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  1. I actually think that the next one will become some form of an evergreen one. So this might potentially be true for the next one. 😁
  2. I'd be willing to bet that the Corpus Lich update will for the most part just be a reskin and recycling of Railjack and Liches.
  3. Given that we keep those Cetus animals in tiny tiny cages on our ships I somehow doubt anyone on board our ship is spending any time finding a good home for the other animals. So yeah, the blender is probably the likely solution to overpopulation wrapped in a bow to make us not think about it too much. I also think that conservation is a fraud that Tenno have been made to believe. I will always be waiting for the quest where we find out they all got sold as "luxury" fur coats or to fighting pits. 😭
  4. This was a terrible event though and didn't feel like a community event at all. I really hope it never returns the way it was implemented.
  5. *tinfoil hat time* They put umbra forma in SE shop and in the near future we will be able to purchase built ones in the market. Or they'll be included in some of their $ packs.
  6. Well if you're doing videos on stuff like strategies or records you're going to attract the min-max crowd that loves to stroke their own ego in comment sections. If you're not a min maxer yourself I'd just stay clear of that type of content. Look at other creators that do different type of videos and you're unlikely to find anyone discussing macros in the comment section.
  7. And here I am, drowning in discounts in a wealthy country.
  8. For some reason DE allows him to yeet the glass into space. I just had the same happen, he shoots all the glass into space until platforms run out. 10/10 boss fight.
  9. Best set the bar very low for seasonal stuff in Warframe. This "event" is very on brand.
  10. To me slots have more plat value since it's the only thing I actually spend my plat on out of those three items.
  11. I laughed when I saw that because this year has been a bit of a dumpster fire overall for Warframe no matter where you look. It's definitely not an award winning year for the community out of all the years I've been around.
  12. Nightwave is a prime example of something that DE would do a lot better if it wasn't free. Other games with smaller teams can get stuff like this out on time because it means extra revenue. Instead of finishing Nightwave in a timely manner after delaying it with that insanely long Intermission last winter DE has rather focused on fun things like creating several tiers of "supporter packs" for us. Alerts had their faults for sure but that's no excuse for DE to handle Nightwave in such a depressing manner.
  13. I don't remember voting on the abilities, maybe I slept through it but all I remember was a thread where people could suggest abilities and DE would finish the rest. This frame feels like a project where at some point they stopped caring to do a good job and decided it was acceptable to finish it sometime after release. I mean the concept art and art team did their part, the frame itself looks nice. I just don't understand how the abilities were chosen because they already felt super underwhelming during Tennocon reveal. And the fact that DE released the frame in it's condition is no
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