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  1. The thousand year fish equivalents have been added in this update. They look like debt bonds and are spread across the whole map. As far as I know not all of them have been found so far. They seem to be divided into groups of 5, each telling a story about one of the important solaris npc's. 

    This thread has all of the locations I know of so far: 


  2. 23 minutes ago, A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n said:

    The voice doesn't sound like Hunhow. The accent is completely different. And it does not have a robotic distortion like Hunhow.


    10 minutes ago, (XB1)PredakingXYT said:

    I hear the distortion, and it sounds like his vice to me.  I suppose we will know soon enough. Or, I'm on Xbox, so, somebody will know soon enough.

    I don't think it sounds like hunhow at all, but i can get where you're coming from. It does kinda sound similar, but the accent and some slight differences in the voice sound way too much like ballas to be hunhow. It feels more like they put similar or the same effects on ballas's voice.

  3. 9 hours ago, zerofighter005v said:

    The final trailer gives me this idea:

    "For their lives, yours" and "You cannot defy your creator": Could it be Excalibur Umbra... and he's the "Sacrifice"?

    That's a really Good theory, since we could then eind his BP in a location related to him and rebuild umbra for ourselves.


    4 hours ago, Anthraxicus said:

    There is just one problem. Turn on subtitles and it appears this sequence:

    -(Umbra howls)
    - Ballas : Howl all you want. It won't bring him back.

    I personally also think he sounds closer to "you cannot defy your creator" than hunhow

  4. 2 hours ago, Datam4ss said:

    because a human brain can't do fourth dimensional calculations

    A human brain can do 4th dimensional calculations (not really trying to make a point, just a small bother).



    2 hours ago, Datam4ss said:

    When the Devs say Tenno, did they specify "Warframe" or the actual flesh and blood operator?

    Definitely meant Warframe, since they were talking about gameplay and lore.



    2 hours ago, Datam4ss said:

    Do you think you have filled out all your focus trees when you just finished TWW? Just sayin...


    I highly doubt they meant you had to max out your focus tree, it seems more likely to me that they'll introduce something else in the Sacrifice or other upcoming quests. 



    2 hours ago, Datam4ss said:

    Saryn would be a better argument than Nidus, if you talk about how infectious the power is.

    Saryn would be better in-battle, but Nidus has the cyst that transfers via contact and can create infested (also, it's stated warframes are unable to be assimilated by infested, but bringing it in contact with a kubrow egg will turn it in an infested, so it's very possible that it can also turn non-resistant people). In this case Nidus would be great to at least weaken an army with an infestation plague.

  5. 28 minutes ago, Datam4ss said:

    You are underestimating the Xmen here. While there are a load of weak mutants, people like Jean Grey or Magneto (to name a few) are demonstrably stronger than the Warframes.


    I will give you that I may have underestimated the Xmen, but I personally think you're underestimating the warframes and operators. then again, we have presumably never seen a warframe/operator at their true strength, let alone see the limit of their powers. So who knows, maybe they are like you say, or maybe they are truly gods. I personally hope we actually get to see some of that stuff in the Sacrifice.

    Either way, I'd still say the Tenno would win in the majority of other sci-fi universes (but I would no longer bet on a Mag in a 1v1 against Magneto).

  6. 2 hours ago, Datam4ss said:

    Nah, that is too much of an exaggeration. Other than the one and only Limbo, most of them are probably only Xmen (Marvel) level at best.

    Their actual lore abilities aren't really that strong, except in comparison with the Grineer and Corpus. None of them possess causality manipulation or concept rewriting ability.

    The Operator and their Void Power is also probably not that great overall, since it is just phasing, force fields and energy projection. Good power to have but not utterly OP.

    While I also don't think they're on the level of gods, from what we see in the lore it seems like the actual abilities (that we don't see cuz it'd be way too OP for a game) are more or less what they can do in game, but amplified insanely, beyond Xmen level. Personally I think the majority of them would be between the two. 

    And do not underestimate the void power of the operators. For starters, (it has already been mentioned in this thread) during TWW, Ordis told us to look out with the void beam, because it would blast a hole through the ship, so we know that one Tenno could very possibly take down a spaceship without any tools needed, and by now we have amps, which enhance it even further. On top of that our invisibility isn't just being invisible, we actually move into the void, so we have no actual trail or anything. Besides that, if I remember correctly, it is stated that we use the warframes to channel our power safely, meaning that all warframe powers are powered by the operator's void powers. In other words: we are at least as strong as the strongest warframe ability-wise. 

  7. I think you're forgetting our friend Teshin here, we've already seen him step up as leader to figure out lotus's secrets, so why wouldn't he be able to do it again?

    But ye, I can agree with the biggest weakness of the tenno being lack of leader/purpose, but how do you plan to defeat the lotus (who is a sentient, so can't really be killed), and possibly teshin (an elite soldier)?

  8. So since I see a lot of questions about this thing, i'm gonna try to give you guys some answers:

    -It should appear after the quest, if you didn't see it it may be because you just missed it (they often only talk when you get close while looking at them, and can be hidden pretty well at times)

    -It will keep spawning every once in a while, but when and how much is up to RNG, there are people who see it every month or so, and there are people who see it multiple times a week

    -It is most likely a manifestation of the man in the wall, which is most likely the same thing your dad said was staring back from the void

    -There will definitely be a quest about it (may be in the sacrifice)

    -It can do some acrobatics in the back of your ship too (in front of the door to your operator room), which is pretty funny (in general, if it appears in the back of your ship it's pretty funny)

  9. Now, if you wanna use only the tenno abilities, then yes, they might lose. Tenno are insanely strong, but without their allies, they may indeed lack forces against an army that can keep throwing troops at them at high rates. Then again, you should probably also consider that at least some of the tenno could go in and kill VIPs, it's not like that's an uncommon thing to do. 

    In short: will tenno win in an open battlefield, constant fighting type war (think planetside 2) using only their powers? no, most of the tenno would probably survive, but they'd run out of warframes eventually. Will they win if it's a war where they can do whatever, as long as it's only with their own powers? maybe, it'll probably depend on who finds the thing the other relies on first (generals, bases, orbiter, ect...), and not as much who can win on the open battlefield. Will they win in a battle where they can use anything that'd be available to them in their universe? very likely, they can get normal infantry from syndicates/colonies/maybe even corpus together with some tenno, while others infiltrate everything and obliterate whatever the enemy needs the most.

    This all is considering there are probably less tenno than enemies, cuz if the tenno are in the majority, they will most likely win either way.

  10. 20 minutes ago, Koldraxon-732 said:

    If I recall correctly, DE doesn't want to spend Tennocon fixing bugs and seeing disgruntled Tenno because of the big thing having released while they weren't able to get at their gaming mediums.

    This is indeed a thing they are most likely also considering. So i presume that they won't release it right at the end of the month, so it'll be before that, or it'll have to be DElayed (at least, that's how i think it'll go). 

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