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  1. Shotguns would disagree with the idea that status is unnecessary quite heavily, especially the Kohm, if we were to buff the Status chance on that mod to 150% the Kohm would become one of the strongest non-riven weapons in the game with not only high damage, fire rate and constant massive slash procs but also the 100% status effect that shotguns use so well. After they massively buffed heat damage it is entirely possible to run non-slash damage status focus, though slash is still king. I would say Crit is still king on melee, though CO is far from dead.
  2. It's not necessarily about being good at the game, though at MR 8 we can neither confirm nor deny your ability, it's more about what you have acquired and have access to, at MR 8 you probably don't have a full mod suite yet unless you spent plat or ignored weapons and warframes really hard while farming all the mods, both highly unlikely. At MR 8 you have access to a solid suite of weapons but very few of them are all that amazing without the addition of strong mods. Seeing as there is no system right now to track a player based on their mods, only their weapons and warframes (MR) we can only base it off of that. At MR 8 most of your small supply of Forma should be going into clantech weapons NOT into your already existing weapons, something you'll likely need to do to make your weapon sufficiently powerful. If you have Primed Pressure Point, Blood Rush and Condition Overload for you melee, that's great, ignore what I said, you're almost ready to go. Primaries don't require all that many rare mods to be modded out well but they are also more affected by MR balancing. Near enough I can tell for MR as an indicator of you having sufficient mods is MR 10-12 or so, MR 5 definitely does not have sufficient mods, MR 7 would have to be very lucky to have a decent number of necessary mods and MR 9 probably has an acceptable collection but still not quite enough.
  3. The Paracesis I can follow your argument, even if I disagree, the Shedu however, the only reason you should even have that blueprint is by doing content you're not ready for if you can't wield it, going to the anomaly? You need rank 7 intrinsics to go to the Veil in the first place and should be able to perform each role, 2 of those roles are directly dependent on you being able to kill very durable units, if you're not MR 13 yet then you probably shouldn't be in the Veil unless you're specializing in it, in which case, you've accessed content above your MR, raise it. As for the Paracesis, well, MR 10 isn't that hard to get if you're playing the game often and fighting in a mission that is going to be packed to the brim with Sentients, some of the most consistently powerful units around, should probably have some checks to make sure you can even damage them in any meaningful way. Yes we have the ability to cheese the sentients via kiddo but they still output a ton of damage and are still durable at higher levels without resistances. What MR do you think is low enough to be able to get through that mission consistently, without having to abuse things like Valkyr invulnerability, iron skin Rhino or a Hek with Multishot syndicate?
  4. The weapon is designed to be good against Biological targets, it has a built in resistance reset but that seems to be more of a unique gimmick that we can take advantage of from overloading the weapon. Any of the standard damage types are bad against the Sentients, even Radiation that they are weak to because they adapt to it all, a damage they don't adapt to, like Void or perhaps Tau damage is effective against them. The more technologically advanced a weapon becomes the worse it is against the Sentients. Hence why we use mundane weaponry like swords, bows, flamethrowers and beam cannons. They are technically low tech weapons compared to what the Orokin used. I think it would be very interesting to one day have access to some full Orokin tech (Not primed mundane weapons) and see how powerful they could be, except they have massive negatives against Sentient foes.
  5. Assault Rifle's don't punish poor play and reward positive play, snipers and shotguns punish poor play whilst heavily rewarding proper play. As an endgame player I don't tend to worry about playing incorrectly but it also means I don't have to pay attention much, missing isn't a problem with AR's by their very nature. This means you can hit your target while you're lining up your headshots and any number of positive bonuses to having a full auto weapon with, usually, a generous magazine size. Buffing Assault Rifle's could be useful if they were in a poor place, they aren't though, they kill things plenty quick, especially with a decent Hunter munitions or Status build. If they were to buff Assault Rifle's it would need to be an incredibly subtle one because having them be the dominant weapon feels bad and invalidates other weapons, there was a time where Soma Prime reigned supreme and invalidated everything else. The difference between Soma Prime's reign and Tigris Primes is that Soma Prime was devoid of effort whereas Tigris Prime required you to have all the mods to make it perfect and it was still limited by it's own internal issues being a duplex trigger shotgun. I think AR's had their time in the sun and there should never again be a time where they come out on top, especially now that we have meta's around Eidolons and whatnot, that would be bad, Raids at least had low populations so judging was kinda low (Comparatively).
  6. I run Lesion with a Slash Gas status build, melts anything in front of it nigh instantly, plus it's easy to get and you only need one dual status mod or Weeping wounds to make it crazy strong. I run Volt with 250 or 280% range, depending on my mood. Everything on the Ship gets CC'd and I see damage numbers to tell where they are. When I'm boarding I ignore them because they don't matter, run into reactor room, go kiddo+invis, disable reactor shielding then shoot reactor until kiddo dies and finish off with my gun before kiddo'ing out the back. Kiddo is busted and you should use it whenever you need it. Now, to be fair, when I'm invading a crewship it's usually because no one else is taking them out and it's pounding the heck out of the ship so I, as the engineer, repair a minor breach then exit and run over as fast as possible, time is of the essence for me. Clever note, if you ever need more time to do something as the engineer you can repair a minor breach which will heal the ship by a little, this does NOT end the catastrophic event, when the ship gets back to catastrophic health levels the 1 minute timer will reset to full again. This isn't quite as effective as repairing a major breach but it can be used to potentially decrease your revolite usage in a pitched battle if there is a calm moment. Is it more effective than just repairing a major breach? Situational.
  7. I was under the impression CP was not in effect for the fighters, besides, you can always have 3 CP's and 1 anything else to not completely strip armor so you get the bonus damage from Radiation. It would appear to me that Radiation Cold is the best elemental combo on account of them both being effective against armor and the cold effect allowing you to get a guaranteed kill + catch things or CC something you need your gunner/pilot to take out. Most of the damage you're going to be getting will be due to the Puncture+Slash procs increasing your damage anyway, might as well get the most bonus damage out of your elements to kill it as fast as possible. Heat isn't bad but it is ultimately unnecessary when you're going to be getting those puncture+Slash procs on a frozen target. I personally prefer the Cold because it means I can pick a target that isn't near me and just tag it with a few shots while moving in, if I didn't have Cold I would have to choose my targets only based on what's nearest which isn't always very close at all.
  8. At MR6 you might also want to look into bringing Rhino or Valkyr as a crutch to get through some sorties, I know when I was low MR and they released sorties for the first time I used Valkyr to get through many a situation that would have ended me because of her 4's invulnerability and good melee damage. At MR6 you should have already arrived/passed Jupiter where you beat the boss to get Valkyr parts. For damage, as was mentioned, any melee weapon with your better mods on it. Ranged weapons should be the Hek as it works on every faction with whatever mods you have. If it's a grineer sortie then get a weapon with a good status chance and put heat or Corrosive on it. For Corpus try to go for Critical chance, same with infested, though you might want to use your melee even more with infested.
  9. I really like the idea that the Orokin managed to somehow get a piece of the man in the wall and use it, that sounds like something they would do, after all, what are consequences to them anyway?
  10. It shouldn't take more than a moment though as space is stupidly dangerous right now, especially right next to a crewship, perhaps shoot two glowing points then you can enter? I also don't like the idea that you basically run up to it as fast as possible, sidle behind and just hop in like they left the thing wide open despite not having enough space to hold fighters nor having any space assets inside. As for them getting on board, well, Grineer tech has advanced pretty far with brute force, after all they can board Corpus cruisers the same way and the Corpus are trying their best to be mini-Orokin. Perhaps the ship could attach via ramming and a large dent appears inside the ship then they perform a secondary procedure to get in that you can deny somehow as the Engineer. That could be fun.
  11. The drawback of opening 3 relics simultaneously would be too extreme to justify. As an example, they could put in a platinum exclusive key to be able to open them up or the mission could have such dangerous effects that it would be highly threatening to an optimized team of MR 28's. Either of those options are completely unacceptable and DE understands that, they need to monetize and they should monetize relatively often but they can't slap their community in the face with it. Likewise, the extreme difficulty would have to be just that, extreme, in order to justify it and no difficulty that high would benefit DE as it would enrage a lot of people as they expect to be able to get through content. People expect that if they go tryhard they can't lose, which is quite accurate to end game players, yet having a map that has enemies that disabled your abilities, energy draining effects, Ancients around every corner and no fodder enemies, only elite or specialty enemies would be a nightmare for basically everyone. And would make many a player furious. Though I think it would be quite fun to implement such a thing personally, a mission where it is constantly tinkered with to maintain a certain win/loss percent among the community, the community, especially the forums given how toxic they tend to be, would not only not accept it but give almost exclusively bad feedback. The nullifier exists at all as a testament to that and the nullifier is super easy to deal with if you stop sprint slide swinging your (Former) Blood Rush Spin to Win melee weapon forward forever for more than a second. Implementing that as a regular mission is also non-viable as it would, as was mentioned before, destroy their prime bundles which are probably one of their main revenue sources I'd imagine.
  12. Edit: I should probably preface this with I am an Engineer focused Railjack owner. Huh, well, this is the first I've heard of that so far, I certainly don't care about people using up my munitions or Dome Charges that much, I'd prefer if they mentioned it first so I can make sure to refill everything in the forge before mission ends but whatever. As long as I refill before the mission ends it comes from everyone's resources, not my own. I think they just need to get better at engineering or hope there are more engineers. Veil Proxima isn't really where you should be going to gather resources though so I wouldn't be overly worried about using them to make a Dome Charge or two. More than that though I would be kinda annoyed at cuz they ARE expensive.
  13. I understand the the scaling down of damage on enemies based on their... size doesn't quite cover it but I'll go with that, plenty of systems have larger more intense buildings, fighters, ships and whatnot work on a different scaling, however, our Archguns are used against small defending craft or light fighters, something that shouldn't translate too terribly to the smaller fighters, yet everything in Railjack is treated the same. What I'd like is for a scaling system, smaller fighters get very little bonus DR against our Archguns as we're basically interceptors and should be able to take them down, medium fighters like the... Flok (Can't remember the name, the one that shoots the disk) should have an increased tier of resistance as we aren't rated against them but can do it because we are equipped with some pretty crazy weapons. Outriders should stay as they are because they are basically heavily armored bombers and we an barely harm them without hitting weakpoints. Crewships should also remain where they are as they should be nigh immune to 'small' arms fire unless we go nuts on countering them with a status Cyngas or Phaedra. Basically, I want something that the Interceptor Archwings can go for, they need to run down the smaller fighters while the ship, gunners and boarders take out the larger ones. As it is, the only way to take out those ships is through what seems more like an unintended exploit from Status than an intentional idea on DE's part.
  14. I saw the Galvarc and immediately wanted it, waited for the MK I in dojo to finish, slapped it on and was immediately disappointed, the range is so short they have to be passing you or just did pass in front of you and I have yet to ever hit more than one target with it despite targets being clumped together. I can only assume I am using it wrong but it isn't obvious how to use it right then. Tycho just seems incredibly reliable and exactly what you want out of ordinance, killing hardened targets you can't quite deal with like the Outriders. Dome Charge or get your boarder to take care of Crewships. Normal guns/Turrets to take care of standard fighters, maybe a tactical ability here and there. Per a previous comment I'll have to see if holding down the Galvarc changes anything.
  15. I enjoy being the engineer, if the team is doing good then I can use some of my gunnery levels, if not then I don't usually leave the mid and back of the ship, I only really use my ship and I'm still waiting to get home today for the MK II series of equipment to be input, once it is I'll start going to Saturn, I'd feel guilty using MK 0 gear there or on Saturn, MK II seems good enough though. I do upgrade my Avionics a lot though, just about to finish upgrading my grids. I'd advise getting the first couple of ranks in each of the categories, at least rank 1 in Engineering even if you never want to be that ever and maybe rank 4 tactical to allow you to avoid a lot of the glitches and bugs.
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