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  1. So close steve. Thanks for the update.
  2. Revanx

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Any update on chat moderation or on this quote?
  3. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

  4. This isn't giving me much confidence in a already disappointing fight. Atleast raids and eidolons had arcanes which were something to actually grind for. Debt tokens is alright for those leveling up the syndicate, credits shouldn't be the main thing to farm but rather a nice additional drop like in raids, and an articula is just going to collect dust like eidolons articulas.
  5. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Thanks! Really hopeful about the chat moderation changes and future improvements.
  6. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

    Thonk you! Conservation fixes yessssssss!
  7. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

  8. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    New khora sounds 🤔
  9. Revanx

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.3

    Saturday hotfix!
  10. Pretty wierd changes. Not sure how the sentinel weapon change will be. While it did feel bad to get them, now they're all going to be rare without more coming into the game.
  11. Revanx

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Garuda hype!
  12. Currently all set mods (including umbral/sacricial mods) have their UI bugged in which it shows "| Equipped | / | Max |" instead of the usual set bonus X / X.
  13. Revanx

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    Thanks for this but is there a reason the QOL change for ayatan sculptures is MR locked? Seems completely pointless to MR lock it unless you are going for the "pride and accomplishment" vibe.