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  1. Thanks, that's the first time anybody has ever referred to me as a DE apologist. I'll wear that badge with pride from now on. It looks like DE made some dumb mistakes with the founders stuff that means that they keep getting hounded by those players. The fact that those people feel owed six years on genuinely makes me feel sorry for DE for having made the kind of mistake they did because it never ever stops. Because the hard truth is that no one that isn't a founder cares about small insignificant stuff that keeps being complained about. I've bought some founder stuff in other games and really, when games take off it's just water under the bridge except maybe for some random relics of the past no one really cares for using.
  2. If you're so upset about it and it's been so long, maybe you just need to discuss it with a lawyer. Complaining on the forums is unlikely to do anything, pretty much no one in the player base cares because it doesn't concern them.
  3. I think most people are just feeling sad. It's not a bad trait for people to hope for something good to come out. I haven't played Anthem and haven't planned to but this year I haven't either played Warframe (well I've logged in twice) because, well, there's been no fresh content so far in 2019. I genuinely feel sad that Anthem is having a rough start because DE could really benefit from having someone bite at their heels with how things have been for months now. So I'm double sad, for both Anthem and Warframe.
  4. If all communities struggle I'm sure the numbers will be manipulated. Also, it's only booster weekends at stake. For me personally it's not worth my time, maybe more people are feeling that way.
  5. Community asks for new content. We get a new hacking puzzle. Communications working as intended.
  6. Hildryn flies while Zephyr is a frame that crashes into walls and can charge up for a very lame hover. T_T And also still no mention of the Zephyr deluxe. Glad to see some new events coming up in the next few weeks though.
  7. I'd like to see some additional slots given to newer players early through login rewards or completing star chart. They don't need to give out a lot but with the amount of weapons and warframes it wouldn't hurt to give out a few to help encourage people that are getting started. Then after that players can just buy them for plat. I appreciate how low the cost for slots is, I just buy them whenever the game tells me I need more.
  8. Well, it's also one of the things that has some element of player manipulation in it. It's not just RNG based.
  9. They will never do it. It's DE playing mind games with people to encourage plat sales. Have a random discount with a timer and people will feel more pressured to do go get it to not lose out. Same with the other discount numbers. You don't know when you get a better discount so many would consider buying at some discount over none. That way, if you want something right away but don't have enough plat some people will also buy the overpriced platinum.
  10. What I don't get is that if they know that people will want to turn it off, why do they insist on bringing it to the game. One thing is adding an optional game mode like Lunaro but invading PvE game modes without giving players a choice just doesn't feel like something that will go down well.
  11. So is the taste PvP or the pie? Because if PvP is the taste and you removed it then of course it will be a different scenario. However, if you think that the pie is PvP and that all it takes to serve it up with different filling then you are still always just serving the same pie in different flavor. And stalker mode is like serving a vegan a meat pie. Forcing players doing PvE to randomly need to go PvP is just a bad idea.
  12. If DE had been cut slack we wouldn't have gotten that roadmap they showed last devstream. They'd likely just have cruised on, just like the pre-Fortuna devstreams where they were content with showing us K-drives for weeks.
  13. Regarding conservation changes, we harness some amazing ancient orokin technology and you try to convince us that some clunky tranquilizer is the perfect solution and our void magic that doesn't harm the animals is not?
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