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  1. I never asked for the warframe to be reworked within 24h or the entire forums shutdown. If he is to be reworked someday then there will be a forum thread with some feedback. Well yeah, because all his kit does is one thing, heals, healing abilities are fail proof. And the "various advantages" is a bit of a stretch. I mean, I can take any melee and likely any frame and go downtown, but at least I can go downtown with some interesting abilities and a level of risk. (Also how does one even get in a pinch situation as Inaros) His 1 & 2 do bassically the same thing, his 3 is fun but completely chaotic (also in some more extreme cases, it can stop wave progression if an enemy is ragdolled out of bounds in a defence mission). His 4th doesn't have much going for it other than healing, which makes it just a more expensive 1&2. I didn't mean that theres players out there who just afk as inaros because they are too tanky (we have Limbos for that). I meant that he doesn't require ANY effort to be tanky, allowing players to completely chill while being only usefull with their weapons.
  2. The thing is. What does Inaros have right now besides a massive amount of Health and some disgusting lifesteal? Nothing, he is just a blank slab of pressed sand that just sits in one spot and lives by doing absolutely nothing. I mean, I don't really see how he could be made more fun while being less lazy with his current kit . . . + You are still very tanky thanks to the regen that you gain if you are bellow 20% HP, so in a way, you are just as tanky as before for our low level 25 Lancer, the only difference being that now you actually have an ability kit that does something fun instead of supporting one singular massive health bar.
  3. But he has no vitality equiped. His max health at rank 30 is 2200, and 20% of that is 440hp. And the health regen on Inaros is much lower than that of Nidus. ALSO, I'm not here to talk about Nidus, I'm here to talk about exactly just how lazy and booring it can be to play as a 0 risk tank as Inaros. Even Nidus can have his own risks and die easily if he is played badly, the only reason nidus is good and fun is because of his kit. What does Inaros have? A MASSIVE HEALTH POOL, because thats tottally fun and useful.
  4. ^ Inaros Rework/Feesback 1.0 ^ Attempt NR.2 Based on Feedback: Passive: Lifesteal on finishers is good, the ressurection passive is extremely lackluster. Passive Rework: You have a shorter time before you bleed out (10s), instead of having to leech enemies you now have to find parts of your body which are scattered around (4 parts) collecting a part will increase the bleedout duration by 2s collecting all of them revives you, passive only occurs once every 60s. Dessication: Good ability, only downside is LoS requiremenet. Curse: The same as in 1.0 except that you have your full health when you start the mission, ability still costs life. Devour Reworked: Devoured enemy takes much more damage now. Sand shadows can now also be consumed for additional life. 0 cost, on a cooldown of 7s. Sandstorm: Posseses Chaotic Crowd Control capabilities. Sandstorm Rework: Enemies are no longer displaced and instead blinded and slowed down. Drains 0.5% health/s. Upon ability end the enemy is blinded for 3s. Scarab Swarm: Unchanged.
  5. To start: yes I know she is not released, thank you for informing me. Passive: "Shield Matrix" Energy pickups instantly start shield recharge. Dashing gives some DR (or invulnerability) (altho rolling already gives DR, and so does parkour). And you have some Borderlands 2 Shield Gating, which can obviously be pretty abused (As long as you have 1 shield you won't take damage to health when you should be killed by the damage. ex: 1shield 400health, enemy does 450, you live with 400 hp left). You also don't use energy, and instead use shields. The Passive alone is 4+ passives in one, which is a bit crazy (rip chroma). So far its a decently good frame despite being easily abused for its shield gating. Now the Abilities: Balefire: A very slow charged pistol when unmoded that launches rockets, similar to ogris. If moded it will probably be on par with a Bows Charge Rate which is acceptable. We don't currently know the damage potential or stats of the weapon, but its sort of useless when you can use something else than a pocket bow, in the devstream it was used against level 200 which couldn't show off what it could do, otherwise its better to stick to a normal weapon. I would double the charge rate personally, and hopefully increase the AoE a tiny amount (if it has any) Shield Pillage: Its a Molecular Prime like ability that steals shields and armor from enemies, also removes status effects, but thats only useful 66.6% of the time. Infested have no shields, they can ocassionaly be buffed to have armor but thats very small, we also don't know what the % of armor/shields stolen are. I would personally make it so it always restores shields based on how many enemies it interacted with. Additonally, I hope that the ability does not require FoV to work, otherwise that would be a direct nerf to its purpose. Haven: An AoE aura like ability that buffs ally shields and damages enemies. The damage seemed lacking (tho they were level 200), and the shield buff on allies is kinda useless as they do not posses any Shield Gating to benefit from the bonus shields. I would make it so allies can benefit from the shield gating passive once every 10 seconds(or more) (cooldown starts when they lose all shields, whether its from 5 million damage or 10 damage) Aegis Storm: Strong CC and AoE damage ability. I have only two issues with the ability itself: 1. Your movement is extremely restricted (as you will move very slowly, allowing distant enemies to easily take you out) 2. The Field of View is obnoxious to play with. (The frame covers 50% of the screen durring the devstream) 3. Many of the older tilesets punish her (and some other frames) for flying into areas that she "is not supposed to be in" despite the respective area not being a huge issue perhaps. These are my current thoughts on the frame as a summary: She can be very powerful, however some of her abilities don't quite hit the spot or need a bit of tuning.
  6. This thread is already a month old.
  7. Nyx's current kit is extremely old, made since the very beggining of the game. Other frames that are nearly as old have reached significant changes and new abilities however her kit remained stagnant, as all it received were some insignificant additions that only complicated the problem even more. In my oppinion Nyx's current kit is too old to be built around, as the only solution to making her any usefull right now (outside of chaos) (and popular, popularity being how you know a frame is fun or good) would be to rework her from the ground up. Introducing: Nyx The Psychic Frame Passive: The previous passive was good, unlike the current one, as it stands right now there is no evidence over how enemy accuarcy even works, as sometimes they are forced to hit you either way. Instead it should be replaced with: Siphon: Nyx siphons the psychic energy from her enemies, regaining energy based on how many enemies she currently has her sight on (0.5 energy/s per enemy, capped at 5 enemies). 1st Mind Control has proven itself unworthy as an ability countless times due to the inability of enemies to be usefull consistently, and its buffs didn't improve the horrible AI (unsurprisingly). Instead it will be replaced with: Psychic Augmentation: A Self-Cast or Targeted ability (friendly only) that can improve the Target in 4 different ways (simmilar to how you can swap ivaras quiver) -Improved Damage and Resistances (50% -25%) -Improved Overall Movement Speed and Increased Casting Speed (30%/20%) -Improved Ability Efficiency and Range (20%/40%) -Improved Ability Strength and Duration (30%/30%) Only one of the 4 may be active. The Ability drains 4 Energy/s and the stats are affected by Power Strength. 2nd Psychic Bolts. It has been buffed massively in order to make it usefull, however it doesn't work out very well due to all the drawbacks it has, such as limited targets, and the requirement of recasting the ability to get new targets. It could instead be replaced with: Disruptive Pressence: Nyx's psychic power can cause extreme confusion among the enemies. When cast enemies will do one of 4 things in a 10m area around Nyx (Duration: 30s): -(Most often 50% of the time) The enemy will be unable to fire his weapon very well. (Firerate is significantly lowered) -(Less Often 25% of the time) The enemy will become afraid of everything and will drop his weapon and start running. -(Rarer 18% of the time) The enemy will fall into a deep sleep (Really its probably just a knockout from the psychic power). -(Rarest and most Effective of all 7%) The enemy can no longer handle Nyx's psychic power and is forced to shot himself out. (Always a one shot) Power Strength increases the chance of rarer occurances to happen while decreasing the chance of common occurances from happening, 300% Strength will get the rarest 7% into a 18% only. The ability will persist for 30s around Nyx, after the ability expires there will be a 10s cooldown (increased by power Duration as such: 200% power dur will result in a 60s duration but a 15s cooldown) Range increase will work as such: 200% Range will result in only a 15m radius. 3rd Chaos: Quite possibly the most effective ability in her current kit, but I reccomend the following: Chaos: Nyx puts the enemies in Chaos as usuall, but, 4 enemies that get caught in the area become temporary allies with increased damage based on the primary weapon stats (by that I mean that it just equips them with the primary weapon, but it only does 50% of the damage) 4th Absorb: Without the augment it is without doubt one of the worst abilities in the game to date. You are completeley immobile and your allies can very easily devour all of your energy (Unfriendly). In addition to what was previously mentioned it also does (not joking) no damage. The one benefit it has is the fast Invulnerability it gives you, and the augment that makes it worth using, but I would HIGHLY reccomend replacing it with: Absorbtion (very creative naming indeed): Nyx begins to aggresively siphon energy from her enemies, draining them of their very lifeforce while weakeaning them and making them vulnerable to double damage. Nyx has a high energy drain of 40, while this is happening, she regains 5 energy for each enemy she has in her sight (uncapped). Enemies affected by Absorbtion lose 1% of their health every second only as long as Nyx looks at them. The damage bonus is affected by Power Strength and the Energy Drain is unaffected. I would like to hear oppinions on my "ridiculous" rework (hey, at least its better than a "rework" where all we get is a +1 to an ability) P.S: Sorry for typos. And if something sounds wrong or unclear please notify me.
  8. Fair enough. I'll edit my post with that in mind.
  9. I could swear it cost 100, oh well. Thanks for the notice.
  10. Titania Spellbind: Unchanged, still pushes enemies when you shot them, making them harder to kill, its only beneficial when you want to cut down on the enemy dps temporarily, status immunity is still nice. I would make it so the enemies float but are stationary and don't get pushed away OR make them immobilized OR make the duration on the enemy shorter so they fall off and have to pick their weapons, keeping the status immunity the same duration. Tribute: Changed, tribute buffs no longer need to be stacked 5x to get the full benefit, very welcome, however, Dust (we don't even know if Dust actually helps or works) and Entangle are not very good, same for Full Moon and Thorns which will prove worthless 90% of the time, I would suggest changing these to something more useful for titania such as a speed buff or mobility buff, etc or making Dust work properly. (Especially Thorns, as Titania will probably get snap-ed out of existence by a melee attacker if she ever does get hit by a melee attack from anything that isn't infested) Lantern: Changed, lantern count increased to 4, and now they "float" back to their position, however they float so slowly back that their duration is gonna expire by then, also they don't even distract enemies anymore, making it just a funny looking ability rather than a useful one. I would make it so the enemies are tethered as mentioned in the original rework post and it should also be checked as to why its so inconsistent. Energy Went up, a very welcome change. Razorwing: Vacuum was added, very welcome, it makes energy management in Razorwing much much less painful, a welcome change. Also, for all of her abilities, their casting speed should be doubled, as currently some feel as slow as Shadows of the Dead. EDIT: Dust seems to be mostly pointless as well after a bit of reading through opinions, as enemy AI will be forced to hit you regardless of how inaccurate you make them be, the only reason Razorwings dodge capabilities work is because Razorwing has a much smaller hitbox. Nyx Mind Control: Enemies can now be shot to deal increased damage, it sounds really good on paper, especially since you can get a 1100% damage buff on an enemy, however they are no longer status immune, making them get cc-ed very easily by Impact, Heat, Cold and Blast procs, cutting their dps massively. I would add their status immunity back, unless this is just a bug. Psychic Bolts: Extremely effective now, only downside is that the Dispel on hold is really slow. All I would want changed for this ability would be for the dispel to be faster and the number of targets affected to be increased by Power Strength, seeing as its the only ability that benefits Power Strength it would only be fair (No, absorb doesn't count and you know it). Chaos: Unchanged 😞 Absorb: Damage is now based on the damage type the enemies are dealing, this is an unwelcome change as in some cases it could deal less damage depending on the damage resistances of the enemy, the damage released on Absorb was never good anyway, only the cc of it is all that matters. I would change it to a strong confusion/stun on discharge to allow for some time to get out of the heat of combat. Passive Got Changed: Enemies now miss Nyx more often, but not that often, the previous Passive where it would disarm enemies was really good compared to the current "increased dodge chance" I know the intention here is for the enemies to kill each other with their guns, but honestly their melee weapons will deal much more damage than their actual guns in most cases.
  11. You should report this to support if you wish it to be fixed. Go to: "zendesk - warframe" search it on google.
  12. I noticed that after I do this following order of actions my pet will have its build almost completely reset: 1. Equip a Sentinel. 2. Have an active pet. 3. Put it to sleep. 4. Pull out a new pet from stasis. 5. Immediatelly equip it and check its upgrades. After doing so its build will be reset to using sentinel mods, any sentinel mod compatible such as Animal Instinct will stay, everything else will be taken out. This can be avoided if I equip the pet and not check its mods, I get out of the arsenal and back in to avoid it, but most of the time I forget about this.
  13. Having Adaptive Exposure Disabled makes it so that when you enter a cave or outpost, which forces adaptive exposure to kick in, will make so that when you leave said Cave or Outpost you will be blinded by an overly bright snowy environment for what seems to be forever, or until you turn adaptive exposure on. (On another note, Adaptive Exposure doesn't work without High Dynamic Range)
  14. While fighting the Profit-Taker Orb Mother I noticed that after I destroyed a leg, it would sometimes regenerate to full health, requiring me to waste more ammo and break it again. This seems to occur once per phase during the fight. I'm currently unaware of whats causing this, but usually the Orb Mother freezes for a moment before this occurs, after which she regains movement immediately.
  15. The mods from the Arch-Gun Space Combat are added on top of the normal mods on the Arch-Gun Heavy Weapon, it doesn't actually affect the weapons damage output in combat, it only screws with the displayed stats, making the weapon seem greater than it should be.
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