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  1. Cant you just make a screen with "pick a reward" like when you rank up in a syndicate?
  2. Thanks for fixing that AMP! We wouldn't want the operator viable in lvl 20 content! The projectile now even knocks down the Operator when it comes too close....next level gameplay! AND it's now the most reliable way to destroy the cloud without harming the siphon...thx
  3. 4k launcher Finally! Now if you could just fix the mouse menu sensitivity on 4k i'd be happy
  4. Wait WHAT? That thing dies every other second on lvl 50 Missons! Having a one Click revive was the only upside she had!
  5. Wow they literally diluted the droptables with useless relics, because the Onslaught mode Rewards NOTHING but Khora and Captura Scenes Nobody is gonna play it after they have the Frame... Just... WHY?...
  6. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/937401-server-troubles/
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