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  1. Here's our progress for tonight. I've finally reached a stage where I'm so livid about the state of the game in general that I am motoring through this. Perhaps anger breeds creativity.
  2. @BasKyThe darned thing is, the course I was getting ready to take at my community college prior to the pandemic was a stepping-stone pre-requisite to a rendering and digital art program at university. COVID shut that down quickly. The doubly ironic thing? I decided to forgo the semester to safely isolate, followed every protocol, limited my social interaction, and I still caught the blasted virus. If I had the knowledge or the tools, I would absolutely be doing this digitally. Like I said above, my chief issue is motivation, and my lack of belief DE will even listen to... ...well, a
  3. Oh, look! It still isn't fixed. Put the toggle back in.
  4. Good lord. Grendel looks like a toy left behind the sofa for a month.
  5. Actual admission that 3.0 feels, looks, and handles worse? Agreement that the good Stances should never have been changed, and that the bad Stances weren't remotely fixed? Consensus with me that it isn't fun and many people, myself included, will ALWAYS prefer the 2.0 controls; and we want our player-controlled-blocking and actually cool Combo moves back? Shootaman777, I could kiss you; irregardless of your physical sex or personal identity. Even before the forced-on autoexposure made me quit playing altogether, Melee 3.0 has been a source of perpetual misery. It ripped out everything tha
  6. I know what you're all thinking: "That's it? Multiple weeks, despite your clear passion for making this a sleeker design than the weird jellyfish-hairdryer-flowers we got, and this is all you've made?" That's my thoughts to myself too. I present a counterpoint: Let's see how motivated any of you are to improve a design for a weapon in a game you no longer want to play. Even finding the will to continue this drawing has been difficult; especially when games like Guild Wars 2 have been holding genuinely FUN Halloween content, without ripping out everything that made me enjoy them as games i
  7. It needs to be addressed, but from what I've seent these past two years, having officially flat-out quit playing in August; it won't be. The same way that DE didn't address the stupidity of the asinine flashbang bloom added to arrow impacts and muzzle fire. The same way that DE didn't address how quite a few formerly melee-loving players (myself IN PARTICULAR) sincerely preferred the entirety of the old control system and still find Melee 3.0's controls clunkier than we ever did 2.0's controls. And we weren't even given the option to retain that control scheme if we really did like t
  8. This remains just so utterly asinine I couldn't help but add some annotations to summarize every problem the new UI has in MS Paint. And frankly, the new UI looks like it was slapped together in MS Paint. See the orange-red arrows? That's the flow of the eye when "reading" the image. See how it follows a nice zig-zagging pattern, moving in a Z like I was reading a book? That's good menu design. That's how menus should look and data should be displayed. But, like everything about Warframe since 2019, the mindless design philosophy has devolved to old=inherently bad; and instead of ad
  9. My "suggestion" about the design remains the same as before, and it's actually a demand: Revert it completely back to the old layout. Shocking, I know. How could I pOsSiBLY have preferred the layout which was pleasingly simple, didn't force me to toggle through extra hidden menus, and displayed all my information clearly and in a logical arrangement?! Why on Earth, good heavens forbid, did I LIKE having this information about my performance and my loot arranged in structured nature that followed the tendency of the human eye to read in a zig
  10. Really? Because I despise the hot mess seen here, and I want the old mid/post-mission UI back now. We went from clear and concise data, displayed immediately; to a space-wasting, unpleasant, haphazard pile of rubbish which forces us to go through yet more of the cancerously-spreading hidden menu B.S. that DE's developed a fetish for. Zero information on my player accuracy, or even kill information other than number; and it doesn't even show us how much damage we took total out of the whole squad. And believe it or not I LIKED HAVING THAT INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, AND TENDED TO AD
  11. I'm going to be honest, while I may have completely stopped playing Warframe due to the utter nightmare of the past few years' asinine, forced-in control and gameplay changes, to say nothing of bad graphics alterations; even all that is not enough to stop me trying to improve this weapon design. There are so few things that were required to make this pair of pistols cohesive with general Orokin aesthetic, default Akso, and Soma Prime; and yet they just aren't there. I may seriously doubt that I will ever touch or boot up Warframe again, and I have zero desire or incentive to play ri
  12. Wanna know another secret?, DE I absolutely despise lens-flare. Glowing is cool; smeared halos around that glowing that dirty up its color and obscure model details are objectively NOT COOL. You know what optometrists call that effect? Astigmatism; I have it already, and I do not under any circumstances ever want a a failure of my eye to function right to be duplicated as something "artistic". There aren't supposed to be halos, and I don't want to see more of those stupid little halos than I see IRL in the nighttime lights. They're infuriating enough in reality. There should never be that blue
  13. At the very basic, absolute core: This. A thousand times this. Who even started this catastrophic trend, and why?!
  14. This is never going to stop being a complete downgrade from the concise and clear UI we had before. Minimalism is not necessarily a good thing. I much preferred this data taking up my whole screen post-mission; and I liked how it was able to be closed at my leisure when I was done reading my mission stats; and I especially preferred having my Syndicate standing listed on a separate page, not listed in the same bloody spot as my Weapon/Warframe/Companion Affinity; in a way that is almost guaranteed to further confuse new players and looks flat-out stupid. Now everything is out of the nice
  15. Okay, that in turn is taking longer than I thought. Chiefly because I spilled my BLASTED COFFEE on the paper and had to restart, but by the Void I am nearly done with this.
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