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  1. Sounds like a standard unsigned 32bit integer overflow to me.
  2. Fix Aero Vantage (and Tractor Beam) please. They only work if you start the bullet glide while ascending. If you're already falling it doesn't stop gravity.
  3. Aero Vantage and Tractor Beam are bugged and have always been. They only work if you start bullet gliding before you start falling. If you fall and rightclick your gravity won't be negated.
  4. Thanks for reverting the Arcanes. I want to once again stress this: Arcanes are a super endgame minmaxing item for people who already have everything, they're the smallest possible issue when it comes to power creep. Let us have our fun with them, otherwise what's the point of these rare things if they don't allow you to become "even better"?? Peacemaker already kills fine without velocity, it kills fine with, but these past few days I found myself extremely pissed off at having wasted 400 plat on velocities a few months ago simply because I wanted to have the FASTEST speed possible in the game and you took that away from us and intended to keep it that way for, frankly, stupid reasons. The cherry on top was that you could still trigger arcanes with other weapons, then swap to your exalted and get the effect, it was merely adding extreme clunkiness. Please think more carefully next time before you intend such misguided nerfs. Your other nerfs on "automated abilities" are actually fine, like the Ember nerf - in principle. But regarding this, you actually have to evaluate whether you overdid it (as you did in Ember's case) and then give some attention to those nerfed things. Please rework Ember, her 4 is so bad now, I suggest removing the mana cost and shrinking range on it and making it set herself on fire, too, instead, that would also synergize with her passive. Tune the numbers so she can stay alive for a while if she manages the burn carefully, but can't keep it on indefinitely without healing. (and ofc this burn needs to disregard status effect immunities)
  5. Vectis Tekulu skin is STILL bugged! It's been like 5+ patches now.
  6. Yeah, there was a thread on reddit about that, please fix it. https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9zp8sd/vectis_tekulu_skin_is_broken/
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