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  1. If NW is over and next season starts it's even better for that player because DE front loads it with credits so the newbie player can buy more Nitain quickly and continue playing the game instead of doing Nightwave. Grinding prestige ranks isn't really what new players should be focusing on (I don't even bother myself). I don't know if people realize but DE always meant for Nitain to be a time gated resource. It's deliberate that it slows players down. Good thing for new players is that there's so much stuff to collect and farm that it's hardly the end of the world if some gets to wait.
  2. Because these grinds successfully make lazy players like me cough up the plat to purchase the frames. It's a part of their monetization model.
  3. I've got champagne waiting in the fridge.
  4. That is true but some of the weak abilities given out are far better than others. And may work a lot better with a different kit. On Shy's stream yesterday Rebecca mentioned that some of the worse abilities would see some changes when this goes live. She mentioned Zephyr's 2 as an example. So that will also be interesting to see some of the terrible abilities getting a facelift. I still don't think I want to keep Zephyr's 2 when almost anything on offer should be better.
  5. Things will break and people just need to be prepared for fixes. I'm just very excited to find out what the abilities will be because it might make some of the meh frames into something interesting. My Zephyr's 2 is definitely going bye bye. Sure there will be meta frames with meta builds but we already have that and some of the current builds already require a lot of investment. With a game this old it shouldn't be a problem, we should rather ask DE to speed up progress for newer players starting out the gate. What I'd like to know is if we have multiple frames of same Warframe can they get a different ability each.
  6. Yeah I thought so as well and I'm all for it. Fox companion, yesh!
  7. The space thing was just a fancy way to catch headlines. It was a cash prize that the winner could use towards a trip to space.
  8. And DE lowered the hurdle all the way down to the ground to make sure they could jump over it and claim they delivered what was promised. DE only posted that post because they knew beforehand that a lot of players would feel disappointed. And no surprise, it feels like a minimal effort update because it probably is one.
  9. Only way they can make conclave work is basically making a new game mode ground up. With how difficult it is for them to create PvE content for us on time, why would anyone want them to spend a large time on PvP that is likely to flop over us just finding a different game made for PvP? Like I get what people asking for rework are going for and I understand that maybe conclave could be made relevant. I just don't think current DE can or should do it. That's why I get my PvP cravings elsewhere because I have no faith DE could ever rival what already exists out there.
  10. +1 this because it actually is pretty annoying to see this in the middle of the screen for the rest of the mission. Please fix it. 🙏
  11. If we're lucky it will end this year.
  12. I love Zephyr even if she feels a bit like an ugly duckling. I think it's about as likely she'll get a rework as I am seeing a deluxe skin for her released. She's like a kid whose parents forgot to give her a christmas gift and they don't even want to acknowledge it.
  13. I highly recommend just skipping the NW challenges that you feel are BS. With Tennocon being pushed back and some release planned, I'm sure we're in for another long NW. Just forget the ones you hate because they are absolutely not worth the frustration. And because I know the Void sabotage tilesets the best I always run that. From the good old days when doing tower missions meant an extra prime part. I have no clue why DE leaves these caches in the game when they only award pure garbage.
  14. I tend to play this game with voices mostly muted because the same voice lines playing over and over again gets really boring. Even if they're different kinds of voices saying those lines. Also, for me, I find it hard to follow dialogue that is happening during a mission in Warframe. It's like that Ropalolyst fight, it was a lot of "blah blah blah" while I was running towards the boss. This new quest was kinda the same. It's okay if nothing is going on but trying to tell me something when there's a lot of stuff going on just means I miss those parts of the story.
  15. If I had the talent to I would do the crab meme in regards to stasis being gone.
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