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  1. Whelp. Guess we all know what this is for 🤣 :hi: @--TL--Sui
  2. owo Free stuff is cool but usually against "exclusive" drops. Just reminds me that machete is only available from daily logins 🙃
  3. Time to roll the dice on that color palette again.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  5. and im 1300 days dry. well aware but its garbage thats its only in daily logins
  6. Cheers Re-release regular machete when tbh 🙃
  7. Hope we get more details on this as this is extremely vague. RIP
  8. Thanks for the hotfix. RIP loot abilities but thank you very much for the extraction change. That was pretty annoying
  9. Thanks for the update. Excited for the new quest/frame and the new gamemode. Can we get regular machete re-released (potentially in events like scarlet spear/plague star)? Or even add it to simaris like this. Currently it is only obtainable through daily logins which is very annoying if it's your last item to level even with 1200+ days 🙃
  10. uhhhh lmao? sure i guess? Have a more positive experience by starting everything negative. That's some DE logic 🤣
  11. Cheers for the update. Too many changes to bother quoting everything. Overall seems better, archwing melee is still a meme though because of the mods it has. Guess we'll see with the stat changes, but not hopeful when mods like furor only give 10% attack speed. Edit: tried archwing melee on Flexa. Actually felt somewhat useable with the enemy nerfs but this is mostly because enemies are complete noodles now. The fact that seeker volley can 2 shot on veil is pretty laughable though. Dont need other avionics Also conclave in 2020. lmao Initially thought this was gonna be really bad since some cheaper cost avionics were kind of nice. With 20% less drain on average it'll probably be fine. Thanks but command when? 🙂 Also wish i could grind intrinsics for command instead of having it capped Actually like munitions vortex in the current state so cheers. Having it attached to the front seemed like a nerf. Still sad that vazarin dash is completely gutted now with it's only purpose being removed. 500 HP over 5 seconds.... lol Also regular machete is still only obtainable by daily logins 🙃 I just want to level it pls
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