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  1. 17 hours ago, (XBOX)Big Roy 324 said:

    Something like this would be fun.  Even if it only effected the flow of the mission it self.  

    Once again I am brought back to the Ceres tileset.  The Grineer workers that leave you alone unless you hit them or trigger the alarms. 

    Something that shares that mechanic while having them be more than heavier armored butchers would be neat. Such as them helping and spawning tougher enemies or turning the work equipment against the player to add additional hazards. 

    There are also solaris workers in the Ice Mines in railjack missions, but these are unable to be interacted with 

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  2. 44 minutes ago, Slayer-. said:

    I'm not sure but can Nidus steal the enemies from strangledone with larva pull.

    Depends. A lot of CC is calculated on whether or not the enemy is ragdolled, and some CCs, like petrify and Grendels feast need enemies not ragdolled to work. Larva on the other hand works either way, for seemingly unknown reasons. 

  3. 33 minutes ago, Aldain said:

    That is something that should be unilaterally fixed.

    We have some frames where their entire kit is based AROUND their passive, some like Excalibur which are nice-if-limited, and then Frost/Rhino, which might as well not have one.

    It could be anything, "Enemies Frozen by Frost's Abilities take extra Melee damage" or "Enemies killed while Frozen by Frost's Abilities Explode into Ice Shards upon death" literally ANYTHING and it would be better than what it is now.


    You could make frost’s passive at least decent it the chance to freeze on hit was 100%. Thats it. 

    Also I nominate nova and revenant for the “needs a whole new passive” list 

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  4. 13 minutes ago, ZeroX4 said:

    Loki is kinda like Nova in means of seep movement with 2 additional steps to do what Nova does
    1st you need to set your decoy in some place

    2nd you need to aim into that decoy and hit another button to switch teleport

    While with nova you just press button aiming wherever forward and you are done

    I wont negate the fact you can move faster with Loki however when we have Volt Wukong Gauss Wisp even Titania its hard to say Loki is speed frame
    Not because he is not but because other frames presents us with much easier to execute means of transportation
    Which kinda proves your point even further that once you get better version of X thing the older version feels so much lesser

    But do we really want to streamline all crap to be the same? I for sure dont i like to have options or simply put CHOICE

    Be careful about calling gauss a speed frame when talking to hopper. They’ll argue to the ends of the earth he isnt because volt is faster in extended races xD

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  5. 29 minutes ago, 4thBro said:

    Well, also to be clear:

    When I say newbie, I don't mean time played. I mean in what's been learned.

    People don't always spend their time progressing their skills & knowledge.


    When you talk about Inaros's abilities keeping him alive, it tells me that you're playing VERY weak game content, since his abilities all fall off quite quickly in content progression. Your complete lack of mentioning of his HP, and the armor he can get, tells me that you're missing the part of him that actually scales into the later game. And while other frames can become more tanky than him, NONE of them can do it through dispel effects and mana drains, which is the #1 key point about Inaros's strength. He doesn't need energy to be tanky, and while his ult helps him be tankier and can be dispelled, it's not necessary. It can also be recast for free at any time anyway, even at 0 energy.


    This is what makes him strong. And you missed out on mentioning actually 100% of these traits, and you go on about his spells, and even his passive which only helps you if your HP reached 0, which is nigh impossible to happen if you build him around his actual strengths.


    This is why I suggest you're a troll, or a newbie. If it is the case of the newbie, again, remember... Your hours played is irrelevant. What matters is that your knowledge is behind, and you sound like a newbie still on Earth missions, watching Inaros sand everything and heal some HP from it.

    Anyone remember the terms used for affinity farmers on draco? I kept thinking about how we had a term for those people who just leveled and never learned, and I feel we never made a new term for people who just level and never learn on hydron

  6. 3 hours ago, 4thBro said:


    The annoying part is the start of the mission, where you want to just sit there spamming ult to gain its growth rate. You actually need to cast it 20-30 times. And that's just tedious and annoying to have to do every mission.

    I disagree with the amount of spamming you claim to need to do. Each cast of your 4 adds 3% heat gain to the meter, and you only lose 2% with fireblast, so if you cast inferno only 3-5 times that should be more then enough to max out the heat gauge quickly. 

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  7. 33 minutes ago, 73yearsold said:

    I guess Warframe is supposed to be easier than Minecraft now. A cuddle space for care bears who want all power fantasy with no compromise.

    There is compromise and there is blatant failure to understand a games mechanics. Whats the OP proposed is not a challenge, in the same way liches instantly killing for you getting a murmur wrong was a challenge. Both are attempts at simply lowering life count with little to no player control in the matter. 

    If you want warframe to have challenge, you’d need to remake the game from the ground up, tone down mod scaling, reduce weapon and power effectiveness, reduce enemy scaling to compensate, reduce grind, as grind is the main “difficulty”, rework gamemodes like survival or disruption, change tile spawns to better funnel enemies, and more. At that point, you are playing a different game. 

    Warframe never really had challenge except in the days where you had to pay plat for revives because we had few survival tools then. That however is not a bad thing. Some games can be cathartic, and not every games needs to be someone that constantly tests you when you play. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, (XBOX)Demiwolf0606 said:

    For all of those players who do not know who Inaros Prime is, I truely believe he is the best warframe.  With 3,000 health and the ability to heal himself by EATING ENEMIES, he is incredibly hard to kill.  To make things even more intresting, instead of bleeding out, he is put in this sarcophagas where he takes the health of enemies to revive himself without wasting any lives.  This warframe has a 10/10 rating from me, and it is easy to understand why he is nicknamed, the unkillable warframe.  

    I see you’re playing on Internet Explorer, welcome to the party only a few months late xD 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Berzerkules said:

    Sure lets add self damage back into the game but with a twist. If you accidentally hit your team mate with an explosive weapon it not only blows up in your face but theirs too. 

    Lets not stop there. Just make friendly fire a thing for any weapon or ability. 

    You can already do this! In a controlled environment situation in the simulacrum, or an uncontrolled situation know as rad sorties xD

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Exaltas said:

    This. I used to kill myself so much with the zarr because of teammates. Even firing from the upper stratosphere isn't always safe. As for drops, some of them look like they are things you should be able to land on, but then you either fly right through them or hit a boundary. Some tiles have vertical boundaries too where if you go too high up it acts like you fell down a hole. I think the penalty of not being able to move for several seconds (potentially getting you killed in high level gameplay) and having all of your abilities canceled is enough. 

    Remember how the acceltra, a gun with built is mechanics to make it next to impossible to kill yourself with self damage, could still easily kill you

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  11. 4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:

    When falling into a chasm or lava, whatever, I think it should take a life.


    4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:

    I also want self-damage back so that you kill yourself if you're lazy with aiming a weapon (including shooting your foot with a Lato by accident or something like that). 

    Hell no. Find a different game if you want this type of “challenge”. 

    4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:


    So yeah, bad parkour and bad aim could fail the mission. I want that element of risk. 

    Thats not risk. Thats a on-off switch for life.

    4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:

    Why was that taken away? I still don't understand why self-damage was switched off. 

    Because it was a bad system for a game like warframe. It caused AoE weapons to be rarely used except for with certain frames (looking at you revenant) and it didnt provide a satisfactory game loop. As someone said in another topic, it wasnt self damage, it was self annihilation. 

    4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:

    Not sure if fall damage/death was ever a thing before. I only started playing 2 years ago so have no idea about before then.

    No. Not that Ive been aware of. 

    4 minutes ago, (XBOX)General Poke said:

    If a compromise is necessary, what if we have the option to turn on these risk factors in settings ourselves with reminders on loading screens that they're on?


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    1. a person skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu.
      • INFORMAL
        a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.
        "the courses vary—you don't have to be a computer ninja to apply"

        We are therefore using space ninjutsu and excel at a particular set of skills, usually genocide. 
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  13. 5 hours ago, GREF_TM said:

    Background: i have ~22% usage rate between normal and umbra.

    His 1 and 3 are worthless. His 4 costs energy and effectively takes away an ability slot from you that could've been otherwise occupied by a good ability - all that to give you a melee weapon that can be matched or even outperformed by good normal melees. Don't know about you, but i can't call a frame that has more than half of its kit being underwhelming "solid" under any circumstances other than when a remaining ability is an absolute game-changer, and blind just isn't that.Right now, he's in a state similar to valkyr - only one good ability that happens to be their subsume, so you better slap it on an actually good frame instead of trying to salvage their unsalvageable kits.

    If i had to describe current state of excal in two words, that'd probably be "crap baruuk". He and valkyr both need reworks.

    I feel this is a bit harsh if only because exalted blade does at least have a range advantage on normal melees. 

    Ironic tho how before baruuk released (and for a good bit after) people claimed baruuk was a crap excal, and then baruuk got his augment xD

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