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  1. all glossy surfaces seem to have been replaced with sandpapered versions
  2. The Protege Tennogen skin is completely broken the cockpit and fins in the back cant display the energy animations anymore. the seethrough glass seems to have been replaced with cheap black plastic ANY colorchange in the engines channel results in black energy (exept for the flames the engine emits) this is with TRUE WHITE ENERGY thats what its supposed to look like:
  3. Fun event, but the latency issues kill it... like they killed PvP and Lunaro I personally dont care for the orbiter decorations, so without the floofs (of wich some ppl may want multiples like the domestic drones) at 6 Pearls per min (ignoring loading/extraction) its 5,5 hours Maybe just duble/triple the pearl rewards? Or give a kill-target to win the misson? secondary objectives? Hidden pearls on the map?
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