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  1. I doubt that because it was from the old One thousand cuts event. They have repurposed other weapons like the snipetron through plague star. Chinaframe exclusives like primed streamline aren't similar to this.
  2. Thanks as always! Thanks for changing this. With all the updates it definitely wasn't needed and is a lot easier to farm one specific roll Also please for the love of god implement a new way to get the regular machete. Currently it can only be obtained through login rewards (maybe add it to plague star like snipetron?). I'm probably one of three people who has this problem but I just want to have everything leveled. something something slide melee mods bad
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Any chance reactor rolls are getting changed? Getting a vidar reactor with lower avionic capacity than sigma feels pretty crappy Also wish we at least knew the chance of getting the teneborous ephemera from red crates.
  4. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to many hotfixes with how railjack was released 🤣
  5. Wonder what it could be..... 🤣 Thank you for this. Been cancer having people go straight for the captains.
  6. I'd rather just not have more rng stats tbh... right when i scrapped everything. 😕
  7. Thanks for the update. Had a suspicion you were dropping it tonight. Can't wait for all the bugs in this one!
  8. thanks! it makes sense now! Also blink still feels horrible. 3s or however long the cooldown is too long. Felt terrible on the first day. Still feels terrible now. Gonna feel terrible next week.
  9. Are there any plans on permanently introducing the regular machete? Currently the only way to obtain it is through random log-in rewards which seems ridiculous. Previously it was a reward for tactical alerts and could be bought on the market for a short time, but hasn't been available for years now. Please save me. I accidentally sold it years ago and just want to complete my last item for MR. 🙃
  10. Thanks for the update. Lots of needed changes came with this one. Confused about the requiems after you trade someone a lich. After you trade someone a lich it will show 3 requiem mods all in blue (presumably the order used to capture the lich the first time). Is this solely meant to be historical data? Attempted to kill it with the same order and it did not work.
  11. Nice! I think this is a very good start to making the system feel better. I really wish these changes were in the system from the start (even if it meant delaying another week or two) but having them added now is the next best thing. I'm not sure about how trading weapons will feel down the line. I expect everyone to be trading any weapon for another on a 1 to 1 basis when its released (similar to how requiem mods are traded right now) but in further down the line expect people to only be looking for 50% weapons or higher. I wish lower dmg weapons could be used or combined in someway useful. Lastly, I was hopeful of some benefit to actually playing with other players/clanmates. Possibly in some conjunction with murmur farming (30/30/70 is a bit of an awkward feeling).
  12. Thanks for all the fixes. Glad that these are being dealt with rapidly so soon after the update. What I really am wanting is this trading system though (ephemera liches trading ooof) . Still feels horrible playing with people after the "bug fix". I really think something like 5x murmurs for helping a friend attempt to kill a lich would help immensely.
  13. This is very disappointing. Thought it was intentional and made the grind a lot less cancerous. Now its back to square one. When everyone received murmur progress it meant that there was incentive for everyone to fight their lich since the more lichs in a mission the more murmur progress for everyone. Now if there's no incentive to keep cycling lichs and pubs will continue to ignore it. All in all I think this was an anti-social nerf that makes me really glad I already farmed it for MR28 (also raids when 🙃).
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