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  1. its not too far from the mark. god tier rivens are somtimes worth thousands of platinum and just one thousand platinum costs roughly 50 USD. just two reasons why they are not exactly cheats is the fact that it is possible to get these rivens for free in game and that new players cant take advantage of these rivens until they progress and forma their weapons a few times. but those are just two reasons overshadowed by the fact that they provide a ridiculous advantage and they can in fact be bought with real money. not to mention the RNG for obtaining these rivens feels like they are only given to a selected few that have either the time or money. i hardly have either, so i guess i cant have these cheat mods.
  2. i honestly think that more bosses need a better variety of those avoidable high-damage attacks that make them temporarily invulnerable. i prefer this rather than CC spam or enemy spawning as a way to implement difficulty. hardly any if none at all have their "moments." most players progress to a point where they can ignore most attacks and mechanics from bosses and simply power through.
  3. "BuT WaRFrAME IS POwER FaNTAsY!!!" in all seriousness, let's point out that the controversy of weather or not warframe even is a power fantasy is conveniently brought up when the handful of warframes classified as nukers or meta frames are discussed (like saryn/mesa/equinox/etc as you have mentioned). the entire game is not a power fantasy. there are only a handfull of warframes that represent A power fantasy. i cant play with the least used endgame weaponry and warframes in the game and participate in the power fantasy. i'd be more convinced if EVERY WARFRAME could eliminate enemies just as efficiently and as effortlessly as the few classified as nukers. its not like we can ask for every warframe not classified as a nuker to be buffed because that would be power creep.
  4. verticallity alone with large skyscrapers and multi-level towers plus the synergy with parkour would make the experience much more different than other warframe open worlds.
  5. sorry. meant nightmare. Ive been taking a break from the game every now and then.
  6. not going to say that exterminate is fine as is because i'd be lying. most will say no to a rework because exterminate is one of the few modes that can be rushed and everyone is thankful when exterminate shows up on nightmare, sorties, syndicate alerts, fissures, and kuva alerts. easy rewards, easy to complete, and perfect for warframe's "kill everything and win" mindset. lets stop the charade and accept that these are the only reasons why exterminate wont receive any changes.
  7. it is convenient how as soon as archwing received buffs in railjack that only now we are seeing that most players dont want to play on the railjack. chances are, a player already has a decent archwing after gaining access to railjack content. so why bother spending hundreds of hours farming for better side guns or risk encountering trash side guns that the host neglects to upgrade? i cant stress this enough: players need the ability to carry their own railjack guns with them; so that when a player interacts with either the pilot seat or side guns, they would be using the railjack gun they prefer to use rather than the host's. and, there needs to be limitations on how often a player can use their archwing at full power in railjack missions. the unlimited use of archwing defeats the original purpose of railjack as aco-op game mode, because deep down everyone wants to be the lone-gundum-strikersuitzero-insertmechafantasy-wolf. they cant take that away, so might as well give everyone a FAIR chance to play this role rather than one or two players forcing the role upon themselves and thus leaving at least two other players to care for the ship.
  8. agreed. the only reason i do not like the handful a warframes representing the power fantasy is because my own favorite warframes are unfortunately not among those classified as such. warframe is not fun when i play as my favorite warframe Excalibur while paired with a warframe like Saryn or Mesa, but if i as Excalibur can eliminate enemies as quickly and as efficiently as any Mesa or Saryn, then i'd have literally no problems. with that said, it is sad that only a handful of warframes represent the power fantasy. the concept of a power fantasy should be the player's ability to optimize their playstyles rather than choosing specific meta builds.
  9. i though the current archwing flight gameplay was fine even though i preferred all of its previous versions. to me all that needed a rework was its progression and rewards but due to loud minority feedback and pressure, the gameplay itself was consistently updated for years before they actually decided to plan the rework. the loud minority expected flight gameplay that rivaled that of their favorite or preferred space flight simulator (in most cases, a game called Strike Suit Zero).
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