroy the evidence of what we've lost this year that easily. A moment of silence for the REAL versions of every single Stance, and a curse on the name of the rubbish we're now stuck with. Even the Stances that were visually underwhelming and had rather boring moves, like Sundering Weave, only needed a rework; and even then, only reworks that kept the essence of the original motions. Chopping should have remained chopping; rapid punches should have remained rapid punches; and a friggin' rapier, a thrusting sword, SHOULD CUT AND SLASH ONLY WITH ITS TIP BECAUSE THERE IS LITERALLY NO EDGE, YOU MASSACRED VULPINE MASK OH MY GOD. Let's have a look at what was taken away for no blasted good reason, in order to further force in somebody's pet project in place of a smooth control scheme: Gemini Cross. Homing Fang. Pointed Wind. Sinking Talon. Reaping Spiral. Stalking Fan. Clashing Forest. Eleventh Storm. Flailing Branch. Gleaming Talon. Sundering Weave. Blind Justice. Decisive Judgement. Tranquil Cleave. High Noon. Cleaving Whirlwind. Fracturing Wind. Rending Crane. Seismic Palm. Bleeding Willow. Shimmering Blight. Swirling Tiger. Crossing Snakes. Brutal Tide. Grim Fury. Astral Twilight. Crushing Ruin. Shattering Storm. Burning Wasp. Coiling Viper. Malicious Raptor. Tempo Royale. Four Riders. Vermillion Storm. Sovereign Outcast. Final Harbinger. Bullet Dance. Atlantis Vulcan. Spinning Needle. Gnashing Payara. Gaia's Tragedy. Vulpine Mask. Defiled Snapdragon. Cyclone Kraken. Twirling Spire. Stinging Thorn. Swooping Falcon. Carving Mantis. Slicing Feathers. Wise Razor. Hysteria. Exalted Blade. And finally, at slightly larger file size, let's finish this mess off with Swords. Swords, as they used to be, and shouldn't have been changed from; other than adding new Combos to a non-four-Combo Stance, and fixing hitboxes so that blows connect properly. Iron Phoenix. Crimson Dervish. Vengeful Revenant. Do you notice how every single one of the old Stances, even the ones that could use a facelift and a third/fourth combo added in, were visually distinct? Each had a separate method of attack, be it twirling flips, mocking flourishes, reveresed-grip flurries, downward-but-advancing-foreward chops, diagonal slashes, or horizontally-striking spinning stabs. You guys on the development team COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE expanded the two-Combo and three-Combo stances into a full set of four, using the existing visual style of their attacks at a guide, but you didn't. You made all Combos into mish-mashes of their old animations or flat-out randomly-flailing replacements for their better-looking and funner-feeling predecessors. Stances lack distinction now. There isn't any reason to farm a specific one or be excited if we get that Stance mod as loot; as long as Vermillion Storm and Malicious Raptor have both been lobotomized into the same diagonal cutting and random pokes from their original, clear identity from each other, for example; then I've got absolutely zero cause to try and grind for Four Riders. If I might finish off on a weird metaphor: you all remember BIONICLEs, right? How every kid from six to seventeen who had any interest in swords, elemental powers, monsters, robots, fantasy, sci-fi, or all of the above at once thought they were so cool? Buildable action figures, ones you could reconfigure and customize and combine to make bigger if you felt like it, with a remarkably complex lore spanning eons of time, especially for an expected-to-bomb toyline? BIONICLES were, as they say, the sh*t, and Warframe won me over in 2014 by making me go "Oh my god, it's a videogame that's my grown-up version of BIONICLE. I can collect all these different guys and gals with neat powers and unique appearances, and just look at all those weapons!" Well, Melee 3.0 is not like BIONICLE. Melee 3.0 is like... whatever Hero Factory was about. It's a loose copycat without the charm, and even if the individual parts are less likely to break, the looks are uglier and the overall whole is much less appealing of a concept. I feel like it's 2005 again and one of my parents bought me a BIONICLE set, but they did it specifically just to ignore my protests and deliberately break it right in front of me; rather than as a sincere Christmas gift. That's the feeling you've left me with as a melee player, Digital Extremes. In the unlikely event you guys actually listen and fix these things, instead of marching on and forcing in more changes that ultimately make stuff worse to use, it's still going to be a very long time before I get over that betrayed feeling. I trusted you with a toy I had enjoyed for thousands of hours, and the moment you announced an exciting surprise, I only could watch as you broke the LEGOs trying to nail on new details that weren't even necessary and ultimately messed up the whole set. I've tried to be polite. I've tried to be patient. But that feeling is an everyday sensation now, I've stopped playing, and I'm not going to "relearn" or "adjust" to an inferior system because you guys won't admit to making mistakes and implementing bad changes.
  3. The true thing to be alarmed about is the complete aesthetic conflict of pretty much every detail on Aksomati Prime. Disregarding the pitiful stat "changes", I'm highly suspicious DE has been borderline slave-driving the art team to rush out Prime Access faster and faster. Nothing about their form language as dual pistols suggests the product of a healthily leninent deadline or creative talent that was given the time to actually unify their look and refine the work. When something not only barely resembles its "vanilla" weapon counterpart, but its individual segments look like they came from different creative teams working on three to five separate guns, I get real @#!%$%ing nosy about how a company is treating its artists. They do not look like weapons that resulted from artists being given enough time or a low-stress environment. DE has done enough to dissappoint me this year; the possiblity, even remotely, that they've started treating their creative teams the way that "quality" American mega-corps like EA do is the icing on a truly noxious cake. I'm not going to uninstall quite yet, but 2019's holiday season marks me officially growing too suspicious of business ethics at DE to purchase a single thing in-game in good conscience. I try, however futilely, to be an ethical consumer; and I am not spending one cent on a cosmetic or rushed item's worth of Platinum until I have a verified, non-coerced reassurance from one of the artists themselves; written independantly and outside of company grounds, that they weren't mistreated. There's been a lot of things handled suspiciously poorly this year, including Melee 3.0; so let me extend my sentiment to say that I'm suspicious about coders, artists, writers, and de-buggers being abused as well. The company seems oddly understaffed, and I keep getting an unpleasant feeling they are not properly treating the staff that's there.
  4. I've got to regrettably announce that 2019 is officially the year I lost interest in... ...most of pretty much the whole of Warframe, and this is the straw that broke the camel's arthritic, osteoperosis-riddled back. The art team has genuine talent, but it's abundantly clear DE forced them into crunch and did not give them time to add visual coherency into Aksomati Prime. Abuse of creative talent is rampant enough in the industry; and Aksomati Prime's design and clunkiness makes it evident that DE used artists who were forced to rush out the guns' "final" look without time or rest to refine it. I expected better from a somewhat small Canadian developer, one I'd hoped to have more ethical business practices; but it's good to know that the whole international gaming industry really is as toxic as the film industry in how it treats employees. Each line of these guns makes me highly suspicious of how the artists behind them were "treated". And that's just my ethical concerns about the production of this Prime Access/relics. After the monumental frustration this year has brought; between the clumsy "upgrading" of Melee, and the ever more eye-irritating particle spam on most VFX, I'd gotten hopeful. This was foolish of me; the way the year was going already, I should not have expected my favorite Secondary weapon to receive a Prime form that actually looked good and sleek, let alone, God forbid, that actually matches the aesthetic of the Prime Primary weapon from the same weapon set. Aksomati are classics. They're stylish, they're discreet, they're elegant, they aren't some horrible three-foot-wide clown revolver, and they have form language that, though exotic, doesn't veer into the ridiculous and over-done. They look like they were designed; and not like they were slapped together in half an hour using Blender, and a selection of random kitchen appliances as "reference", by a team of people Steve Sinclair stood behind whipping while rolling in piles of Canadian dollars. Aksomati Prime, on the other hand... Oh boy, where to begin? Why do these dissapoint me, and further break what little heart I still had, heart which still had any faith in the game's art direction, the devs' treatment of their artists, or the ability to fix what's been messed up this year? Why is this, of all things, the final, miserable thing that makes my blood boil? Possibly because they look rushed, and I've read enough truly depressing investigative journalism into modern game developers to assume that they likely were rushed, at great cost to the art team's physical, mental, and sleep-schedule health? DE's treated player feedback with disregard this year; but this sort of slip-shod job looks like a highly suspicious sign of artist abuse. Perhaps it's the fact they don't match Soma Prime visually, despite their non-Prime forms being part of a cohesive weapon set, one explicitly described as being weapons that were created and designed to accompany each other; so THEIR PRIME VERSIONS SHOULD LOGICALLY ECHO EACH OTHER'S DESIGN? We've already gone through this crap at least once between Boltor Prime VS Akbolto Prime. So far, only Redeemer Prime, Akjagara Prime, and Tigris Prime actually (and CORRECTLY) succeed in this goal of visual coherency; and they were released between entirely different Prime Warframes, so "but this one came with Ivara" is no excuse. They correctly echo each other's form language; having similar metallic arcs, bladed or blade-shaped details, and burl patches. They look like they belong together; Soma Prime and Aksomati Prime look like their original weapons had no relation; much like Akbolto's Primes inexplicable glowing "leaves" and briar branches, despite the fact Boltor Prime is far more akin to a serrated human backbone? Maybe it's the fact that they are visibly three times larger than their normal form; and nearly twice as thick in cross-section, and the fact there seemingly "wasn't time" to make the weapons scaled correctly in relation to the Warframes is also highly suspicious and further increases my belief the art team was mistreated? Or maybe I'm bothered by the inexplicable knuckle-guard normal Aksomati doesn't have, and since Soma Prime doesn't suddenly slap a bar over your knuckles then neither should Aksomati Prime. Especially since the aformentioned bizzare loop of metal resembles a sagging nipple, or a chunk of one of those indescribably frustrating metal puzzles from Japan you have to disentangle from each other. Perhaps it's how both normal Aksomati, normal Soma, and Soma Prime all have a magazine that is almost entirely metal; whereas Asksomati Prime's magazines have a an inexplicable chunk of non-metal on the back edge that completely throws off the flow of the aesthetic, and yet again does absolutely nothing to visually fit in with Soma Prime? When the same piece of a weapon is made of an awkward hodge-podge of two different material maps, it rarely looks good, and this is a very strong example. Maybe I dislike how the elegant, bifurcated, non-vision-obscuring "wings" of the barrels on normal Aksomati are turned into huge, screen-blocking flower... ...things that accomplish the exact opposite of all the prior adjectives in the first half of this sentence. Further compounded by the fact a flower aesthetic makes no design sense on something so stupidly over-sized. These are nothing but inelegant; the floral detailing comes across as a desperate attempt to salvage a trainwreck. I could also simply be bothered by the inexplicably lengthening of the prongs on the receivers; that increased size only made sense on Soma Prime, where the magazine size was increased by double, and the magazine went from hemi-circular in shape to almost a 190 degree arc. Aksomati have no such doubling of 140 rounds from the prior combined total of 70, instead having a feeble 80; and accordingly, the magazine isn't any longer or more curved. Without it being longer and more curved, as the magazine was on Soma Prime, the prongs should not be altered in size. Maybe it's how the pleasingly rounded stock-end of the pistols has been changed into... ...I don't even know what to call that sticking out in the back. Nothing like something that will poke you in the solar plexus from its own recoil as an automatic weapon. Maybe I'm let down because all of the above factors combine to make Aksomati Prime look more like a scrapped design for Akstilleto Prime than they look like the Prime version of Aksomati. Let alone how they basically share nothing with Soma Prime, except a tiny handful of ridges and lights... But most of all, I think the real reason I'm so angry is that this all combines into a final product that was visibly scrambled out to meet a deadline; and if one thing angers me more than Melee 3.0, it's the possiblity that DE has begun to mistreat and set quotas on the same artists that made the game visually distinct enough to succeed in the first place. Aksomati Prime are the work of both the design aesthetics and "employee benefits" of a AAA developer. Take it from a 21-year-old American, that is anything but a complement.
  5. I very much desire this as well. The old pause-tap-hold method of performing melee Combos felt infinitely better, smoother, and far more organic. It worked much like tensing and relaxing your body's muscles when swinging a real object does; and it added to the feeling of immersion. Not only do the "new" clumsy, revolting, arrow-key requiring "better combos" interrupt movement even worse than the old melee momentum bugs did; they feel clunky and inorganic. Combos no longer flow into each other in a delightful dance of bloodshed, the way they did before; and I feel like a crappy MIT-built robot struggling to play piano with his single crude plastic crab-claw. The mark wasn't merely missed, fellow Tenno; somebody actually looked around for the mark, read the previous feedback megathread for Phase 1, and arbitrarily decided to ignore everything said in it; all to continue forcing in the awkward controls and uglier animations of their Frankenstein's creature-like pet project. The mark was never a target. The mark was shoved aside and buried alive by mobsters. Fun was shot in the brain and dropped into the bottom of the city harbor for noticing the murder when it happened. The legal records of both were burned and purged. Nothing about forcing us to use arrow keys as part of the combo makes combat flow the way it used to; and indeed WE SPECIFICALLY ASKED IN THE PHASE 1 MEGATHREAD TO FIX MELEE INTERRUPTING MOTION. Now, melee not only interrupts motion even further than it had already worsened under Phase 1; its mobility and cohesion between Combos has been butchered. It feels that way because it is. We went from genuinely badass, smoothly-intertwining combos; and then we switched to the cookie-cutter mess of barely-rearranged foreward-key-E-RMB I already pasted earlier in the thread. Combos used to have distinct rhythyms; now they are a homogenous lump of the same two or three patterns, and no longer even match up with their animations. Under the old Stance system, rapid tapping synchronized with a rapid flurry of blows, and pauses/holds logically indicated and synched with a leap, throw, or powerful lunge. This felt natural and avoided any dissonance between what we input into the melee controls and what we performed on-screen. 3.0 doesn't do that. 3.0 is nothing but dissonance. A single tap of E causes a flurry. Leaps and lunges and thrown shields happen arbitrarily; with no held E key to give us the natural feeling of having tensed a muscle before doing something powerful. Blocking manually, contrary to developer claims otherwise, still doesn't work properly and was not successfully patched back in. Trying to aim with guns still randomly brings me into melee block. Trying to do the former RMB combos of Exalted weapons still randomly tears me out of rampage and into guns. Melee 3.0 doesn't fix spam, it actively encourages it. Things have been turned into such a hot, steaming, inelegant mess that players are more likely than ever to repeatedly mash whatever is now the marginally least awkward of four equally ruined Combos. And on top of all this, we still didn't get a full set of moves added to the Stances that still only have two or three combos; despite the fact melee players have specifically and repeatedly asked for the neglected Stances to be expanded into a full set of four Combos. Not only did we receive no such thing, the Combos we did have were vivisected into the dissapointing, cut-apart-and-stitched abominations we have now. Lovely.... Again, completely accurate. Nothing but mashing. Slam-spam and obnoxiously strong ragdolling were already insufferable in Phase 1; all Phase 2 of 3.0 did was re-arrange the mess so that the irritating ragdoll has been replaced with the "lifted" status; which still ultimately causes the same problem, much like Titania's annoying bad-guy-floating ability, because they randomly drift around mid-air and become harder to hit. We don't want lifts, we don't ragdolling, we want enemies to go flying and flailing around ONLY WHEN THEY ARE DEAD AND NOT A MOMENT BEFORE, so that each of our hits actually hits them to begin with. Floating and getting tossed around is only amusing on a slain corpse, not the same enemy when he's still alive. And all of this is just what I hate about the "ImPrOvEmEnTs" to Combos and Stances. This doesn't even scratch the tip of my full list of grievances; and how Phase 2 further wrecked air attacks; finishers; throwing melees; "heavy" weapons actually feeling satisfyingly heavy; and at the most basic level the ability to ACTUALLY ENJOY what was, prior to 2019, my favorite method of combat. I'm sorry, DE, but I detest 3.0. I hate it like Stalker hates Tenno. I hate it the way Vay Hek hates fools breathing his air. I hate it like Corpus hate basic decency and compassion, or donations to charity. 3.0 is just plain awful, I've put up with it in tired agony for a year, Old Blood made things even worse than they'd already been gutted, and I don't trust that any of you are actually listening to player feedback about this. I'm a Valkyr main. I used to love melee, and now it depresses me. This doesn't feel good, the animations look worse, the control inputs no longer match what we do in a Stance, Stance descriptions don't match their own moves anymore, the VFX and weapon-trail opacity are both obnoxiously and eye-meltingly overdone, there's inexplicable irritating flashes and lens-flare upon literally every action we do now, and in every possible facet of what players used to have and enjoyed about close combat, Melee 3.0 breaks my heart. It goes further than breaking my heart. It rips it out, throws it on the ground, stomps on the gory mess, and then laughs at me; bellowing about how "LOL, you idiot, you had fun being a berserker? This is Gunframe now. Space ninja was a marketing ploy, not a promise." I don't want this. I'm not enjoying it, and Phase 3 is something I regard as a threat to what little I still can have fun with about melee combat; not something to look foreward to, in any way. What we used to have both looked and felt infinitely better. I am sick of a thousand sparks and bubbles resulting from so much as shifting three inches with a melee weapon, or even JUST WALKING AROUND. I am sick of my beloved Combos having been tossed into the trash heap in favor of a Human Centipede sewn together from their dismembered animations. I am sick of horrifically, painfully bright bloom and lens-flare erupting from every single swing of a melee weapon; whether or not it's a Prime one or even has any elements installed. I am sick of the simple, radial energy ring VFX slam attacks once had being discarded in order to jam in a spherical, hyper-opaque, cornea-shredding skybox lump of the Void map background paintings. I am sick of the fact Sword Alone was restored half-***edly, so that not only does the lock-in sometimes not work and I randomly re-enter using guns; but on TOP OF THIS, THAT HORRIBLE SPARKING FLASH IT DIDN'T HAVE BEFORE WAS "RESTORED" alongside Sword Alone, so locking in gives me borderline epilepsy. I am sick of the fact that range was (actually a good thing) buffed on Scythes, alongside making their models properly two-handed; but that in seeming exchange (a very bad thing) range was utterly scrambled on every other melee category. Having ludicrous 7m long reach with Bo Prime was FUN. What is fun should always take priority over what is "realistic" or "more meta". I know you are a genuinely hardworking development team. I still appreciate the other things that you have fixed and improved this year; and none of you are in any way slackers. But the things improved this year do not include melee, and I sincerely have not enjoyed using it since mid-February 2019. All I want for Christmas is the old close combat of Warframe back. Stop putting in such a self-harming crunch to rush out changes that aren't even wanted to melee. Get some rest, recuperate, and please, please, just listen. I don't want, enjoy, or easily control this. 3.0 is horrible. You guys are wonderful, but it's just plain horrific. I'm so tired and frustrated.
  6. It isn't just Tempo Royale, DE did this with every single blasted Stance we once had. We've gone from combos that looked and felt fun, alongside easily flowing between each other; into having janky, clumsy messes that look dumber, require movement key as part of the input when we asked for Stances to synchronize with our movement instead of interrupting it, and all-around feel less natural and more artificial to perform. I liked using pauses, tapping, and held E to perform stance combos; it felt organic and smooth; like the natural tensing, relaxation, and release of different muscles when swinging an object. Melee 3.0 was a disgrace with Phase 1 during Buried Debts; Phase 2 post-Old Blood is a flat out steaming pile of garbage. I am having less fun with melee than I ever have had the entirety of this miserable year starting with February. Give. The. Old. Controls. Back.
  7. And finally, to my fellow players, if you think I'm exaggerating about having preserved every old animation as evidence; I'm afraid, Tenno, that it was not hyperbole. That's not even one fourth of what's gone. This took multiple pages. That is the depth and fierceness with which I hate Melee 3.0; I was actually willing to go through the several-hour effort of doing this; even with Imgur trying to accuse me of being a robot, and making me fill out a Captcha every five GIFs.
  8. But in the mean time, seeing as I already took the time to download every last one of the OLD AND BETTER Stance Combo animations to Imgur to document what's been lost; I'm going to try and express my sentiment via the words of other players and users on the actual wiki. Let's have a gander, shall we? (And for the record, I asked all players I met in-game personally if it was okay to post this, so don't start that "YeR tWiStIn WeRdS cAuSe YeR jUsT sALTy" nonsense.) It was one of my favorites Combos on Final Harbinger as well. Of course, Final Harbinger is now Three-inch-range Horsepoop, so there's hardly a comparison as to which was better. Objectively it was the old one. Farewell, my beloved friend. Once upon a time, I got to be the axe-wielding maniac, but they've killed you... Moving on. This is a comment currently on the page for Blind Justice, reaffirming that I'm not the only one who noticed that there are zero new combos, just cut-and-paste butchery of the ones that were fun; and all still without expanding the 2-combo and 3-combo Stances into ones with 4 combos, which is what melee players actually wanted. If someone without the chill to use punctuation or spelling consistently noticed that you just zig-zagged animations between formerly good moves; then it confirms my suspicion was correct. This is beyond a poor change, and a flat-out manipulative falsehood toward players. Especially toward melee mains. That remark sure aged like milk, didn't it? Commented on the page for the Stance Formerly Known as The Good Fist Stance: That flurry was pretty fun, I fully agree with their anger. To say nothing of the ragdoll you guys didn't fully fix with melee, the fact that the "lifted" is just ragdolling with better PR and as equally annoying as that one floaty Titania ability; when we don't want our foes floating away mid-combo... there's just so much wrecked. Every single Stance that was once fun has been turned into a slam-and flailing-filled mess; without individual aesthetic identity (chiefly on account of them all being twirly when it used to be a handful of "flourish" Stances), all of them possessing scrambled range, and now filled with the same ragdolls and lifts we already said we didn't want. Lovely. Gaia's Tragedy is one of the stances hit worst by all these problems. And to think that before Old Blood, I was actually happy I'd farmed for Tekko Prime, and that folks were finally going to "fix things" after eight months of agony with Phase 1 of Melee 3.0. Boy, was that naive! The fine people of the wiki yet again, summarizing just how much (DE)filed Snapdragon got Defiled by Old Blood: Agreed, agreed, and agreed. The ludicrous slashing-and-whipping was precisely what made it feel like a proper space ninja weapon; forget being more immersive, let us keep what was more fun. Blade-whips now might as well be a wet noodle and a pair of child-safety scissors. Also correct. I vehemently preferred High Noon when it still cut-and-shoot, not just shoot, and shoot, AND SHOOT AND SHOOT AND SHOOT FOR GOD'S SAKE IF I WANTED A THIRD GUN WITHOUT THE "BLADE" PART OF GUNBLADE I WOULD HAVE ASKED. Cyclone Kraken used to live up to both parts of its name; now we might as well name it "Dizzy Squid with vision that stops after five feet in any direction". Machetes are back to being Mashiddies. We all very much didn't want that. And finally, last but not least, the one which I utterly agree with, and would never stop agreeing with, because, bloody hell, there is nothing fun left from the Heavy Blade Stance we had; that was completely and totally better than its castrated replacement, here's the reaction to Tempo Royale. My thoughts completely encapsulated by strangers in perfect fashion. From Artorias the Abysswalker to Jerkymovealot the Awkward. Might as well sell the butchered thing back to Baro, for all the good it will do me as a Stance now. I don't want this. Anyone that used primarily melee combat before 2019, everyone who's the source of the feedback you should actually be listening to, and not the feedback from the Atterax-slide-spammers; every blasted Valkyr, Excal, Wukong, and Baruuk main out there; we all didn't want this. I am sick of it. I am not enjoying it. I want the old controls back in full, I want that stupid flash taken out of lock-in, I want manual block restored for real this time, without lying about restoring it, and with that asinine AI block THAT STILL INTERRUPTS AND YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY TAKE OUT WITH OLD BLOOD ripped straight back out and thrown in the trash, and I have zero interest in Empyrean, the New War, or whatever "exciting new chapters" are coming our way. You want hype for the future? Fix what you messed up here and now.
  9. I'm current thinking of another way to express how much I hate everything that's changed this year and why melee is less fun than it's ever been; but until then, let me put it this way: To heck with my two front teeth, all I want for Christmas is Melee 2.0 back. Melee 3.0 is as "polished" and "fun" as Lunaro and Conclave, and impressively it manages to be even more tedious than them. I'm not "excited" for the "very good" changes coming with Phase Three, whenever that arrives; nine months is all the time it's taken for me to realize that any promises made about melee in Warframe are as trustworthy as promises made by the US Government.
  10. But as just a little additional sampler, have the broken-limbed break-dance added to Eleventh Storm for no conceivable reason; and alongside it feast your eyes on the stiff-armed tackling poke-and-slide-along-the-floor added to Malicious Raptor. I asked for neither of these, and neither feels remotely like the old aesthetic of "master knight near retirement" and "Wolverine having a stressful day" either Stance once possessed. Yep, that sure is a "good replacement" for a far more cathartic claw-filled mauling. I absolutely wanted my delicious rampaging predator motions to turn into the freaking NFL broadcast as my Warframe slide along like a toddler wearing non-grip socks on a wax floor. Nothing says "technique and combat expertise" like crunchily imploding into a painful-looking contorted ball, in a fashion that is far too similar to an infamous scene from Futurama. His dying facial expression is an accurate summation of how "happy" I've been as a Valkyr player since Buried Debts. I am going to remember 2019 as the year of Warframe updates that took out things I loved and replaced them with downgrades.
  11. This is far from my only complaint, and I'm going to continue posting as the vicious cycle of DE only listening to the initial, blindly-praising Atterax-spammer player feedback continues (likely for ANOTHER eight months) as they add in annoyances and remove what was actually fun about melee combat for a second time; but I digress. For now, I'll focus on being angry about how they massacred Stances. You know how I said earlier in the thread that I miss the old Stance system? How holding and pausing certain presses, and rapidly hitting the E key during a flurry of blows felt natural and rhythmic; and it didn't cause a disconnect between the tactile feeling of my button inputs and what my Warframe actually did with the melee weapon in my view on-screen? I meant every part of that. Not only does the new abomination we have jammed in the old Stance system's place not match up with our button inputs (a single button press causing at least eight rapid slashes, for example); not only is it clunky and unnatural; not only does it MAKE USING THE MOVEMENT KEYS OBLIGATORY, WHEN WHAT PLAYERS ACTUALLY WANTED was for our melee attacks to have momentum that was finally de-bugged; but as the icing on this soul-less, cut-and-paste cake, the unique rhythyms of each old Combo are now gone. Every single Stance now has the same two or three permutations of mashed E, E + foreward movement, E + block, and/or E + block and foreward movement; with that set formula pasted across the whole board. Homogeny. Rubbish. Unsatisfying and low-effort. I am trying so blasted hard to be patient, but we are very nearly at a full year now that I haven't been able to use, let alone enjoy, what was very FORMERLY my favorite method of in-game combat. But by all means, let me marvel at the "diversity" that you replaced the old genuine variety to our Combos with! (major /s, there). Not only has every Stance been turned into the same swirly flourishes when previously they had distinct aesthetics, but on top of that they all feel the same. And as it turns out, there was a very good reason for them all feeling the same, because at the core they are. There aren't words to describe how... ...furiously disappointed this "overhaul" and "SmOoThNeEsS" makes me; especially since it is demonstrably neither of those things. The same. Exact formula. Over and over again. All of them making the movement input A MANDATORY PART OF THE STANCE, WHEN WHAT WE QUITE SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR WAS FOR MELEE ATTACKS TO NOT LOCK US IN PLACE, AND FOR THEM TO PROPERLY SYNCHRONIZE WITH OUR MOVEMENT, INSTEAD OF BEING DEPENDENT UPON IT. The bar is subterranean in how far I keep mentally lowering it; and each and every blasted time I do so, Melee 3.0 and its highly-alleged "ReFiNeMeNtS" gleefully dig under the metaphorical bar and fling dirt in my face. I'm not going to accept this. I will never enjoy it, and I am certainly not taking time to "relearn" what has been lobotomized into a cloned mass of awkward inputs, locked motion, and lamer-looking animations.
  12. Thanks for sort of restoring heavy attacks on Held button, and not the abominable set-up that is Mouse3. For future reference, NEVER bind any control in any game to Mouse3; unless you are the kinda weirdo who finds it intuitive to write while gripping a pencil using only your middle finger; which is roughly as smooth and natural-feeling to me. I say sort of; because unfortunately, you added hold-for-heavy-attack back into melee controls in a somewhat glitchy fashion, much like the "restoration" of player-controlled block; and as a result, some Stances (or rather, the Human Centipede you left behind in place of familiar and beloved Stances) ignores the held E anyway. As a result, a random attack at nothing in particular occurs, followed by a second-and-a-half-long lag to the actual heavy attack. Secondly, if you had to remove channeling, did you also have to jam its VFX on to every heavy attack? That weird energy-color pulse when we do parkour has already existed for several years without any way to toggle it off (which we desperately need, it detracts from the visuals rather than adding to them); and this jammed-in glow is just as annoying. This was fun only when channeling still existed, and we controlled whether or not it was visually "activated". It being changed to a permanent, unalterable effect on every single heavy attack is very annoying. Beyond annoying, loathsome. I don't want to see it. Either restore channeling and combo counter as part of the melee combat system's mechanics, or take this visual effect out altogether. Yet more eye fatigue that throws off fashion-frame offered to the players in place of variety and intuition of controls. Lovely. And look! It's our old friends from all of the "visually improved and overhauled" swing trails and elemental VFX; Needless Bloom and his best friend Obnoxious Particles! Of course, I prefer to call them Sparky and Bubbles, and neither is a term of endearment. I've been trying to evict Sparky and Bubbles for months, but a large group of very involved people seems to be under the mistaken impression they are "CiNeMaTiC" to have under the same roof. If these two young chaps are cinematic, they are cinematic in the fashion of Michael Bay's entire filmography: by being insufferably over-done, flashing, and over-complicated. Less truly is more when it comes to space ninjas. Of course, this is far from my only greivance; and rest assured that only my absolute exhaustion has turned a frustrated anger into what my formal tone might cause to come across to you as apathy. I am well and truly enraged, but there's only so many ways to rephrase that you never wanted something that was haphazardly jammed into your favorite video game and your favorite form of combat within said game; particularly when it was jammed in without any of your feedback or personal choice, and your feedback continues to be ignored as it gets clunkier to control, less fun to use, and more painful to look at. So, let me be blunt and emphatic on my feelings and frustrations: The only flaw with the old Combo system was that some weapon categories had a singular stance, and that some Stances had only two combos. You, as the developers, should have, and could have, taken the time to expand the small ones into a full set a la Tempo Royale; and then in turn made new Stances and new weapons for the sadly unloved melee weapon categories (COUGH WARFANS, RAPIERS, BLADE-WHIPS, ETC. COUGH). But you didn't do that. You did nothing for the weapon categories and Stances that needed love; and instead you annihlated the Stances and Combos that were beloved and familiar, ones we had used and grown fond of for five (or more!) years; leaving behind only lesser and clunkier inferior replacements for them that merely bear the stolen name. August Mesto was once, and should still be, a horizontal corkscrew-flip combined with a downward vertical chop; and what you now claim to be "August Mesto" is what used to be Majestic Abandon, and the "E E E E" combo of that Stance. You literally rearranged them; and on top of that you also simplified what was a formerly majestic pair of combos with good range and multi-hit into a clumsy, short-range couplet with half the range. That flip isn't just bastardized into no longer being a part of the block combo (WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE STAYED); it also is now more of a pathetic hop with a limper arm swing. And what's even worse, in some cases you didn't even bother to do that, you just cut-and-pasted specific chunks of the old Combos across Stances that formerly had distinct styles, creating the awkward animations and present homogeny of twirling we now face. I don't understand either, Major_Lost. I truly don't. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; let alone replace it with an industrial shipment of pin-wheels. I'm not developer-bashing, either. I do not make this accusation lightly; but I will not ignore the evidence of my own eyes and over five years of use when it tells me that this is quite visibly the sort of Frankentstein's-Monster-esque mutilation that occured with Combos. And that experience, and my own eyes, tells me that Malicious Raptor once had two very, very lovely Combos I was quite fond of: Wicked Slash and Lethal Clash. They were, respectively, as is still visible on the wiki, a delightfully berserk flurry of enraged claw attacks; and a corkscrew-claw-slash ending in a satisfyingly brutal two-handed slam of both sets of claws into the ground/a downed foe. This is the real Wicked Slash, the fun one; and like all of the old Combos, it should still be there in that Stance; rather than the mess you gave its stolen name to. I deeply miss performing it, and in defiance of reason; I have a mounting, frustrated urge to try and recreate the beloved and now-lost manuever on a ballistic gel dummy with a steak knife in each hand. It might make me slightly less sad about what was taken away. This is the real and fun Lethal Clash, and like its brother Combo, it no longer exists in any fashion. Except for the fact they still do - in a simplified, visually-dumbed down form on Vermillion Storm. That couldn't be right, of course. Vermillion Storm is the elegant ballet performance of Claw Stances, consisting of mocking twirls and several fancy kicks. Why would it contain slamming or mauling, as Malicious Raptor had stolen from its own animations? But, lo and behold, despite the fact I tested claw weapons using Vermillion Storm after The Old Blood launched, what Combos did I see in Captura in place of its lethal dances? Hmmh, doesn't that series of hunched and diagonal cuts look familiar, and yet somewhat... ...nuetered? It occured immediately, with the previous spiral of claw attacks gone; and as I believe I just mentioned, it WAS CUT AND PASTED onto a completely unfitting Stance. But maybe I'm over-reacting, this could have just been - A backflip without any cuts followed by a claw slam into the ground? Downgraded, yet all too familiar in its source. No such manuevre existed on Vermillion Storm before, and if this isn't a downgraded Lethal Clash, then Melee 3.0 is everything I (never, ever, EVER) asked for and not-at-all a perpetually mounting frustration that has sucked most of the joy of the game out for me. Zing, except not really; I hope you actually read that. Since these "new combos" are not only ripped directly out of Malicious Raptor to be grafted onto its horrified sibling as it simultaneously bleeds out in the gutter; but they are also downgraded, they deserve downgraded names. I will call these misplaced imposters Flailing Scritches and Injury Disagreement. Eloquence fails to express my feelings, so I now use slang: Lame. Bollocks. Whack. Honky. A gigantic, steaming pile of - er, Shelter-Debt Bonds. Bloody Corpus. Bold claims. Claims which are dubious at best, if not outright false advertising. I want the old Combos back. I want to perform those Combos with a mixture of taps, held-E-key, RMB, and pauses again; it felt like the natural tensing and relaxation of muscles for a martial art, whereas this "overhauled" combo system is pure mashing with a bit of foreward key and RMB. Identical, and soulless. I want melee lock-in to not cause that stupid flash you "restored" it with. I want MANUAL manual block, not "manual block but teehee just kidding that stupid auto-AI still interrupts your actions to block" block. I want a reason to use my Valkyr Prime again, and so far this year has only steadily decreased what was my true love among Warframes into someone designed to buff a system that has been perepetually worsened. I. AM. NOT. HAVING. FUN. NOT EVEN REMOTELY.
  13. I'm going to politely-as-possible state hell no to removing held melee again; and instead further approve the suggestion that it being bound to Mouse3 should be an optional toggle in game settings. I found and still find it inherently smoother and less unnatural to use heavy attacks with held E; and in my opinion literally no control should ever be bound to mouse-wheel, in any game. It's like trying to shake a hand or tie your shoelaces using only the middle fingers.
  14. Now that I think of it, let me emphasize this for everyone else in the boat with me that still doesn't like our "better" melee, so those of you calling us "haters" understand: We don't hate it "just because it changed"; we hate it because the control scheme is substantially more awkward; the VFX are painfully overdone and ruin the look of genuinely cool designs; the beloved Combos we used for years having been gutted, rearranged, or removed altogether in favor of a new one that only bears the stolen name of its predecessor; BECAUSE IT WAS MORE INTUITIVE AND FAR LESS CLUNKY TO USE HEAVY ATTACKS, GUNBLADES, AND GLAIVES BY HOLDING E KEY, because restoring the ability to lock into a genuine melee state is a half-hearted measure WHEN YOU ALSO SHOVE IN A HORRIBLE, NON-DISABLE-ABLE FLASH THAT HAPPENS EVERY TIME A PLAYER LOCKS IN; because Exalted Melee weapons still lack their prior override, which ruins the feeling of rampage they once had, as we stop mid-Hysteria to aim a gun; because MANUAL BLOCKING STILL ISN'T TRULY RESTORED AND THAT ASININE AUTOBLOCK STILL EXISTS; because slam attacks cause a live recreation of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki whenever they connect; because enemies spray more sparks than gore these days, because that annoying-as-h - er, Void ragdoll was thankfully removed, only to be reimplemented in equally annoying fashion as the "Lifted" state applied by Heavy Attacks WE CAN'T USE ANYMORE, since they're bound to Mouse3; and because DE has kept akwardly shoving into melee combat about three dozen other greivances that we listed politely prior, and DE IGNORED THE CRITICISM ANYWAY. That's why we're mad. And maybe, I don't know, most of all, because this has now gone on for eight months, and with this track record, they don't seem likely to listen now. Eight. months. Do you know who responded in all that time, and still didn't give any real answer? Bear. Not Danielle, who made the thread then and has made these two threads now. Not Steve, their literal head who you think would have a vested interest in many, many players being mad at him. Not Megan or Rebecca, normally famous (until this year) for interacting with the community and answering questions. Just Bear. And he told us what was tantamount to "IDK, don't ask me lol". That's a tiny bit infuriating, and really tends to kill any love for a steadily worsening method of combat you once gleefully used.
  15. Unfortunately, that's exactly the reason that the re-binding of finishers to X and changing of charge/ranged-gunblade/throw attacks from held E to Mouse3 makes me angry. That is making my character no longer do what I control. There is literally and objectively no keybinding in the entire history of computer games or computer-ported games that is worse and more clunky than clicking mouse-wheel/side-buttons. Who thought Mouse3 was what anyone wanted?
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