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  1. I regret this placement... I have tryed everything to get the game to highlight the floofs but I have had no luck so far.
  2. I had a bug where I randomly started moon walking and not be able to use any abilities or shot. I was able to use items and emotes but that's all I could really do. The only known why of fixing this is by dying which I did not want to do to my squad during that mission. I decided it was best to abort due to this bug.
  3. Can we have the option to toggle cinematic finishers on and off? I honestly don't want the camera zooming in every time I perform one. Also, seeming as Railjack is introducing a new dojo tile, will we get a dojo rework so that we can replace dojo room tiles of the same size? In this image, I tried to delete that T connector so I could replace it with a straight one and despite connecting the Insp hall and the garden room together on this map, the game still won't let me delete the tile. Could we also get a rework for dojo decorating including fortuna themed decor such as orb vallis plants or fortuna assets? Perhaps give us the option to select multiple objects, move them, save them and also copy them?
  4. I know this has been mentioned before but I have to say it again, Sawgaws are broken and very hard to capture in conservation. I'm pretty sure that the hit boxes on Sawgaws have been broken for a while and even though you can still try and capture a Sawgaw by only shooting in the back (Because that's the only place the registers as a hit apparently) this is very annoying because you need to get into a good enough position on a mushroom to shoot it and pray that it's got it's back facing towards you and is not on a mushroom above you or it lands on a mushroom you can easily get to so you can stand directly behind it and tranq it before it flys off 2 seconds after landing. The main reason I really want this to be fixed is because im currently working on a Dojo project that involves gathering A LOT of Floofs and I just feel so frustrated that getting Sawgaw Floofs is so painful now that this bug still persists in the game.
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