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  1. Thank you for the fixes. Now can someone, anyone at all, read the melee feedback mega-thread past page 20? There are countless issues with 2.9's "upgrade" that still haven't been addressed, almost three months later. I would very much like to have my holsters, controllable block, and non-blinding weapon trails back, please.
  2. Exactly what I've reiterated time and time again over dozens of pages. Players should have their own control of their own actions, as well as a choice in how they fight the majority of foes; and this should be the rule without exception. Melee 2.9 has so far accomplished only making things more awkward to control; and removed that personal choice from the player's reach. We're not having fun with this, development team. The whole DE crew works hard, but please just read this thread.
  3. I must objectively disagree. I have not enjoyed combat, either melee or as a whole, since Buried Debts. I have listed the numerous reasons for this time and time again; but it seems I will list them again. I am afraid my patience extends only to the development team, and not to your individual insistence that they continue to ignore genuine problems in their so-called "improvement". THREE AND A HALF MONTHS such issues have gone ignored; so let's recap one more time, in what is undoubtedly far from the last exhausting case of having to rephrase myself over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Automatic block interrupts scopes and reloading and attempts to block things that don't even do damage, like the vomit of Infested Nausea Crawlers. It will get stunned in a defense loop against multiple firing opponents; trying to block them all, and that keeps the player from firing gunblades. It is condescending, irritating, unwarranted, and a profoundly frustrating example of designing a game to play itself; so that the player funnels more money to the developer, without actually experiencing or doing anything. The lack of a dedicated melee slot is also unsatisfying, and taking it out removed any illusion of impact from all weapons in the melee category. Nothing feels like my Warframe is genuinely holding it anymore, and my brain is no longer fooled so that I experience any sensation of actual collision. Compounding this flaw is the fact it forces a predominantly ranged play-style, rather than allowing the player to choose how they play, which results in even more frustration. Forcing gun-play is just as bad as forcing melee. All players should be equally effective in their combat and given a choice in how they decided to kill legions of foes. Buried Debts took that choice away, and with it, my enjoyment. I am, quite simply, never going to approve of this narrowing of options and dumbing-down of combat. I can understand the removal of channeling, but the detonation of throwing weapons should have remained controlled by Mouse1. Attempting to tap E with the right timing mid-flight; so as to explode the Wolf Sledge, Glaive, or any similar melee, quite simply no longer works, nine times out of ten. DE now intends to make finishers, which are already tediously prolonged, into outright cinematics that will affect every single foe. This includes mere nuisances like the lowly Butcher; and it will accomplish nothing but making combat slower and even less satisfying. If trying to be stealthy during a mission, I absolutely do NOT desire an entire 8-second ballet show to affect my opponent; I want a quick, clean, and brutal instant assassination. The removal of hold-and-release RMB was disastrous. Replaced by a clumsy Mouse2 toggle that only works if you keep hitting E; now RMB switches to guns, compounding the issue of forcing one play-style in favor of another. Being forced into using a gun is frankly almost a mercy, as melee has become so janky that it is no longer fun; and as I have stated so many times before, no amount of anime influence or awkward attempts to ape over-choreographed action films will change the fact that melee stopped being fun with Buried Debts, and still isn't any better or more satisfying of an "upgrade" now. IT. WAS. BETTER. BEFORE. Ninety percent of my combat in-game, prior to the February of this incredibly disappointing year, was melee. Melee combat is what first made me decide to keep Warframe on my Steam account, and the sensations it used to bring are what sold me on the premise. IT WAS FUN. Emphasis upon the "was". I'm no longer a space ninja, I'm a space "12-year-old in Call of Duty"; and that original magic that won me over to the lore's premise is dead. You have the audacity to call my complaints meaningless? Every single complaint I have made previously, and that I restate yet again now, relates to the core of my game-play, and to the very combat system that I used to love so dearly. I've seen it all brutally gutted in favor of alleged "streamlining"; and I'd be lying if I said that the condescension of players like you doesn't frustrate me just as equally as DE's silence about addressing any of the aforementioned issues does. If you came here to tell me to be quiet, and to pretend and lie that I have been enjoying myself for the past quarter of a year, then why did you post to this thread at all? An issue that was easily resolved by the far more rational choice to inherently increase holster speeds across the board; and to give replacement bonuses to all the mods that currently speed Holstering up. The very existence of those mods proves that DE is more than capable of making this far simpler change to core game mechanics; and I can tell you from personal experience that even just the Speed Holster Aura makes switching to a weapon take less than a second. You want clunky? Clunky is switching to a rifle when you hit RMB, even when you are also pressing E simultaneously; especially when muscle-memory tells you that you should be beginning the Resplendent Calma combo of Tempo Royale. Clunky is having the simple, satisfying choice to do your own blocking for yourself taken out of your hands and put in the hands of an AI; an AI which quite frankly couldn't spill water out of a boot if there were instructions on the heel. Clunky is the removal of controls from your hands, and lessening the amount of the game you actually play. Clunky is the only thing that describes the past three and a half months, and I will not be silent about this mess. That is a long-winded way of stating what you really mean: "I think that you are all idiots, and your opinions should be disregarded because I don't like them." Your hostility contributes nothing and exacerbates the issue. Want to know a secret? I've never, ever, ever used any auto-performance mods on anything. Not once did I ever install Parry, Reflex Guard, or Sure Footed, because having the game perform itself for me makes it cease to be a game and turns everything boring, much like automatic blocking. I still don't use those mods; so kindly do not tell me that I didn't experience the bug, when I very definitely experienced the bug. Your denial of problems does not remove them from existence. You ignore the core issue: that wielding Exalted Weapons was far more fun than using the normal weapons; and it is the exact opposite of fun to have my former bestial rampage as Valkyr interrupted. Especially when it halts in order to fire an indescribably lame, plain old pistol. I want to claw everything to death again, until I no longer have Energy; or nothing is still alive. A berserker that isn't utterly consumed by rage doesn't feel like a berserker, and everything that made me fall in love with Valkyr has been neutered out of her gameplay experience. Good to know my time spent farming her even cooler Prime was put to complete waste. And again, this is an example of forcing game-play without choices. Moddable Exalted Weapons were more than deadly enough already, and I didn't need alteration to what was working perfectly fine. An 80% critical chance with 1000+ damage of all three physical types upon my claws was just fine and dandy. I miss relentless mauling foes with them, and it's abundantly clear you came to this thread to presume you know better than me, and what I should enjoy about combat. Spoiler alert: it isn't any of this. The retina-searing trails most assuredly do not aid in any of these things. Ever since Buried Debts, every single weapon swing has been so blazingly over-saturated that it obscures my screen, so, in fact, it is now far harder than ever to hack and slash with the freedom and accuracy players used to have. The weapons glowed plenty bright before, and already had a clearly obvious trail. But, for some inconceivable reason, DE decided for us that all those weapon effects should now resemble a trailing slice of the sun itself. A game that used to cause no visual issues for me now causing me eye strain in less than half an hour is usually a very, very good indicator that things are overdone. This didn't make anything prettier, it made it painful. But more than anything else: I wholeheartedly concur. Actually do some reading of the earlier pages, or try playing a melee-focused Warframe for a while. We are not having fun, and we aren't gonna grit out teeth and pretend that this is enjoyable for us in any fashion. Don't even dare to claim you know what we should do. Finally, there's still the core issue at the root of all of this: Ultimately, "2.9" has streamlined nothing, while increasing the frustration of virtually every aspect of combat that used to be genuinely satisfying. Is it so unreasonable of us to demand simple answers about genuine problems that continue to go unaddressed? There's only so many ways that one person can express that this isn't fun. I am frankly angry, frustrated, and quite tired of reiterating that basic statement; over and over, time and time again.
  4. I am so very sad and frustrated about this exhausting affair, and I am going to keep speaking up as long the problems we used to be free from in our game-play persist. I maintain everything I have previously said, especially in light of a few of my more recent posts to this thread mysteriously "vanishing". This has not been, and still is not, the right way to go with things. DE needs to give any sign at all that they read this, and are aware with player's numerous issues with the "improvements". I just don't understand, and I quite legitimately have not found combat enjoyable; neither during nor since Buried Debts. If the goal was to streamline and make more enjoyable and fun combat for the player, then: Why did you remove the dedicated melee-mode slot; forcing gun-play, and reducing melee weapons to a side garnish we can barely steer, rather than an equally valid way of fighting through the level? Players should always have a choice in how they fight. Why did you remove quick attacks; ensuring that anyone unfortunate enough to mainly use Sparring Weapons prior to Buried Debts is now stuck in the awkward, rocket-launching break-dancing of both of the weapon category's fairly awful stances? This is not even bringing up how much harder the lack of quick attack has made Spy missions; chiefly from the increased risk of catapulting into a melee combo, and subsequently smacking a Sensor Regulator or tripping a Laser. Why was blocking that the player actively and genuinely controls removed? Automatic block is not only condescending toward players, as well as incredibly boring and frustrating; the AI governing this "innovation" has proven itself quite thoroughly brain-dead the past few months. I am getting very tired of it "helpfully" taking me out of sniper scope to try and parry a single osprey bolt launched from 500m away. Continuing the above, who thought that would be a good addition? RMB combos still don't work properly, the blocking bonuses of X-and-Shield-category melee weapons are currently all but useless, and we can't aimglide during melee anymore. Auto-block didn't improve or streamline anything, it removed fun parts of parkour like using my air attack in melee to boost a jump even further, or flip around and turn the opposite direction while still in mid-air. The feeling of pulling that sort of ninja acrobatics off was awesome, and I sincerely miss it. But like RMB-involving combos, it's pretty much obliterated now. Why did you compound the issue of not having a genuine melee mode even further; by giving us a clumsy, vague, and far-too-wide UI reticule? The reticule may have the dot in the middle, but it implies a larger area is being struck on the enemy's hitbox than actually exists. It's much harder to correctly judge and aim throws using Glaives now; and the same applies to Sigma & Octantis, Cobra & Crane, and the Wolf Sledge. Making our throws, air attacks, and ground slams sloppier and more difficult to align properly is not an improvement. I miss the old, simple, less intrusive single dot; which proved itself far more precise and less visually intrusive in the HUD. Why do Exalted Melee and Ranged weapons no longer override "normal" weapons, with the two exceptions of Regulators and Balefire Charger? This hasn't made anything more convenient; and instead it lowered both the enjoyability and DPS of such skills from their constant interruption by mundane actions like reload. If I am hulking out with Hysteria, I can quite assure you that I do not want my Valk to stop channeling it until either every foe is dead, I get downed, or I run out of energy. Having my awesome and insanely metal Wolverine-style rampage halted to refill a boring, normal gun is not something I ever asked for. Why are the graphical bugs that these changes brought to Exalted Weapons still not fixed? Hysteria continues to flicker quite literally with every hit on a foe; exiting out of its own color-correction of orange "berserker haze" to normal graphics. This is epileptic to witness and has made a formerly fun skill a nightmarish mess of eye fatigue. Similarly, Excalibur now will randomly warp in posture, abruptly holding Exalted Blade like a Rifle, Bow, or Pistol; and then continue to "slice" and launch waves that still register as hits on the enemies; albeit no longer with his attack animations. Even dying will not fix this, and I have seen it persist until I extract. Running along as a rigid corpse with no animation in the upper body is not exactly conducive to feeling like I am a master swordsman. Why were weapon trails turned so opaque compared to before? They used to be pleasingly translucent while still being glowing; now they are so opaque and saturated it's like someone splashed paint on the UI. It isn't half as appealing to look at, and it's worsened eye fatigue. While the addition of elemental effects actually receiving the energy color of ranged and melee weapons was admittedly a good visual update; the new element FX themselves are not fun to look at. Electricity is super-bright and flickers painfully fast, in contrast to the pleasing, continuous Tesla-coil-style arc effects it used to grant. The same goes for Blast, with the added distraction of the huge chunks that fly off the weapon. Fire went from tongues of flame to being a vague, glowing cloud that doesn't really resemble actual fire and often mysteriously floats a few feet from the weapons' business ends. Radiation went from a suitably ominous glow to the wavy distortions seen on the surface of a car in hot summer weather. The changes to Cold damage actually do look nice, but I would suggest removing the trail of snowflakes and increasing the number of icicles. Having an ice-spike covered greatsword is cool; having a greatsword with freezer burn, less so. Toxin, Viral, Gas, and Magnetic are just variations on some sort of cloud of vague fuzziness, and frankly don't look very imposing anymore. Finally, though, the ungodly maelstrom of particles added to each and every element was completely unnecessary. I want an elemental weapon to look imposing, not like it's caked in bioluminescent confetti sprinkles. Slam attacks being aimable was a good change. Slam attacks now uselessly launching foes 40 feet away at random angles was quite decidedly not a good change. It's lowered overall DPS from the number of stance combos that end in a slam, making hits go to waste; and it's also rendered ground finishers impossible to perform in time before the target stands back up. Please, just restore slams to causing knockdown; and make them crush/slice apart/impale the foe if the damage from the slam kills them. Above all else, why, why, why are you guys now planning to implement this completely inconvenient and time-consuming alteration to finishers? An elaborate cutscene to finish something off is only warranted on a Grand Boss like Exploiter Orb; where it makes sense for us to have a cinematic of us going all Shadow of the Colossus on a foe, it is absolutely unneeded in every other regard. I don't want to have to endure an eight-second animation every time I was hoping to quickly and brutally stealth kill a butcher. Mobs do not warrant any kind of cinematic or zoom-in. To emphasize that it's not all negative, I simply find the melee and visual changes unpleasant and awkward, here's some things this year I have liked: Warframe's surprisingly dark lore, and the interpersonal relationships that make NPCs feel more like people. I find myself genuinely curious what actions Little Duck took that even Business considered excessive, making the two spies grow distant. I genuinely wanted to hug Zuud when she started weeping at - well, spoilers to those who haven't done Thermia Fracture events or weren't around for Buried Debts. I was sincerely horrified to learn about Deck 12 and brain-shelving. Horribly tedious as he was to fight, I sympathize with the Wolf of Saturn Six, and understand why his mistreatment even by his own species has left him convinced that the whole System is out to get him and his pack. An impressive feat, for a neutral field boss who at present only vocalizes in howling. The Foley Artistry. DE_Sheldon and all the other sound designers do a fantastic job, and in particular with creature sounds/vocal distortion. Profit-Taker's guttural and disturbingly baby-like roar-whisper is magnificently terrifying; and her rhyming makes it even worse in the best way. The nasal, far more human, Margaret Thatcher-like indignant barks of Exploiter are also suitably unnerving, but in a much different way. Wolf's howl is not merely furious, but clearly stuttering and pained; making it quite clear that this rogue Grineer is in his own way just as mentally broken and paranoid as Umbra. I never get tired of hearing Valkyr's notorious REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, HYAAAAAAAAGH, and RAAAAAAAAAAAGHK; when using Warcry, Paralysis, and Hysteria respectively; send my compliments to both Megan for the gnarly screams and the sound team for amplifying her and turning it more metallic. The stuttering RUKukUKUkUKuKuk of Soma and Soma Prime is still my favorite gun noise, though for the reasons I mentioned above, players should always have a choice in whether we are using ranged or melee combat; as opposed to awkwardly mashing them together. The designs and artists. From Keith Thompson to Janice Cho (who created most of the UI symbols we know and are familiar with), Warframe is a refreshing break from overly narrow ideas of what looks traditionally "cool". The ringed and filigreed decadence of Prime/Orokin tech, the curving and sharp flow of Tenno weapons, the boxy utilitarianism of Corpus machinery, and the mass-produced Brutalist sickliness of Grineer... ...well, everything; are all instantly iconic. There is no mistaking any faction for one another in Warframe. Even the Sentients have a signature look, with their ridged stone/bone structures, glowing gelatinous segments, eerie glow, and attenuated elongation. The hard work and dedication you all have as a company to improving the game. This issue, and it's mounting number of problems to both fun and game mechanics, is the single topic I have ever seen DE be slow to respond to. Barring 2.9 and the continuing exasperation of players in this thread, you all typically are swift to patch and refine things. I still hold hope you will finally address everything criticized here, and work with rather than against player feedback; as you always have as a studio. TL;DR: You guys at Digital Extremes have done done great things again and again, and proven friendly and approachable; and no one doubts the kind of effort that you guys all put in to improve Warframe. With that said, the changes you've made to combat are not working out, and we hope that you will revert what were poor decisions while keeping what were genuine improvements. Don't exhaust yourselves, crunch is the enemy of quality work the world over; but please try to fix the things that have gone awry. Please restore a dedicated melee mode and keep weapons non-glued-to-each-other. Please let us control our own block again, and make it a hold-and-release again; rather than an awkward toggle as it currently was "fixed" back into, which only really works for aim. Please, please, please do not implement unnecessary finisher cinematics. If your goal is to make combat faster and more fun, this works in direct counterpoint to that objective. Please allow us all the simple satisfaction of being able to whip out our melee weapons again, and have them stay out no matter what; unless, of course, we choose to switch back to ranged. We should still have that choice, and I don't know why it was taken away. Please make weapon trails more translucent again and non-continuous; and change the new elemental effects to still use the weapon energy color, but actually look like that element. The current confetti storm of particles and bubbles is distracting and unappealing, not pretty. Please make slam attacks actually be slams that knock down things again; as opposed to launches that catapult foes far beyond the reach of what was formerly an easy follow-up attack. I miss impaling downed foes with Galatine, or punching them til they exploded with Ankyros. And finally: Please remember that I, and many other players, still appreciate you all; but that so far this is not the good way to take things, DE. We are justifiably a bit frustrated that the team has implemented changes that have so far done anything but make combat more enjoyable; and indeed several have so far made it less fun than it used to be. You guys are great, and we all know you are definitely hard-working; but please fix the issues you caused and make some indication that you still listen. Patiently awaiting the day my Venka work right again, -Maxim
  5. More than a month and still nothing changed after long-enduring this clown parade, so at this point I'm not going to go any further in elaboration than stating my boredom and hatred for 2.9. Having no separate melee mode is not fun. Being forced to use my weapons in conjunction in a half-cooked way that makes both harder to aim and attack with than before is not fun. Automatic block is condescending, stupid, and constantly interrupts actions INCLUDING THE SHOT WITH HEAVY ATTACKS on gunblades; so that change can die in a hole too. Hysteria flickers its VFX on and off with every hit, and it's done so since Buried Debts got shoved in. The easiest way to heal as Valkyr is now unusable epilepsy. Exalted Weapons aren't fun to use when they no longer override normal weapons; the last thing I want my Valkyr to do mid-rampage as I maul things like Wolverine is to fire a normal, boring pistol. Melee trails, weapon particles, and melee slam effects are hideously bright and over-complicated now; they legitimately looked better when they were a mostly translucent and glowed more faintly with the energy color. Any combat is now a cornea-boiling supernova. The ability to finally have energy color customize VFX for elements isn't really an upgrade; because now nearly every element is a flickering confetti ball of slightly-altered-from-each-other particles. Fire should look like fire, not bubbles of Satan's shower soap. Electric now flickers 200 times faster than would actually look good, and is seizure-trigger incarnate. Having a melee block and RMB combos that worked without fiddling with this moronic half-working toggle was good; and ever since we were given this in place of the old hold-and-release neither has been working correctly. Aimable ground-slams are pointless, because now all slam attacks useless ragdoll opponents 80 feet away from you; and finishers are non-existent without stun abilities. Did I mention that literally everything is too bright and too damned harshly glowing now? The game was already riddled with eye cancer, now I barely feel like playing at all. Controls worked better when they were segregated. They should be separated again. Nothing about the current state of affairs is fun or satisfying to use. But mainly, mainly, DE: This garbage fire isn't fun, and I hate it with every fiber of my being. I hate it with every [Steel Fiber] of my Warframes. I didn't like it when it was released. I don't like it now. I won't like it in the future, DE; and I am dead certain after your period of apathetic silence, during which you've continued to patch everything but the combat you intrinsically broke and took the fun out of, that "Phases 2 and 3" are going to be further downgrades from what you already turned into dull, boring, brain-dead mashing of E and RMB. When I haven't enjoyed a game that I had more than 2400 hours in; and I've found it boring for more than two months now, maybe you should pull your eyes out of Twitch chat and meme pages and actually read your own forums. Why should I be hyped for any changes? The remastered Plains, creation of Korrudo, the Wolf, and even the new Prime Access are just more glitz you throw at players to try and make us distracted so we'll be quiet about your bad decisions. Rubbing polish on a car wreck doesn't change the fact the car is now a heap of junk. I was told by a Tenno friend the following: that "unvoiced complaints are never heard"; which is funny, because Digital Extremes has made its company policy quite clear. Voiced complaints won't be heard either; and anyone who enjoyed the old and better controls (that actually worked and didn't constantly grind into each other in one sloppy mess) is going to be ignored in favor of clumsily hammering all players through a Mesa-shaped hole. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of this head-in-the-sand attitude. I want what was actually fun to use BACK.
  6. Answer your bloody thread, DE. I've given it a month and my opinion upon the matter is still unanimous concurrence. Both melee and gunplay were more fun when I had a CHOICE between which I used at the time. They were both also more fun when their controls didn't interrupt each other. Weaboos whining about "MUH DEBIL TRIVVER"; despite the fact the removal of segregated weapon slots did the exact opposite of adding "flow" to either ranged or close combat. I myself have said this over and over AND OVER. Remove Twitch, Streamlined Form, Soft Hands, Reflex Draw, Speed Holster, and Spring-loaded Blades. Just make weapon holster speed inherently fast, ALLOWING US TO ACTUALLY RETAIN OUR PERSONAL CHOICE IN HOW WE PLAY; and then add a better ability to dodge things whether in melee or ranged combat. And unlike how you shoved in your asinine autoblock, make these changes something the player has to activate of their own choice. There is literally no one alive that wants a self-playing game. As for cosmetic issues: Dual energy is not working correctly, and the "better" new elemental effects are a hideous storm of particle-confetti effects/too-fast flashing. The fact our energy color finally colors the elements does not change the fact they are revolting to put on our melee weapons. Weapon trails are hideously opaque compared to their former, actually pleasing and un-distracting ghostliness, and in the same vein slam attacks are so hideously bright that ninety percent of stances are now triggers for epilepsy. You have, for a solid month now at DE, shoved an objective downgrade to the melee system, uglier visual effects, and your definition of "fun" down everyone's throats. The glitz is not going to change the fact I don't want to play the game, and that I don't have the motivation to farm for Wolf Sledge, Tipedo Prime, or anything else new. I maxed Korrudo and sold them the moment I did, because you've managed the impressive feat of turning all melee weapons both uglier and less fun to use. What good is it to have melee we aren't allowed to actually hold, let alone to have the full complexity of our old controls? What the hell was some coder's vendetta against FUN combat? Who thought it was a good idea to change channeling from an intuitive, easy left-click? It's a hot mess, and while I refuse to give up on the game, I can say for a fact that I am not buying any plat or any thing for the time being. You took five years of awesomeness since I joined in 2014, then sliced out everything that actually separated Warframe from another boring space shooter, DE. A shiny new turd is no consolation for cutting off our hands and our input into our own controls.
  7. There's only so many time I will reiterate what I and others have stated OVER. AND OVER. AND OVER. @[DE]Danielle One of you developers, actually read the blasted thread. What good is asking for "feedback" if you stick your collective fingers in your ears for a month?
  8. Still no response to the melee "improvement" feedback megathread and substantial amount of player dislike for the changes. After a month, might I add. What good is making the thread if you give no response to even indicate you read it, DE? Are you determined to shove us through a boring, clumsy, FPS-shaped mold instead of letting us be space ninjas? Is this some pet project you all quietly ignore responses toward, unless that response is praise?
  9. ^The same base damage?! MK-1 Braton has 18 base damage; Gram Prime has 180. Does your brain delete 3rd digits in the numbers it reads off the Wiki? That is literally ten times the damage of the rifle. Fundamentally weaker? What's fundamentally weaker is both ranged and melee combat; ever since they got stapled together into one useless wreck. If you had issues reaching a foe, it was because you weren't using parkour/sprinting/air attacks to ninja your way over to the opponent in conjunction with melee; as was the whole "space ninja" point. At least, when we still had an aim-glide that worked on all three weapons; a dedicated melee combat mode; and an RMB that still did anything; that was the point. The only flaws the old, usable system had were the poor reach of quick attacks and a lack of forward movement across all Stances. Rather than address these two minor problems; DE has opted to remove the combat style altogether, destroy the mechanics of what was useful and actually fun to use about melee, and bury their head in the sand in regards to "hearing" our criticism. But by all means, cite incorrect numbers, to continue their false impression as the developers that they "improved" melee with this series of changes. I totally am just LOVING having: -Slam attacks that uselessly "juggle" enemies so they get launched 2000 feet away from me and stand back up before I can ever use finishers on them. -Channeling that now completely fails to activate, no matter what control scheme I use; in motion or holding still, literally nothing ever triggers. Life Strike gives my Excalibur such help on Exalted Blade's build now. -Weapon trails and slam particles that, rather than being their prior, pleasing mixture of transparency and glowing-ness, are now hideously opaque; and brighter than Gohan entering Super Saiyan 2. Not like I used my eyes; or that this ugliness totally removes any remaining desire to use what used to be my favorite weapon category... -Exalted Weapons that now get interrupted by virtually anything; as well as no longer overriding normal weapons, so they've lost their satisfaction and feeling of power. It's SO fun to go from being Wolverine as Valkyr, Robin Hood as Ivara, JoJo as Baruuk, Kenpachi Zaraki as Excalibur, and himself as Wukong; to a new, neutered form of all of the above, one that gives me the "convenience" of STOPPING ALTOGETHER; so that I can swap rampaging with an actually cool weapon for firing NORMAL, BORING GUNS THAT ARE ALREADY IN EVERY VIDEO GAME ON EARTH. Totally asked for that, DE. -Hysteria's orange "berserker haze" glitching out, and stopping the color correction VFX; every time I hit an opponent. Every. Single. Time. It flickers back to normal graphics with each and every hit now. Wolverine Mode is now Epilepsy Simulator 2019. Thanks for that. -The complete removal of full-on melee, controllable blocking, and easy use of RMB-involving Stance combos. If it wasn't abundantly clear, this is sarcasm. I've run out of both enjoyment and patience. I'm sick of my playing style being killed, I can't enjoy myself anymore, I'm angry with DE; and I am positively exhausted with community members (especially the fricking Reddit users) either circlejerking and bootlicking about how this is "better" and "perfect" because DEVULH MAAAI KRAYE JUST LAIK MA ANIMU LAWL, or giving false data like you did; so as to falsely complain that melee "was always junk". I am done with Warframe in terms of participation; I will now solely devote myself to Captura stating my undying hatred of this "superior" playstyle. I want holsters. I want faster holsters that still use the old animation; rather than their replacement by an ugly-as-Hell energy flicker. I want the simple pleasure of ACTUALLY HOLDING my beloved Dual Raza again. I want to channel again. I want weapon trails and slam attack particles to NOT give me eye cancer again. I want to actually control my own block and not get stuck in a "deflection loop" that keeps me from firing Gunblades. I'm just so utterly sick of it all. There's no "ninja" left in Warframe, we're just a boring cookie-cutter space gun game dudes now. Congrats, DE; you literally devolved what was fun about your once-imaginative game into a clone of Destiny, despite predating and (formerly) being more creative than it. What's next, lootboxes? A new planet that's EPICGAMESEXCLUSIVEtm? Firing Keith Thompson from the art team? Kicking out George Spanos and Keith Power from the music department, when they literally invented the sound of the game? I don't have hope for the future, and it's abundantly clear DE intends to treat players like we're Solari and they're the Corpus. Until there's any sign otherwise or legitimate acknowledgment of melee-main players' complaints; I stand by that accusation. I've lost faith in the product; and also in the players' courage to actually criticize you all when you butcher your own game.
  10. I AM SORRY, OPERATOR DIGITAL EXTREMES. The tedium is free now. I can't stop it. You don't want to. - Not Jordas, but basically me. It's been a month. I've tried not to lose it, but I am ready to boil over. No more courteous humility, we've reached a stage of bad decisions and ripped-out fun where the only feedback option remaining to a player is a full-on rant. I'm not going to strongly swear, I'm not going to curse your bloodlines; but I want to make it abundantly clear that this was a bad change, I am not alone in thinking it is objectively bad, I will never accept it as the new norm, and we need at least some sign you even look at the Forums from your headquarters in Ontario, Canada. I am typing these words from Idaho, USA; and in a digital age, there is no excuse for even that distance resulting in a delayed or absent response to community concerns. To this end, I'm tagging as many staff members as I can in the hopes even one of you will actually read the thread, even knowing it will make this already long post longer still. I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm not having fun, I'm a bit angry, and to be perfectly honest Phase One stinks. I have zero remaining confidence that future changes are going to "improve melee" when you roll out whatever self-performing passive-animation is the full "3.0". You've already torn away what made melee melee and Warframe Warframe; and to add insult to injury, I'm no longer allowed the simple privilege of controlling my own stupid blocking. I'm frankly a bit sad, and the trust I have in this company as a community member, trust built up over years, is fading. We like you guys, but this behavior is sincerely alarming. So, without hope for an actual answer, I call into the unresponsive void. At least the other Void gave me Argon Crystals... @[DE]Adam @[DE]Aidan @[DE]Brian @[DE]Charly @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Elise @[DE]Fernanda @[DE]Foxxehh @[DE]Francine @[DE]George @[DE]Glen @[DE]Helen @[DE]Hugo @[DE]Hunter @[DE]JacobB @[DE]Kanna @[DE]Karina @[DE]Kary @[DE]KeeDoo @[DE]Lasse @[DE]Leon @[DE]Lesley @[DE]Liane @[DE]Linkski @[DE]Mag @[DE]Marcus @[DE]Mark @[DE]Matt @[DE]MattD @[DE]Megan @[DE]Nathan @[DE]Onur @[DE]Pablo @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Sandra @[DE]Sarah @[DE]ShervinG @[DE]Tayler @[DE]Taylor @[DE]Tiago @[DE]Tim @[DE]Tomasz @[DE]Vicky @[DE]Vladimir @[DE]warren @[DE]Willem @[DE]Xander @[DE]Yidan @[DE]Yun @[DE]Zorro If that didn't alert someone, nothing will. I've tried so hard to give the new system a chance, but after more than a month with this trash-fire shoved rudely into the place of what was once my favorite and primary play-style; my patience has completely run out. Melee used to make up 90% of my combat, and I was quite fine with that; now I've been actively been avoiding using guns, to try and recapture a tiny fragment of when Warframe was still fun; when it still made me feel like an actual "space ninja". A ninja. Not space cowboys, not space gangbangers, not space marines, not space Mafia or Gopniks, and definitely not space soldiers. Ninja. Warriors. People for whom blades are more than a decoration. I once liked Warframe, because it actually let me use a greatsword and longbow; even in gun-filled science-fiction setting. It once gave me a personal choice, and I fully and truly loved that high-tech anachronism. That choice is gone now, and so is ANY motivation I may have had to acquire War, the Wolf Sledge, Tipedo Prime, Korrudo, or future melee weapons. DE, you can't ruin an entire mode of gameplay and deliberately narrow player choice; and then expect me to want more of the thing you took the fun completely out of using. I've got to agree with every other user I've quoted. I flat out hate the "improved" melee system; and it's singular improvement was the new elemental effects (and the ability for energy to finally color those elemental effects). I hate it, so, so, so very much. I hate the "better" melee because of the objective clumsiness of the new controls; the downgrade it presents to the enhancement of parkour melee once possessed; and in particular because of the unwanted visual presence of that accursed, irritating, seizure-inducing energy flash where once melee had a proper holstering animation; an animation that for some arbitrary reason, guns get to retain, even as you shove this neon-bright flicker into my eyes like so many shards of broken digital glass. You've more or less been ignoring the players for a month; and despite forum rules, I am finding it very hard to give positive feedback. My politeness currently extends only to refraining from swearing; and stating, "Please undo the mess you've made, if you truly have any regard for us". Every day, I get a little more certain that you don't. The list of things to hate about our shiny, useless, glitzy, twitchy new melee just keeps growing; and my feelings are NOT going to change. To elaborate: I'm not allowed to hold my own weapons in my own hands, and see my Warframe actually pull them out; and now melee combat feels as intangible and indirect as a promise whispered by a fairy. Removing the dedicated mode for melee combat was the worst decision I have seen this company make since Ember's "deluxe" skin. Channeling doesn't work. Period. Despite everything you claim about the new controls, it never activates at all. Whether in motion, holding still, rebound back on to mouse buttons, or kept on the alternate fire key as you moved it; it just isn't working IT. DOESN'T. WORK. EVER. It's not like I used Life Strike, or anything. This is, by all means, totally not something that messed up the build on my Exalted Blade. Patching in dual energy for Forma'ed items somehow de-saturated energy color altogether on abilities and projectiles; even when you set both slots to the same color. My Valkyr Talons are now a feeble and sad washed-out pastel blue; where once they were cyan. My Ember Prime's Mohawk looks more like sublimating creamsicle than a fire. My Ignis Wraith creates depressingly half-colored ghost farts. Exalted Blades has a handful of wispy energy coils where once it seemed to be sheathed in light. As if to compensate for this de-saturation, melee weapon trails and slam attack particles have both been painfully bright since Buried Debts. The August Mesto Combo of Tempo Royale has gone from being a fun, acrobatic greatsword attack; to being a force more eye-straining than a supernova as the final wave erupts with searing opacity and bloom levels. Silva & Aegis Prime's holstering of the mace is now even more misaligned. Somehow, the changes from updates managed to make it jut out still further, and at an even worse angle. Hysteria flickers literally every single time I hit something in Exalted Weapon mode. Exalted Weapons no longer override normal weapons, which removes their prior feeling of power and makes them unsatisfying to wield. They also randomly stop channeling from seemingly innocuous actions like sprinting, reload, or the lovely auto-block that no asked for triggering and trying to stop oh-so-deadly attacks like Nauseous Crawler vomit. Automatic block is a condescending and pointless change that removed player control of their own actions, gutted aim-glide, and ruined Stances. In general, melee has been reduced to a decoration in favor of pushing a gun-oriented play-style upon players. Despite the above, several "improved" melee changes have messed up gun-play as well. For the completely random players that do have usable channeling, alternate fire no longer works; the direct inverse of my problem. Auto-block will interrupt weapon aiming in the same asinine way that it ruined aim-gliding and Stance combos. I'm sorry to have blown up like this, but I'm getting genuinely sick and tired of the developer silence about restoring usable and actually fun melee combat. This isn't enjoyable, this doesn't work, and it's proving quite the eyesore. This is Warframe, not Bulletframe. If you wanted to make a boring space shooter, of the kind that are already dime a dozen, then why did you even bother putting in this level of imagination? Five years spent enjoying myself quite legitimately with my numerous prime melees, and then you had to foist the most downgrading update ever upon the community and the game. I haven't had fun since Buried Debts. I didn't have fun even during Buried Debts. From my Scindo to my Dual Raza; you managed to turn a formerly viable tactic into ugly and un-steerable set dressing. Nice job there, DE. Make a single, simple, easy click activate channeling again. Give me back melee as a dedicated mode. Restore melee aim-gliding. Allow us to toggle aim correctly with RMB again, and make RMB hold-and-release as well as something we consciously control again, so RMB-involving combos and damage block actually work. Keep weapons segregated instead of fusing together the Gameplay Centipede by stitching weapon slots together mouth to anus. Guns are janky to use when perpetually taped to a knife, and a knife is no fun at all to use when it is a permanent side decoration to a gun. THE. OLD. SYSTEM. WORKED. FINE. You literally could have and SHOULD HAVE just made weapon swap inherently three times faster; and changed all the "holster speed" mods to give a new, different bonus. Instead of making combat flow better, these changes have made ranged and melee both tedious; when before they were both separated, fun to use, and able to be chosen between. There was no reason to gut melee. Removing player control of their own damn block, and removing the ability to aim-glide mid-air, even in melee, was an outright sin. Stances don't work. Warframe just isn't Warframe. There's little interest left for me to play, and once I have the Saturn Six Armor from this last rank of Nightwave, I'll lose that tiny smidgen altogether. You've ignored half a decade of actually fun gameplay to shove us all through a HALO-shaped hole without any choice or alternative. And now, you're blatantly ignoring players when we tell you this is a downgrade, all to keep pushing Melee 2.9 as some glorious new perfection; so clearly this is some staff member's pet project. I'm gonna be frank: it's a diseased and miserable pet, it will never get better, and you should put it down while it's still a juvenile. If this is just Phase One of "improvements", then I'm already just glad and eager to hear how you will somehow make melee combat even worse than you've already mutated it into. What's next, visionaries? Removing stances altogether? The slicing and dicing and crushing and stabbing performing itself, alongside the auto-blocking, so the game flat-out becomes your vacuum for our money; one that we don't actually get to play? Guns that are computer controlled? The whole game becoming a sh*tty self-running IOS "game" style simulation that we have no input into? That's what you're paving the way for, folks. You've done many wonderful things, DE, but nothing during or since Buried Debts (except additional customization options) has been among them.
  11. Now now, let's be fair. While I absolutely agree, you aren't being half critical enough. There are several dozen titles this "upgrade" to melee has earned; so out of frustration with DE's complete lack of developer response to any feedback that isn't total praise on Melee 2.9, I think I'll list some. Also, most of them are corny references to a bunch of other sci-fi, fantasy, and science fantasy works of fiction; but what fun would it be to vent in such a fashion, unless I also self-deprecate by being a total geek? If you can't understand why the fun is gone for me, Heidelgard, and countless others; then at least entertain yourself. Preferably do so by trying to track down every mentioned book/series, movie, game/DLC, webcomic, comic book, myth, and toy line. Meleevangelion 3.0: You (Cannot) Wield This Gungic: The Gunthering - Guns of the Gunswalkers The Entirely Decorative Object in the Stone The Set Dressing of Shannara George R. R. Martin: A Storm of Nothings Philip Pullman: The Un-Subtly Shoved-Aside Knife Dishonored: The Removed Poky Thing of Dunwall GunnsOnly Court Solely Caliber 6 BeyBullets No Hack or Slash//Just Shoot The [REDACTED] of Truth Seven Samurai with Just Pistols for Some Reason The Crude, The Bad, and the Ugly Blight of the Valkyr Mains 47 Yakuza, due to a Strange Absence of Ronin Sun Wukong: Journey to the Second Best Witch(No)Blade (Not Allowed) Berserk: The Golden Rage Arc The Giant but Forbidden Claw Final Fantasy VII: Aimbad Children Severed Fist of the North Star Grand Theft Auto-block: Sans Melee "Feature" from the Whack Lagoon Crouching Tiger, Fun-less Venka I could go on, but I think you get the point.
  12. Oh boy, Tipedo Prime! I just can't wait to directly wield that pretty little staff, using fun and intuitive controls that are independent of anything related to my guns and which allow me to control my own blocking! Oh wait...
  13. I'm glad you mostly agreed, but kindly do not edit my statements. I meant what I said. Removing players' ability to control their block not only garbled every stance; it also sends the impression the game will "play" itself and we don't actually get to control anything.
  14. My exact issue, number one. Hysteria used to feel like being a mix of the Incredible Hulk with Wolverine; now it's been reduced to a neat decoration treated as secondary and inferior to just shooting everything. Come to the think of it, that's my main issue with the new melee; or rather, the fact that the changes have effectively removed melee as a method of combat altogether from the game; and turned it into the kind of passive afterthought to combat found in HALO. My name ain't John-117; and if I wanted to spend my time solely firing guns, with the occasional punch thrown in, I would have asked. Amen. I don't doubt love, time, and the effort DE puts into the game; but in all regards other than the new visual effects, and the ability to aim my ground slams, this feels like a downgrade. Two fancy new distractions do not change the fact melee combat isn't fun to use anymore. -There's no active melee mode anymore; and my prior ability to go from shooting into a Dark Souls bossfight-style rampage was what sold me on the game originally. This removes the core of my player style prior to Buried Debts (which is more than four years), limits my personal choice in how I play the game, and removes 95% of the fun of using Valkyr as my main Warframe. -Instead of the nice, familiar holsters that I genuinely liked to watch, and enjoyed hearing the familiar shink noise of; we now have yet another super-seizure-y energy flicker, as weapons magically teleport in and out of my hand while clipping or misaligned altogether from the Warframes' models. -Combos don't work right because I can't hold and release RMB as prior; and in turn, the auto/toggle state of the current block means that the RMB-involving combos of stances will keep going in a loop; until I switch to a gun or other ranged weapon. The AI auto-block is so eager to help, in fact, that it has taken me out of Exalted Weapons, hacking, sniper scope, ability activation, reloading, charged alternate weapon-fire like that of the Battacor, and beam weapon shooting. -The removal of my control over block, as well as my ability to use melee for the entire course of a mission if I so choose, tells me that my input doesn't matter. Quite literally, as these things now largely perform themselves and my button input doesn't control them. The moment a game plays itself, it stops being a game. The player has gone from an interesting character within the story to experiencing the sensation of having it read to them by a boring grandparent. -The changing of Channeling to being activated by Alternate Fire seems to be a good on paper; but in reality it flat out doesn't work if your Alternate Fire had a binding that wasn't on the mouse. I had alternate fire bound to T, and channeling does nothing at all anymore; so so much for Life Strike, Killing Blow, Dispatch Overdrive, and all the other useful mods thereof. ^This. Improve the objectively bad and awkward stances (Crossing Snakes, Sundering Weave); and just make sure all attacks move the player and keep combat in motion as the combos of good stances already currently do (i.e., Winding Claws, Shattered Village, Leviathan Rain, etc.). Don't remove another thing out of gameplay altogether, rather than bothering to fix it; especially since this is exactly what it feels like was done with Phase One of melee "improvement". Rather than give weapons blocking percentages that were at least 45%, DE removed control over block altogether. Rather than making holster speeds faster, our ability to actively wield melee got removed and we got an annoying energy flicker effect as decoration-melee teleports into our grip.
  15. I want to start with some genuine praise, by saying that all of you at DE put a lot of hard work into this, as you all always do with anything involving the game; and I have no doubts about your passion for the game world and fondness for the player community. You are superbly dedicated, always willing to lend a listening ear, and choose to put in a time-crunch most others are forced into by their bosses. I understand and appreciate all that you do, and I don't want to hassle or put down any of you. You're a wonderful development team, and some of the friendliest, dorkiest, ... well... actually, the only Canadians I know. You're good people and huge nerds, and I mean that as a compliment. It's part of what makes Warframe unique. To this end, I'm trying to articulate politely why I don't enjoy the new melee; though I do like the visual changes and the aiming of ground slams. I like: The aimed ground slam, the new elemental effects, and that the aforementioned elemental effects now match energy color of my frames/weapons. Those were good changes. Those have been things that not only bothered my TennoFashion(TM) brain, but also caused visual exhaustion, so it's nice they're now consistent. I don't enjoy: The non-controllable blocking. You guys had good intentions to try and raise player durability, but that could have been done by increasing the blocking percentage of weapons across the board. Instead, it effectively sends the player the message "you need to be watched and can't defend yourself". The lack of an outright melee-wielding mode like before. If I can't choose to continuously use nothing but a Galatine because I feel like going on an Knight Artorias-style rampage with my Valkyr Prime, there's neither much of a purpose nor much fun to melee. Please just let me hold my own weapons again, for God's sake. Let me choose to be a swordsman instead of reducing what used to be the core of my gameplay style to decorative ornamentation. The removal of holstering between all three weapon slots. It was genuinely satisfying to see my Warframe draw a blade and hear the metallic "shink" sound. The wrecked use of stances, because RMB is glitched to Timbuktu; and the toggle jammed in during a hotfix is not the same as actually allowing us to control blocking again. The block is still automatic, the toggle doesn't always work, and it can get jammed blocking nothing at all. It also blocks very weak attacks, and more on that below. That over-saturated flashing effect that occurs with the new "quick switch", as Warframe has more than enough causes of eye fatigue for normal players; and seems to increase in the number of potential seizure triggers for photosensitive players with each new change rushed in. Another super-fast energy flicker with a half-second duration is only sure to exacerbate this. We're practically clogged with VFX. The fact that channeling does not work, even with my alternate fire keybind and the new settings for channeling enabled via Options; and so pressing the alt-fire key does nothing. Bye-bye Life Strike and Killing Blow. How ground slams don't cause knockdown anymore, only ragdoll, which makes finishers impossible (unless you're using a stun ability) and is another sign the new system caters to mainly-ranged players rather than mainly-melee players; since presumably this change was added to make shooting enemies mid-air easier. Didn't do much good for stabbing foes on the ground, though. The fact several already-glitched melee holsters (Silva & Aegis Prime, i.e.) are now even MORE misaligned than before. I don't know what caused it, but it juts out at about 45 degrees from the shield's "alcove" for it, still half-retracted. The fact that, for some reason, Exalted Blade/Hysteria/Desert Wind/Iron Staff no longer override normal weapons; which consequently ruins the feeling of "going Super Saiyan" they used to possess as abilities, and removed any sense of them being a powerful "ultimate". How the automatic block interrupts channeling of Exalted Weapons, aiming guns, reloading, and even channeled non-Exalted skills. I've had every action I just listed be abruptly halted or stuck frozen; typically because the auto-block detected a very tiny and weak projectile like an Osprey's plasma bolt or Infested vomit, and consequently decided it better save me from this "deadly attack" by stopping everything else I was doing. The aforementioned Osprey bolt was also fired from more than 600m away in the Orb Vallis, so I think I can safely accuse the automatic block of being overzealous. More minor than the rest, but still important: the fact that Tatsu's jump attack has zero foreword motion; unlike every other melee weapon. You remain in place and do not get movement in the direction you aimed. I'm fairly certain that was unintended and is a bug with Heavy Curved Swords as a new weapon type. Thank you to everyone at Digital Extremes for your hard work, but I have my own genuine reasons to take issue with the "improved" melee system, and I know that others share them. Please at least give us some consideration; it's all that I ask of any of you.
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