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  1. until players can wipe entire maps with most other frames as effectively as a nuker frame like Saryn, the topic on weather or not the game even is a power fantasy remains unconfirmed. i personally think "power fantasy" is exclusively a community-made concept just because of the existence of a few stand-out-ish powerful warframes classified as nukers.
  2. i think it would be cool if we had a standard method of progressing toward scaling with enemies. devs would be free to implement even more tougher enemies with each content update and we who would progress so far would not be so massively op in missions with lower levels than mot.
  3. yes. please. thank you. present harder enemies to fight every content update and allow our power to progress beyond that difficulty level till the next update. give us a method so that we can work toward scaling with enemy difficulty so that we are not massively OP in lower levels. endgame does not have to be a repetitive high-difficulty mode with complicated enemies to defeat just to remind you of how weak you are and how you cant progress any further to do anything about it.
  4. i've come to a peaceful conclusion that everything grindy is going to bother you only if you try so hard and let it bother you. even if i try to get one item, i know i wont get it in a day and i know it would probably spoil the game for me if i keep repeating the same method of getting that item. once you multitask and grind only for the items that matter the most toward your progression, everything else will eventually be handed to you. my recent experience when obtaining a new warframe was with wisp. i did not even intend to get all of her parts, i just wanted a specific amalgam. i ended up getting that amalgam only to realize that i could build a new warframe and sell extra parts/other amalgams, so i ended up getting more than what i wanted in the end. heck, i spent a weeks grinding for ducats never knowing that i could have built 2 new primed warframes.
  5. if there were modular warframes, it wouldn't be taking the warframes we have now and mixing their abilities together. it would most likely be a new unique singular warframe with multiple unique abilities and parts you can customize. honestly, i'd like to see more discussion about that than modular warframe including all warframes.
  6. add a cosmetic called a "syndicate sigil" and then allow us to pick our preferred sigil from the syndicate console. any warframe wearing the syndicate sigil cosmetic will then wear the sigil you have picked from the syndicate console.
  7. yo even if warframe were to die any time soon, i'd imagine it would be resurrected as a more polished and high quality masterpiece like what they did with A Realm Reborn but better. THAT, would be cool.
  8. also, add a more variety of infested bosses/mini bosses besides just the laphantis hemocyte 4 times in a row. its too repetitive and the difficulty scale depends entirely on the amount of heath and damage the next hemocyte has. juggernaut juggernaut behemoth phorid hemocyte in that order. if fighting a juggernaut behemoth after a regular behemoth seems too repetitive, then i suggest including either vey hek's terra frame or Zealoid Prelate as a final boss since those two are the only ones remotely related to either the infested or this event. id also suggest that the jordas golem is an option if it is at all possible; transitioning from ground to aerial combat would be awesome.
  9. i agree that its a flawed mechanic that is in need of review. i personally like the idea that it should be like razorback which would offer players three different teir's which would require the each player to bring one of each different resource. recruit is in fact optional, but using it as an excuse to keep broken matchmaking mechanics the way they are leads to a number of problems, including confused new players, and repeated sparks of controversy (the creation of this topic for example). i do not agree that this a form of leeching. leeching would mean that it is the fault of the player in any scenario (sometimes they've just ran out or are new to the game). taking the wrong relic to a fissure with a recruited group on purpose would be leeching, for example, because you should have had plenty of opportunities to bring the right relic. saying that going public is a mistake is just wrong to say in general. this game encourages co-op.
  10. basic build: serration, split chamber, vigilante armaments, vital sense, whatever two elemental mods you want, whatever exilus mod you want, and you pretty much have one of the most powerful weapons in the game for direct damage with even still a lot of potential. good for hunting eidolons and pretty much any enemy with a weak spot. not for CC of course unless you want to waste its potential. the thing is a monster, yes, and it very well outclasses many other alternatives (specifically marksman weapons). my only wish is that the rubico was used as an example on how to make other marksman weapons viable.
  11. these are what i personally believe to be the source of the armor scaling controversy. surviving hours on endless nodes was optional before but only now the developers are doing something about it because players are just now encountering highly scaled enemy armor at the beginning of missions since the introduction of railjack. @JackHargreav is partly correct because anything below the first 5 minuets of mot is easily due-able to experienced players (specifically lvl 40-45). the entire problem, however, is that we are progressing in the star chart, and that only means that we will encounter stronger enemies than proxima ones in the future. this is where @Corvid is correct. insane amounts of armor scaling is inevitable. that either means: everything the player has needs to be massively buffed. the developers can just keep all future content at a max level of 80-90. or the devs need to find progression method to which players can work toward scaling strengths and weaknesses along with the enemy's level. my vote is option number 3.
  12. the main issue is that vets have stockpiles of vanilla resources. and the solution is to continue making new resources. its a common method of solving this issue in many games with consistent content updates. in my head, the most simple alternative solution is to add more new materials like argon crystals for now on. rare and crucial materials that only last for a limited amount of time which i'm pretty sure even veterans run out eventually.
  13. i agree to an extent because i dont want exalted blade to be reduced to mobile turret when it is more exhilarating to be closer to the enemy as a melee-focused warframe. the stationary combos at the very least needs faster energy waves because it has slower animations than the forward combo. alternatively, i personally think exalted blade need either a heavy attack energy wave that is larger and travels faster than a regular energy wave, or a free cast of Excalibur's original slash dash upon using an opening heavy attack.
  14. the stockpile issue is not anything new when it comes to developing games that require resources to progress and receives regular updates. the solution is create new resources per new content update. FFXIV's crafting and recourse systems still applies new resources per content update to prevent stockpile issues, and the new resources are nothing more than reskinned pictures (but it works). the problem is that warframe manages its new resources poorly. i think a forge/blacksmith progression system would work in warframe. players can discover recipes in order to craft the newer materials. players would need to consistently forge items and gear in order to progress in "forge smith," thus creating a new resource sink. the amount of affinity players would get toward forge smithing would depending on how rare the resources are in order to craft the item.
  15. Zenurik is the best school by default because of the seemingly infinite energy it provides to the entire squad. energy and warframe abilities are responsible for giving us more damage, support, control, and damage resistance than any of the 4 other schools can provide, so why not choose Zenurik? i think every school should have some form of energy regeneration branch and Zenurik should be a school focused entirely on controlling, managing, and mixing status elements.
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