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  1. That's why I can't quite comprehend why it was so important to run Plague Star on all platforms at once. If I was still on console I'd have preferred Plague Star being staggered while playing the newest update. Meanwhile on PC Plague Star was very much appreciated to distract us from the sound of crickets prior to Tennocon.
  2. It's honestly a little sad to see players bickering like PC or consoles have any control over DE's ineffective time management, planning and testing. Also, it is disappointing that once again it appears that DE managed to put themselves into the annual position of attempting to bite off way more than they can chew, partly because of their fan convention. Everything is grinding to a halt, no Railjack yet, no New War, no Nightwave S2 and now the inability to rerun plague star when promised. Anyway, I hope the fixes come quick so DE can get Plague Star out of the way.
  3. With every additional prime being vaulted the vaulted collection grows larger and it becomes more difficult to put them back into the game within a reasonable amount of time and without flooding the game or boring us to tears with repeated unvaultings. Prime stuff isn't terribly valuable anyway. It's not that big of a deal giving some of it away, especially since some of the items haven't really stood the test of time with powercreep (hello, Soma Prime). Unlike your examples of Nidus or Ivara that are in game and because of annoying grind they probably sell decently throughout the year.
  4. Cute. Zephyr Deluxe was first mentioned way before Hydroid Prime was released.
  5. Instead of pointing people towards abusive 2% drop chance it's easier to just admit that DE dropped the ball with this. If Nightwave is not going to be a reliable way to get Nitain going forward, put it elsewhere. Before NW we had guaranteed Nitain alerts every single day. I don't need Nitain personally but it's not really difficult to understand that a lot of players may have used their wolf credits for other items in the shop rather than stockpiling a resource we had no way to know would be unobtainable for over a month (maybe even past Tennocon? why is DE keeping the start of season 2 a secret anyway?)
  6. Dauntless managed to do cross play and they're not that big. DE may have some bad contracts but I think DE's chaotic development cycle is more of a limiting factor than Sony and Microsoft at this point. However, for Warframe, cross saving on its own would already be a huge improvement.
  7. I bought her so can't really comment on the grind. It took me a while to figure her out but now she's one of my go to frames.
  8. So the friend challenges don't get any better and count for more standing? How is that an improvement for next season? My alliance is less active than my clan.
  9. Nevermind improving warframes, I wish I could get an item to improve my Stug. Snot gun needs some love. 😥
  10. I disagree that it's a skin for Saryn. Deluxe skins are a great way to give Warframes an different look/style. I love the prime and deluxe for Trinity and i love that they feel and look very different and unique from one another. I think DE has hit a pretty good stride when it comes to making deluxe skins feel deluxe. I just wish they also found a good way to make the prime items feel truly prime given what they insist on charging for them. I look forward to seeing this particular skin in the game. My Khora is ready.
  11. If Atlas needs help then what about Wukong who is next after? 🤣 This is a bad prime year for male frames. DE should just forget both of them and move on to Nezha and Inaros.
  12. What happened to Zephyr Deluxe? Why the silence while constantly introducing new deluxe skins? Could you give us some feedback on the growing feeling that feedback from threads such as developer workshop threads is being ignored? It's not about wanting a reply to everything, it's about some form of dialogue so that we can maybe feel heard and get a chance to understand what you devs are thinking. If these threads produce no response or changes, why even bother allowing us to voice our opinion? And since it's the most recent example, you got a ton of feedback on Arbitrations. Could you tell us if you plan to make further changes to the game mode? If yes, then when?
  13. There are 20 pages of feedback in a dev workshop thread for today's update. At this point it doesn't seem to matter where you post feedback it gets ignored just as much everywhere.
  14. So basically 19 pages of feedback on these Arbitration changes all ignored?
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