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  1. I know you're the #1 white knight on the forums currently, but I'll entertain you for a bit. Railjack, the content revealed at Tennocon 2018? Railjack, the content hyped AGAIN at Tennocon 2019? Railjack, the content that has now been split up in 3 parts, none of which have yet been released? You seriously not calling that delayed? Even a tiny bit?
  2. You should just create a new account if that's what you want and see how goes. Waiting for DE to be proactive about this when they can barely keep their content flowing is just too optimistic imho. They try to avoid the subject of cross save at all cost, that should tell you how high of a priority it is for them. I made the switch from PS4 to PC about 3 years ago. I hated getting back to where I was but I've completely abandoned my PS4 account because "PC masterrace" when it comes to Warframe.
  3. Is there ever such a fantasy situation where feedback is 100% the same? It wouldn't really be good feedback anyway if it was all the same... DE had a pretty solid reputation of listening to it's players. That was never because everybody in the community agreed with one another. Now you hear more and more players voicing the opinion of DE not listening. You see lots of dev workshops where no one even bothers replying to the threads beyond the initial post and then it gets released exactly as it was introduced without any comments. That's a pretty big change in behavior from DE and it's not something you can blame the community for.
  4. They are exclusive in the sense that if you miss out on playing/finishing the battle pass, you have no way of knowing when DE will put the rewards back in. Battle passes are about milking time/engagement from players so making them too challenging for a portion of players would discourage them from engaging with it. But that's also Warframe's problem with not having any true exclusives. If you don't feel like grinding time limited stuff, chances are, the rewards will get awarded to you anyway at a later date and often through easier means (like Baro).
  5. I decided not to bother with S2 since it was pretty obvious we weren't going to be getting a decent update in the game for a long time. I'm at rank 14 or something. I find more and more of the challenges pointing me towards content I have no interest in playing. So I've just not been playing the game much, just checking the forums to see if something new gets added. Nightwave isn't hard and shouldn't be since it's a battle pass for all players. It's just very tedious.
  6. That's pretty cool. I only know Alert exists because of my job, I find it quite fascinating that people get deployed this far north (same with Thule). Have you been there for long? Is it a place people want to be deployed to? Is there a way to get there other than flying?
  7. DE will listen the moment you and others stop buying overpriced accessories packs. Just look at the quick pivoting with prime unvault. I find it likely that it didn't perform like they hoped. But people groan, then go on and buy it "to support DE" and DE keeps doing what makes them money. They don't care how much people complain if they still go on and buy it.
  8. Finally using the helminth room... for this useless feature. I was always kinda hoping the umbras could be some kind of dark sci-fi thing. The story of excal umbra is very dark and now asking us to grind some game mode to make a vitamin boost for Helminth to inject into us for a very limited time gimmick? I feel sad that this is what they are doing with two features (Helminth room and Umbra) we waited very long for.
  9. It's honestly a little sad to see players bickering like PC or consoles have any control over DE's ineffective time management, planning and testing. Also, it is disappointing that once again it appears that DE managed to put themselves into the annual position of attempting to bite off way more than they can chew, partly because of their fan convention. Everything is grinding to a halt, no Railjack yet, no New War, no Nightwave S2 and now the inability to rerun plague star when promised. Anyway, I hope the fixes come quick so DE can get Plague Star out of the way.
  10. So the friend challenges don't get any better and count for more standing? How is that an improvement for next season? My alliance is less active than my clan.
  11. What happened to Zephyr Deluxe? Why the silence while constantly introducing new deluxe skins? Could you give us some feedback on the growing feeling that feedback from threads such as developer workshop threads is being ignored? It's not about wanting a reply to everything, it's about some form of dialogue so that we can maybe feel heard and get a chance to understand what you devs are thinking. If these threads produce no response or changes, why even bother allowing us to voice our opinion? And since it's the most recent example, you got a ton of feedback on Arbitrations. Could you tell us if you plan to make further changes to the game mode? If yes, then when?
  12. So basically 19 pages of feedback on these Arbitration changes all ignored?
  13. My thoughts exactly. MR and leveling Kdrives was a mistake. It instantly made something that you can choose to use for fun or style into a slog. "Oh I'm whipping out my Kdrive, gotta make some stupid moves to maybe sometime level it up". There's no way I'm going to spend time doing what it takes to max the syndicate or finish maxing them up. What would have been better was to make races drop the mods. Kdrives should have been instantly maxed and you can run races if you want some mods. Not grinding or leveling. I think that pre-Fortuna DE got too caught up in the "Know what would be funny, lets make players GRIND when they get Kdrives. OMEGALUL"
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