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  1. Honestly the real reason behind the exploits is because the Demolysts are completely unfair most of the time. Their damage resistances are out of the ordinary, they have extreme sponginess past 20-30 minutes, making the game mode non-endless without using said exploits or extreme team setups for insane amounts of damage (the team comp will most of the time have some difficulty trying to keep the damage consistent past a certain point). The demolysts have diferent run speeds ranging from slow to "I am speed" memes, making some of them such as the Moa (which is ironically faster than Satyr) very fast. And most of the time the demolyst completely ignores the player, and rushes to the objective. On top of all of this they also ocasionally disable tenno active abilities every 2-3 seconds making them extremely difficult to crowd control or even debuff. The moa on the other hand, also has complete ability immunity after it heals itself, becoming pretty much godmode without out of the ordinary damage buffs. Yes, exploiting is bad and unfair 99% of the time, but this time the demolysts are far more unfair, the gamemode is highly unrewarding and non-endless for casual loadouts. All people really wanted was to have a neat statue.
  2. Demolysts need to get their nullifier pulse removed, just keep their ability invulnerability, because the nullifier pulse is impossible to predict and also discourages using damage buffs against the demolyst or close range exatled weapons. Past 40 minutes the demolyst becomes unkillable by normal means (level 150 demolyst with 1 billion health and 400k~ shields) the enemies on the other hand are still very easy to kill. Additionally, they move unhindered making it extremely difficult to hold them back for 2 minutes.
  3. Ok this is very nice and all but Defense Arbitrations are still very bad. So could we please receive a defense rework, making it so there isn't 5 waves but instead one big wave / 2 big waves respectively.
  4. They had done it before. With some other frames such as Hydroid.
  5. Can we not? The current passive is already good, chance not to get hit is not as good as a chance to never get hit. No, I don't want my enemies to kill eachother in chaos with their guns, because we already know thats imposible even with the pshy bolts debuffing them. The Mind Control buff is nice. Pshy Bolts buff is nice, but duration should be at least 15s, and the debuff should be affected by power strength, because 20% leftover enemy armor is still quite a bit of armor from what I experienced using Unairu. The Absorb Buff is not that big of a difference, if not, depending on the enemy it can be a nerf due to damage values varrying from the type of damage dealt. Dust and Entangle are good, but thorns and Fullmoon are still pretty bad. Mostly Thorns, you know, because damage redirection is completely garbage, and titania can't benefit from it (if there even was something to benefit from it) because she has the equivalent of 2hp. Can I just assume you nerfed the range because of the 4 target limit? Please just leave it at 1 with the full range and the tether if thats the case. A welcome change, but now the question is how big is the range.
  6. Cool so . . . How exactly do we get standing with the kids now? We may have an infinite trick alloweance now, but multipliers only scale so much. What I imagine now is us going into archwing, flying 300m in the air, and spamming tricks. Its the same thing but more tedious and booring. You should change how standing conversion works if not. Because 3000 points (barelly even possible without k-drive racing) is only 750 standing.
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